Sponsors 2019



California Lasers

CALIFORNIA LASERS provides sub-contract (job shop) Laser Welding, Cutting, Drilling, Electron Beam Welding and Leak Testing services to the rapidly growing medical, aerospace, and semiconductor industries. As a one-stop shop they can be considered an extension of your facility. Their facility houses the most up to date equipment such as Nd:YAG and CO2 Lasers, Electron Beam Welders, Mass-Spectrometer for leak testing, in house fabrication of tooling, inspection, non-destructive testing, CNC Machining, and Full CNC and CAD/CAM capabilities on all machines.

Commercial Payload

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National Technical Systems 

National Technical Systems’ advanced test and engineering capabilities have allowed our participation in every major space project since the inception of manned space exploration. NTS provides research and development, test and evaluation and systems integration on a wide range of aircraft, vehicles, systems and components.


Maxar Technologies

As a trusted partner with 5,900 employees in over 30 global locations, Maxar provides vertically integrated capabilities and expertise including satellites, Earth imagery, robotics, geospatial data and analytics to help customers anticipate and address their most complex mission-critical challenges with confidence. The operations of DigitalGlobe, SSL and Radiant Solutions were unified under the Maxar brand in February; MDA continues to operate as an independent business unit within the Maxar organization.

VORAGO Technologies 

VORAGO Technologies is a privately held, high technology company founded in 2004 and based in Austin, TX. VORAGO is a provider of radiation-hardened and extreme temperature-hardened IC components for the Hi-rel marketplace. VORAGO designs and develops high density SRAMs and MCUs using its patented HARDSIL® technology to simultaneously provide superior radiation and temperature endurance performance.



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