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About the conference

Space Tech Expo USA returns to Los Angeles for its seventh consecutive year, building on from the 2017 show in Pasadena. California is home to space organizations and governmental institutions as well as many new space companies. 

Space Tech Expo USA brings together (sub)system and component suppliers, primes, tier 1s, tier 2s, new space organizations, governmental institutions and start-ups, to discuss the future of the (international) space industry, as well as highlighting developments and challenges within the commercial space industry and governmental / military space. 


Call for speakers is open

We are now researching and developing the agenda for the annual Space Tech Conference and Expo USA to be held at the Pasadena Convention Center, May 22-24, 2018. We welcome your input into our research, and invite you to submit your topic proposals.

Pending further research and industry outreach, the event will focus on issues, developments and opportunities including, but not limited to, the below:

  • Space situational awareness, space weather and debris mitigation

  • Utilizing LEO: commercial ISS, celestial body mining and space tourism

  • Military and government requirements

  • Cyber security: from ground systems to orbiting spacecraft

  • Utilizing commercial and new space technologies in the gov / mil sector

  • Developments in the satellite manufacturing market, including platform standardization, high-volume manufacturing and constellation design

  • Requirements from the satellite operator market including 5G, types of satellites (e.g. digital payload / HTS) and satellite location (e.g. LEO, MEO, GEO, NGSO)

  • Satellite communication systems: from radio frequency to optical communication and signal spoofing prevention

  • The future of smallsat technology: ideas and innovations of how small- and cubesats can be applied to a wider, both commercial and governmental, market?

  • Launching smallsat launch – small launcher design, technology developments, cost-efficient manufacturing and affordable launching systems

  • Creating new opportunities for the large launcher industry – from cost-efficiency to reusability

  • New Space technologies, developments and innovations

  • Getting ready for the red planet: technologies, developments and innovations that help the industry reach Mars

  • Funding for start-ups and space technologies

  • Space-to-space services: new developments and innovations

  • Robotics and deployable structures

  • International cooperation among space agencies and commercial organizations

  • In-space manufacturing and in-space construction

  • Earth observation: developments in imaging, security and big data

  • Space law, policy and regulations: developments and an outlook for the legal issues around space tourism, mega-constellations, collision liability and in-space M&As

  • Using artificial intelligence in future (deep) space missions and space applications

  • Updates on (deep) space missions and projects

  • Testing (environmental and non-destructive), measurement and simulation

  • Additive manufacturing for space applications, innovative materials and design methods

  • High-performance space power components, management and distribution

  • Electrical systems design and integration

  • Advanced propulsion systems and (green) propellants

Why you should be there:

  • The best chance to find out the latest developments and innovations across a wide section of the space industry, all under one roof in California

  • Hear from more than 80 speakers from different segments within the space industry, including representatives from space agencies, OEMs, primes, tier 1s and 2s, suppliers, start-ups and consulting houses

  • Get a comprehensive overview of the future of the space industry, within the US as well as on a global level

  • Understand what your future suppliers or contracts from across the USA and further afield are working on

  • Meet in dedicated breaks with sector leaders and peers from the space industry, adding new contacts, new customers or new suppliers to your professional network.


How to apply to speak:

If you would like to submit an abstract you can do so using our online form below. The deadline for proposals is Friday October 6, 2017 and you will be responded to within 6-8 weeks of the deadline.


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Submit a proposal


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Conference enquiries:

Nicole Heins – Conference Producer

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tel: +44 1273 916 300

*Please note: Proposals will not be accepted by email and must go through the web form.