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Thank you for attending Space Tech Conference 2015

The West Coast’s premier space event returned to Long Beach for three days of knowledge sharing and networking alongside the largest supply chain exhibition of its kind.  The conference offered a stellar line up of expert speakers from established and newer market players, including: NASA, DARPA, SMC, Boeing, ATK, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, ULA, SpaceX, SSL, Made in Space, Virgin Galactic, SNC, Ball Aerospace and many others...

The 2015 conference focused on the challenges and opportunities facing the military, commercial, and government space sectors; exploring the business models and technologies that will help stakeholders deliver successful missions at lower cost. Key questions and topics included: how can the different stakeholders work together to better leverage available expertise and infrastructure? How are missions changing in a budget-restricted environment? Which technologies will meet future space access and exploration requirements?

Key takeaways

  • Launch services market
  • Partnerships and business models
  • Reusability and affordability
  • Mission assurance
  • Meteorological requirements
  • Transitioning technologies 
  • Ground systems architectures
  • Hosted payloads
  • Economics of small sats
  • Small sat enabling technologies
  • Small sat launch capabilities
  • Earth observation and remote sensing



The Space Tech Conference program addressed key issues impacting the commercial, military and government space sectors over a three-day learning program.

Day 1 – Commercial Collaboration
Key insights to into where the commercial space sector is heading, what market challenges must be overcome, and where public and private sector can develop successful partnerships. As military and government continue to operate within falling or stagnant budgets, their ability to invest in R&D and adopt new technologies is hampered.  Collaborating with commercial partners offers an invaluable opportunity to leverage the technical expertise and resources of the private sector. 

Day 2 – Military Space
How is the Air Force delivering national security space requirements with shrinking budgets? How are missions changing as we move to smaller, shorter life, lower-cost disaggregated systems, and how will this move be managed and funded?  What’s driving the trend towards using small and mid- size businesses? Discuss these key questions and learn how the military can work with commercial partners to deliver required defence capabilities with fewer resources. Key focus areas include supporting weather reporting requirements for 21st century warfare, ground network architecture optimization and transitioning technologies for national security space.

Day 3 – Small Sats
New for 2015!  The Small Sats focus day examines the business case, market potential and launch options required to support the continued growth of this affordable route to space.  Led by Dave Barnhart (ex-DARPA) the day examines key issues including rationalizing the economics of small sats, developing enabling technologies for improved performance, ground network architectures and affordable launch options.

We understand how precious your time is, so Space Tech Conference is specifically designed to deliver maximum value for every minute you spend out of the office

Insights from the industry’s leading authorities
With a program specifically designed to address the key issues impacting the commercial, military and government space sectors, delegates can benefit from insights that cover a cross-section of current industry focal points, including the future of commercial space, transitioning technologies for national security space, and small sat market potential.

Access exclusive networking opportunities
With a mix of professional networking, drinks receptions and lunches, and interactive learning, Space Tech Conference has created the perfect environment for you to engage with the industry, meet new partners and expand your network.

Multi-show exhibition showcase
Delegates can further benefit by attending the concurrent exhibitions, Space Tech Expo and Aerospace Electrical Systems Expo. 200 suppliers will showcase the latest space, satellite and aerospace power systems technologies, providing further opportunities to network with Europe's aerospace industry.

Space Tech Conference offers a unique opportunity to network with 400+ senior industry professionals from across commercial, military and government sectors. The three-day program offers the optimum environment to learn, whilst promoting delegate interaction.

Don’t miss out on the following, included in your delegate pass:

  • Networking lunches and breaks
    Take advantage of the extended delegate lunch and refreshment breaks to meet new contacts or reconnect with existing ones. Walk the hall to meet new suppliers and partners and view current and emerging technologies.  
  • Tuesday networking drinks reception
    Network with exhibiting companies and expo attendees at the Space Tech Expo & Conference networking drinks reception taking place on the exhibition hall floor from 4.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. on Tuesday.

"It’s a networking opportunity that quite frankly is priceless"
Marv Vander Weg, Vice President of EELV Customer Office, SpaceX

"Attending a show like this is just an incredible networking opportunity. Anytime you get a bunch of aerospace engineers and executives in one room you always learn something"
Chris Ferguson, Director of Crew and Mission Operations; CST-100, Boeing


"You can talk to 100 people within 2-3 days, it would take months to contact these people through phone"
Rick Hoskin, Director, ATK

Speaker Spotlight: Doug Young, Vice President, Missile Defense and Advanced Missions, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

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Speaker Spotlight: Arnie Streland, Director, Strategy and Business Development, Orbital ATK

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Speaker Spotlight: Robert Feierbach, Head of Swiss Space Systems, Americas, S3 USA Holdings Inc

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Reducing the Cost and Improving the Performance of Ground Systems Architecture

Colonel Janet W Grondin, Chief, Spacelift Range and Network System Division, SMC, will be moderating the 2:00pm — 3:30pm…


"Thanks - it was great working with such a professional organization"

Frank Slazer, Vice President – Space Systems, AIA

"You can talk to 100 people within 2-3 days, it would take months to contact these people through phone"

Rick Hoskin, Director, ATK

"It’s a networking opportunity that quite frankly is priceless"

Marv Vander Weg, Vice President of EELV Customer Office, SpaceX

“We found this a great opportunity to connect and network with most of the participants. We’ve had a very busy week arranging meetings every day”

Ing. Alex Carrella, Product Manager Dynamic Environmental Testing, LMS International

“This year’s show has had a LOT of foot traffic. We’ve also had a lot of media coverage.”

Andrew Nelson, COO, XCOR Aerospace

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