Why Exhibit?

Industry development of emerging spacecraft technologies has never been more globally or commercially focused. The time is NOW to capitalize on the new market era of expanded private-sector applications and opportunities.

With its multi-faceted technical conference programming, comprehensive hall offerings and attendee networking opportunities, Space Tech Expo is set to present exhibitors with a one-of-a-kind marketplace of ideas via one of the most highly targeted ROI channels from any exhibition of its type. 

If your company has a strong need to promote its product technologies within the spacecraft, satellite, and launch operations communities, please contact us to learn more about related exhibition and sponsorship opportunities.



1. Lead generation
Benefit from a highly sophisticated route to market and engage with key clients and business partners in a highly professional environment. Meet contacts face to face to better understand client needs. Conduct business, generate new sales opportunities, and advance your company’s sales cycle while cross-selling to existing clients.

2. Meet the industry 
Take advantage of the opportunity to meet qualified buyers and specifiers from the worldwide industry. Gain exposure to industry experts and network with your peers. Be part of a community committed to cutting-edge innovation and thought leadership.

3. Launch new products
Showcase new and innovative products and services to a high volume of dedicated professionals seeking the best solutions to their requirements.

4. Build your brand
Be part of a unique event dedicated to the design, build, testing, and operation of spacecraft, satellites, and launch vehicles. Use this platform to position your company among the foremost organizations in the global space sector and generate publicity and enhance your profile as a trusted brand and market leader.

5. Enhance your knowledge
Enjoy unprecedented access to the marketplace and discover valuable market research, industry trends, and knowledge to give your company a competitive edge.


  • Spacecraft and satellite engineers
  • Buyers and procurement specialists
  • Test and measurement engineers
  • Program managers
  • Design and R&D engineers
  • Presidents, VPs, CEOs, CTOs, MDs and GMs
  • Project managers
  • Spacecraft, satellite, launch vehicle manufacturers/ operators
  • Electrical and mechanical engineers
  • Military
  • Government representatives and policy makers
  • Software engineers
  • Scientists
  • Aerospace engineers
  • Systems and application engineers
  • Quality control managers
  • Space agencies
  • Principal engineers and engineering managers
  • Materials and process engineers
  • Business development managers/directors
  • Manufacturing, tool, instrumentation engineers
  • Consultants
  • Academics and students
  • Field sales and product engineers


"Thanks - it was great working with such a professional organization"

Frank Slazer, Vice President – Space Systems, AIA

"You can talk to 100 people within 2-3 days, it would take months to contact these people through phone"

Rick Hoskin, Director, ATK

"It’s a networking opportunity that quite frankly is priceless"

Marv Vander Weg, Vice President of EELV Customer Office, SpaceX

“We found this a great opportunity to connect and network with most of the participants. We’ve had a very busy week arranging meetings every day”

Ing. Alex Carrella, Product Manager Dynamic Environmental Testing, LMS International

“This year’s show has had a LOT of foot traffic. We’ve also had a lot of media coverage.”

Andrew Nelson, COO, XCOR Aerospace

Vibration Research Metal Technology APV Manufacturing & Engineering Co JULABO
Dow-Key Microwave VPT, Inc Experior Laboratories, Inc Multi-Contact USA
Vanguard Space Technologies Alliance Spacesystems CDA InterCorp LLC Ducommun Incorporated
Micross Averna TopLine Corporation TDK-Lambda Americas, Inc.
Dynamic Fabrication STANLEY Engineered Fastening Enviro-Tech Industries Baughn Engineering
AEM The Barden Corporation USA Whitmor/Wirenetics Aeromed Precision
DIT-MCO Crane Aerospace & Electronics AIP Aerospace
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Searching for underground energy sources from space http://t.co/dU4NXdUUJg via @esa
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Space Tech Expo @spacetechexpoJul 23
RT @NASAKepler: Kepler-452b is the first to be confirmed, 11 more interesting gems await confirm! http://t.co/q2jPIaAuim http://t.co/yuRwL…
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RT @spacefeedtweets: A Kepler's Dozen: Small Habitable Zone Planets http://t.co/8v9fdgcHcH
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@NASA Kepler Mission Discovers Bigger, Older Cousin to Earth - http://t.co/HgEMFSqQu9
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Not long until @NASA conference to announce latest Kepler discoveries - http://t.co/XmqUd2C0IK
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Space Tech Expo @spacetechexpoJul 23
@NASA hosts news teleconference at noon EDT today to announce new discoveries made by planet-hunting mission, the Kepler Space Telescope.