May 19-21, 2015
Long Beach, CA, USA

co-located with:
May 19-21, 2015 | Long Beach, CA, USA

Why Attend?

Industry interest in emerging spacecraft technologies is at an all-time high. The time is now to capitalize on the new market era of expanded private-sector applications and opportunities.

The three-day conference program brings together scientists, engineers, C-level executives, government representatives, policy makers, space agencies, military and entrepreneurs to debate the key challenges and opportunities in civil and commercial space.

Covering satellite systems, launch vehicle and spacecraft design, engineering, testing, and all facets of the manufacturing supply chain, the exhibition will help your company to effectively reach a highly targeted audience with a pre-established and growing need for your company’s technology and service offerings.

The public thirst for knowledge about spacecraft technology and next-generation industry trends is at an all-time high. As such, Space Tech Expo is actively engaging the world media for press conferences and ongoing media coverage.

Through utilization of the right mix of print, electronic, and new media channels, a dedicated team is responsible for the development and implementation of a comprehensive marketing campaign to ensure that your company and brand presence are effectively promoted from the time of engagement through post-show follow-ups. 

Structured networking and organized social activities are built directly into the event to ensure maximum interaction between technical conference delegates, invited guests, exhibitors, and attendees.

Event Director
Gordon McHattie
US & Canada toll free: +1 855 436 8683
Europe: +44 (0) 1273 916 309

Conference Director
Mindy Emsley
US & Canada toll free: +1 855 436 8683
Europe: +44 (0)1273 916 311 

  • "Thanks - it was great working with such a professional organization"

    --Frank Slazer, Vice President – Space Systems, AIA

  • "You can talk to 100 people within 2-3 days, it would take months to contact these people through phone"

    --Rick Hoskin, Director, ATK

  • "It’s a networking opportunity that quite frankly is priceless"

    --Marv Vander Weg, Vice President of EELV Customer Office, SpaceX

  • “We found this a great opportunity to connect and network with most of the participants. We’ve had a very busy week we’ve arranged meetings every day”

    --Ing. Alex Carrella, Product Manager Dynamic Environmental Testing, LMS International

  • “This year’s show has had a LOT of foot traffic. We’ve also had a lot of media coverage.”

    --Andrew Nelson, COO, XCOR Aerospace