Space Tech Expo USA Postponement - Visitor Q&As 

Visitor FAQs

Why did you wait until now to postpone the event?

We (the Space Tech Expo USA organiser team) have been monitoring the health situation in North America closely over the past few months. We had hoped to be able to run the show in August 2020, but the venue’s announcement (around cancelling all mass gathering events) has necessitated a postponement. The next edition will now take place May 2021.


Will Space Tech Expo USA be rescheduled to take place later this year?

No. It hasn’t been possible to reschedule to a later date in 2020. In addition, with the ongoing issues around mass gatherings, and transport and travel concerns, providing new dates for 2021 removes any uncertainties, and enables all stakeholders to start planning and preparing for the 2021 edition.


Will visitors be refunded for accommodation expenses incurred?

Our official hotel partner, DF Meetings & Events, are working closely with the Space Tech Expo USA team to facilitate automatic hotel cancellations for those made through the show’s official hotel service.  Please contact DF Meetings & Events directly for more information: [email protected]


What if I booked hotels myself via other means?

You will need to reach out to the hotel directly yourself to check if you are able to make the transfer and any penalties that may be occurred. We would always encourage that wherever possible, hotel room nights are booked via our official partner DF Meetings & Events. 


Will visitors be refunded for travel expenses incurred?

Visitors need to contact their own travel insurance companies and/or airlines to understand the situation regarding refunds.


Who can I contact for more information?

Please direct all enquires to [email protected]


When will next year’s edition take place?

Space Tech Expo USA 2021 will run 10-12 May 2021 at the Long Beach Convention Center, California. This will be the next live (face-to-face), edition of Space Tech Expo USA.