Why Long Beach?

Technological innovation is one of the defining characteristics of the US aerospace industry and Long Beach places Space Tech Expo and Conference in the heartland of cutting-edge, high technology advancement. With its concentration of private space companies and close proximity to NASA and US Air Force facilities, a dedicated show in southern California provides the perfect meeting place to conduct business.

California Space Industry

Home to some of the largest and most technologically advanced satellite and spacecraft manufacturing facilities on Earth, California is a global powerhouse in the space industry. 

  • Long Beach places us right in the heart of cutting-edge engineering, groundbreaking science, and high-technology communities
  • A dedicated show in southern California - a hub of space exploration - with its concentration of private space companies and proximity to NASA-affiliated and US Air Force facilities
  • Showcasing the latest space-related technologies within walking distance of all hotels and amenities

“With prime contractors like SpaceX or Boeing, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, a local show in southern California allows engineers to get out of the office and interact” -- Mike MacBrair, Program Manager for Environmental Connectors Space & Launch, Glenair

Event Director
Gordon McHattie
[email protected]
+1 310 403 5965

Exhibition Sales Manager
Danny Scott
[email protected]
US & Canada toll free: +1 855 436 8683
Europe: +44 (0) 1273 916 295

"Thanks - it was great working with such a professional organization"

Frank Slazer, Vice President – Space Systems, AIA

"You can talk to 100 people within 2-3 days, it would take months to contact these people through phone"

Rick Hoskin, Director, ATK

"It’s a networking opportunity that quite frankly is priceless"

Marv Vander Weg, Vice President of EELV Customer Office, SpaceX

“We found this a great opportunity to connect and network with most of the participants. We’ve had a very busy week arranging meetings every day”

Ing. Alex Carrella, Product Manager Dynamic Environmental Testing, LMS International

“This year’s show has had a LOT of foot traffic. We’ve also had a lot of media coverage.”

Andrew Nelson, COO, XCOR Aerospace

Ducommun Incorporated Riverhawk Company Space and Missile Systems Center - Small Business Office (SMC/SB) Arc-Tronic
VACCO Industries Jewell Instruments Bank of America Santa Clarita Valley EDC
MSC Software Insaco XCOR Cicoil
San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership Space and Missile Systems Center - Global Positioning Systems Directorate (SMC/GP) Fralock The California Space Enterprise Center
Intepro Systems America Sonic Aerospace Multi-Contact USA Pickering Interfaces
MAYA HBM Inc. m+p international Space and Missile Systems Center - Advanced Systems and Development Directorate (SMC/AD)
Alliance Spacesystems Daniels Manufacturing True Blue Power