Exhibitor Spotlight: Nye Lubricants
Posted on Feb 16, 2017

In the latest Exhibitor Spotlight, Space Tech Expo spoke to Senior Engineer Bill Galary and Aerospace Industry Manager Tony Dotson from Nye Lubricants. We discussed aerospace industry trends, their line of ultra-clean, low-particle-generation lubricants and their hopes for Space Tech Expo USA 2017.

Nye Lubricants has been designing high-quality, synthetic lubricants for leaders in the aerospace industry for more than 50 years. Its scientists and engineers focus on two challenging categories of aerospace applications: discrete components that are lubricated for life, and mechanical or electromechanical devices that must operate for extended periods in severe environments.

Bill Galary has been involved in developing aerospace lubricants at Nye for the past 40 years. He has authored several magazine articles and white papers regarding aerospace lubrication and the ultrafiltration of lubricants for critical applications. As a seasoned veteran at aerospace tradeshows, Bill has been interviewed numerous times to discuss his technical expertise in the industry.

Tony Dotson has been with Nye for 13 years, supporting a diverse range of markets/industries, and building a broad experience base in synthetic lubricant technology and engineering. In 2007 his primary responsibilities at Nye involved semi-con industry management, and in 2015 this role shifted to Aerospace Industry Manager, building on the semi-con lubricant expertise involving vacuum and cleanroom lubricant technology.


What new trends do you anticipate and what market demands do you see evolving/changing over the next five years?

Historically, the aerospace market has been relatively stable from a lubricant technology perspective due to its reliance on heritage products that have proven performance in aerospace applications long driven by the public sector. With the more recent surge of smaller companies in the private sector, this trend looks like it will continue expanding the industry’s customer base, introducing more competing technologies and novel concepts, and requiring shorter design time cycles. This will continue to push the envelope for smaller, lighter and more demanding operating parameters, while shifting the need to collaborate and work expeditiously on projects requiring innovative lubricant solutions. This theme seems to be readily evident in the area of satellites for global connectivity and interconnectivity of everyday devices, such as our phones and cars.


Space tech expo 2016What would you say are the key challenges and opportunities currently faced by the industry?

As cutting-edge technology continues to develop, there is an exponential growth in the range of component designs and devices, along with more comprehensive and unique lubricant requirements. This is Nye’s area of expertise, as we have the ability to custom engineer and formulate unique and innovative lubricant solutions. This is an opportunity for developing new products and business, as well as a challenge to manage and budget the necessary R&D and project resources to meet targeted pricing and time constraints.


What is your company’s approach to strategic partnerships or joint ventures, and what kinds of partnerships are you most open to exploring?

Nye constantly seeks out opportunities to provide value to our customers and support their efforts to lead in their respective marketplaces. This typically involves partnering with innovative companies to develop high-performance solutions using our lubricant technology and engineering expertise. This may also involve co-development partnerships and JDAs, joint testing, protecting multiple parties’ IP through B-NDAs, and joint publications, which are all areas of interest in Nye’s efforts to partner for success.


What products will you be featuring at the show this year and what response are you expecting?

At the show we will be featuring our line of ultra-clean, low-particle-generation, and very low-outgassing products for vacuum environments. This line-up includes the unique Pennzane multiply-akylated cyclopentane (MAC) base fluid. Nye is the worldwide distributor and formulator of Pennzane-based lubricants. This unique material is used primarily in vacuum environments for its low volatility and excellent wear performance. Although Nye will be featuring our commercial off-the-shelf formulations, the Pennzane-based lubricant can be custom formulated. Nye has a broad range of performance-enhancing additives to meet specific customer specifications and requirements.

We will also be showcasing our enhanced in-vacuum testing capabilities. The Applications Development & Validation Testing (ADVT) lab at Nye focuses on component and simulation testing to help qualify application designs. This capability helps assess lubricant performance under simulated operational regimes to provide insight into wear, noise, compatibility, lifecycle, etc. using standard and custom test apparatus. Nye’s engineers can assist in this validation process as these testing capabilities allow us to provide the exact type of data that the customer needs when making mission-critical decisions.


Why are you exhibiting and what connections do you hope to make there?

Nye has a lengthy history in the aerospace industry, and we plan to stay in touch with many existing customers who will attend the show. We are also eager to meet with engineers and companies who are new to Nye and possibly new to the aerospace industry. Exhibiting at Space Tech Expo gives Nye the opportunity to readily introduce our latest innovative technology to existing and potential customers. This venue is also invaluable in learning about trends in the market to help direct our next R&D efforts. We are always seeking connections with existing and potential customers that are developing future-generation mechanical and electromechanical devices for the aerospace industry.

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What do you think sets your company apart from your competitors?

Although some lubricant suppliers specialize in only one type of chemistry, Nye stocks a complete selection of synthetic fluids. This unparalleled range of chemistries coupled with our experience in selecting and blending fluids for specific applications ensures that each Nye customer gets the lubricant best suited to the application. As we work with all types of chemistries, we can provide custom formulations to best meet our customers’ requirements.

Nye brings together the capability, willingness and consultative engineering to solve the most challenging lubrication problems. With Nye’s technology, innovative product development, formulation and process competencies, and engineering support, we bring to bear all the tools necessary to be our customers’ trusted advisor in lubrication. Specific to aerospace, we have a knowledgeable team ready to support the industry, and we are willing to offer custom solutions to solve the most difficult problems.

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