Evaluation of New Ceramic Dielectric For Middle- and High-Voltage Applications

Miniaturization is a driving need for future power electronics. This need gives rise to the trend toward surface mounting devices, which allows the manufacture of increasingly compact equipment that is cheaper to produce and put on orbit.

But this evolution, which is true whatever the application, implies some modifications linked to a greater difficulty to dissipate the heat generated by the components and the temperature increase of the electrical circuit. Two options can be considered to enable multilayer ceramic capacitors to withstand these new constraints:

  • Design capacitors able to work at higher temperature with the same reliability, which requires a complete change of the design and/or materials of these components
  • Design alternative components with reduced losses to minimize heating. As losses are mainly due to the ceramic dissipation factor, such a choice implies a complete change of the ceramic dielectric

This second possibility led Exxelia Technologies to develop a completely new high-voltage ceramic capacitor range based on a new dielectric material called C48X.

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