Exxelia Low-Voltage MLCCs in 0402 Case Size now in ESA QPL

Exxelia has taken a step ahead in the miniaturization of electronics for space. The manufacturer of high-rel passive components designed for harsh environments has announced that its CEC and CNC series of low-voltage ceramic capacitors have received QPL certification based on ESCC n°3009 specification, for the 0402 case size. This is the smallest QPL-certified case size, completing Exxelia’s MLCCs QPL-listed ranges. QPL references are now available from case sizes 0402 to 2220, from 10V to 100V.

ExxeliaExxelia’s ranges of low-voltage MLCCs for surface mounting, CEC19 and CNC19, have achieved the Qualified Part List (QPL) status under the criteria of the European Space Component Coordination’s (ESCC) 3009/042 and 3009/043 respectively. The case size 0402 QPL-qualified parts are available from 10V to 25V, enabling substantial miniaturization and cost-saving. Dielectrics are based either in the very stable NPO (type 1) or the high-capacitance X7R (type 2). CEC and CNC series combine high capacitance values with high thermal and voltage stability. Versions with polymer terminations are also QPL certified.

These ranges of versatile chip capacitors are intended for use in a wide variety of aerospace applications requiring the highest level of reliability: satellites, launch vehicles, payloads, etc.


CEC19 features:

  • Very stable NPO dielectric
  • Maximum capacitance values: 330pF in 10V, 120pF in 16V and 100pF in 25V,
  • Large operating temperatures: -55°C to 125°C


CNC19 features:

  • High-capacitance X7R dielectric
  • High-capacitance rating values: from 68pF to 12nF in 10V, 8.2nF in 16V and 5.6nF in 25V
  • Large operating temperatures: -55°C to 125°C


EXXELIA are exhibiting at Space Tech Expo USA in booth 6024.