Thermotron Industries at Space Tech Expo

Thermotron is known for customizing its environmental testing chambers to clients’ specific, end-product needs, but without the proper testing of processes during the initial phases of research and development, even the best products can falter. Why risk your product quality, corporate trust and confidence in your brand over a simple, avoidable oversight? Prevent the headache. Visit Booth 4022 to see Thermotron’s R&D SM 1.0 Benchtop Chamber live and in action. Get your hands on the new and improved 8200+ touchscreen display to learn why engineers love Thermotron’s chambers. And picture your new company success story, beginning and ending with simple testing. Quality. Trust. Confidence. Build yours with a Thermotron.


Thermotron IndustriesThermotron practices what it preaches. Many of the critical components developed at the company’s facility undergo environmental testing, vibration testing, accelerated stress testing, and more. With components designed in-house, including control modules, single board computers and sensors, they’re tested through a wide range of temperature and vibration conditions in an effort to find and fix failures. The results: improved product robustness and reliability.

Thermotron Industries has been supplying customers with environmental test equipment for more than 55 years. Its products show the company’s understanding of the principles and real challenges in the field. It is an OEM of thermal test chambers and vibration test equipment, which has made AST equipment a natural contribution to the industry. Thermotron is one of the few, possibly only, companies that make repetitive shock tables, where spectral control tends not to be possible, as well as electrodynamic tables, where people think about spectral shapes and derive limits. It incorporates its thermal expertise into the testing process, and constantly strives to better understand the concerns of its many and varied customers.

Thermotron controllers make testing less complicated by putting all of the controls for the chamber, shaker or combined system on one screen. From start to finish, be sure to build your quality, trust and confidence. And be sure to build it with a Thermotron.


Webinar: Basics & Best Practices of Environmental Testing

This joint webinar between Thermotron and Q-Lab Corporation provides a comprehensive overview of the basics and best practices of environmental testing. Learn how you can improve product reliability and quality, reduce warranty costs, increase profitability, meet supplier requirements, and give your company the ultimate competitive advantage. Q-Lab also spends the first half of the seminar reviewing the realism and reproducibility of modern methods of corrosion testing.

Thermotron Industries will be exhibiting at Space Tech Expo USA 2018 in Booth 4022