Compact, Metal Plasma Thrusters for Micro Satellites in LEO

 KrishnanDr. Mahadevan 'Krish' Krishnan, President, Alameda Applied Sciences Corporation spoke at the Open Tech Forum at Space Tech Expo 2018 on compact plasma thrusters.

In his presentation, Mahadevan introduced a compact metal plasma thruster, of which the total impulse of 3,500Ns/U is suitable for drag compensation, orbital maneuvers and end-of-life deorbiting.

Mahadevan describes the following:

  • How the worrisome problem of clutter in LEO is solved by adding this propulsion to all small satellites
  • A ‘garage’ operation (mostly two people working for 18 months) that can deliver a competitive new solution for LEO space with no outside funding
  • How the metal propellant used allows conception of an innovative, self-consuming spacecraft for deep-space missions