Testing the future of space technology 


Increased developments with space technologies have helped revive excitement about the sky above us. In concert with advances in technology, newer products and services have been achieved, paving the way for more exciting ventures in the near future. Newer services include GPS, satellite TV, the International Space Station, and more. In order to accomplish the next feats of human engineering, high-quality, trustworthy testing must take place.

Fifty years ago, the Apollo missions used an expendable, single-use command/service module to get astronauts to and from the moon. Today we have multiuse space shuttles, private space companies and even an electric car with a large orbit around Earth. These engineering accomplishments require reliable testing and preparation for extreme environments.

More recently, testing in the additive manufacturing industry has become essential for success. Whether the local architect needs a 3D printed model or astronauts aboard the ISS need to print an essential tool, testing and trusting the durability of products is crucial. Recently, Thermotron helped a large national 3D printer manufacturer test its products. Using Thermotron’s SE-Series temperature and humidity chambers, the national manufacturer is benefiting from reliable testing, monitored and run by intuitive, user-friendly Windows-based controllers. Thermotron’s trusted reputation with equipment and controllers will continue to help the additive manufacturing industry grow.

Current advances in technology are creating more innovation in the space technology industry. Whether a larger space telescope is carried from Earth to space, or humans walk on Mars, testing will need to be conducted to ensure safety and reliability. By conducting tests with quality equipment, companies can trust in accurate results. Through it all, Thermotron has and will continue to help the space industry achieve its goals with confidence.

Thermotron has been providing quality environmental test equipment for more than 55 years, and has established a trusted reputation among its peers.

Thermotron Industries will be exhibiting at Space Tech Expo USA 2019 on Booth 4022