Optimizing Payload Design using ASSPs (Application Specific Standard Products)

Michael BearMichael Bear, Technical Director in BAE Systems’ Space Systems group spoke at the Open Tech Forum at Space Tech Expo 2018 on optomizing payload design using ASSPs.

Payload designers want to focus on their value-add to the mission and not to spend time designing the communications and compute infrastructure. The use of Application Specific Standard Products (ASSPs) specifically designed for reliable space operations allows designers the opportunity devote their resources to optimizing the embedded systems and algorithms to improve mission performance. In addition to ASSPs the use of open standards, such as Space VPX, improves reusability and lowers design costs.

In this presentation, Michael highlighted:

  • Range of ASSPs available to aid system development
  • Use of Space VPX to speed implementation
  • Implementation of these elements in a space payload