Next-Generation High-Data-Rate Interconnection for Backplane and Frame System Space Architectures

RichardRichard Johannes, Director of Engineering at Smiths Interconnect spoke at the Open Tech Forum at Space Tech Expo 2018 on next-generation high-data-rate interconnection.

Telecom and data centers are pushing data rates well beyond the 100Gbps on four-channel systems, and driving channel rates of 400Gbps on fiber-optic links and 40Gbps electrical signals across a backplane. Although space applications advance more slowly, they have a more extreme environment. This paper will describe the next-generation high-data-rate connection systems to support the two primary space architectures providing a growth path to the future, while meeting the rigors of the space environment.

This task requires a major enhancement from cPCI and VITA 78 to reach future data rates to the backplane. For frame system architectures, existing connectors are limited by low density on the bulkhead and relatively low data transmission rates.

In this presentation, Richard discussed the following topics:

  • Technologies to handle the explosion of data rate requirements (25Gbps and beyond)
  • Understanding what is needed to achieve the next-generation data rates in the current space architectures
  • New requirements for connection footprints and basic system design to support robust high-data-rate systems