Exhibitor Spotlight: Nikki Malcom & Brian Tran, Business Development Managers at Element Materials Technology

element booth


Nikki Malcom and Brian Tran are representing Element Materials Technology. Element is a global provider of testing, inspection, and certification services for a diverse range of materials and products. Nikki travels from the Seattle area and Brian is from Southern California. Both specialize in matching their customers’ materials testing and product testing needs with their laboratory network comprising more than 200 locations. Element has specific experience in the aerospace and space industry, with previous projects including the NASA Space Shuttle materials development to current-generation rockets and vessels.

What products will you be featuring at the show this year and what responses are you expecting?

Our representatives will be speaking to the industry about aerospace and space industry materials testing and product qualification testing. We are one of the largest independent testing laboratory networks in the world with more than 200 labs. Our laboratory-based testing services are offered on almost all materials, from metals to composites. We serve clients from raw material to full scale assemblies and parts.

Why are you exhibiting and what connections do you hope to make there?

Many know us from legacy laboratory names, but we are now branded as Element. We hope to visit and connect with our current client base and offer our services to new companies. We want to make connections for future projects with a need for third-party independent testing.

Which customer or market demands were the biggest drivers of your company's growth during the past three years?

There has been tremendous growth in the aerospace and defense industry as well as the space launch industry. We also see manufacturing and testing needs have grown in our general industries. Element has added locations and personnel to meet this growing demand.  

Do you anticipate that those demands will continue to be your biggest growth drivers for the next three years, or are you anticipating new trends?

Yes, the aerospace, defense, and space industry will drive much growth to satisfy our customers' needs.

What are your areas of R&D focus, and what timeline do you anticipate for bringing your next new products to market?

Many of our laboratories specialize in assisting manufacturers with research and development. We provide certainty in our clients’ R&D of their materials, products, and projects. Providing accurate data on a timely schedule is key for our partnerships.  

What new trends do you anticipate and what market demands do you see evolving/changing over the next five years?

We see additive manufacturing will grow and hold a strong place in the manufacturing process for many companies. We also see additional regulation and safety protocol which will require extensive testing and certification. 

Element Materials Technology will be exhibiting at Space Tech Expo 2019 at booth 5011.