Testing at Space Tech Expo 2019: What not to miss this year

open tech forum speaker

Are you a test engineer and keen to learn as much as you can on the advancements in testing for space systems? Join us at Space Tech Expo USA 2019 where the latest developments regarding testing for (aero)space components will be highlighted: from non-destructive to environmental to simulation testing. During our research prior to developing the 2019 program, it became apparent that several topics are of growing interest to testing professionals in the space industry.

One area of development is the increasingly shorter time to market: space organizations want to ensure their production time, as well as cost, is reduced. In her presentation on the Open Tech Forum on Tuesday May 21, Dr. Leah Rafaelli, System Thermal Analyst at Lockheed Martin, will discuss Optimization of Multidisciplinary Analyses and System Models to Achieve Cost Effectiveness and Sustainability. She will highlight various ways of optimization in her presentation and will also discuss why this is an improvement on existing testing methods:

“System analysis can improve cost:profit ratio. Software tools have developed to the stage where system-level simulation is a feasible methodology to rapidly and continually fine-tune the entire product system in a virtual environment well before physical assembly and testing”.

The Open Tech Forum will also highlight advancements in the area of environmental testing, including vibration testing. In his presentation, Dr. Benjamin Shank, R&D Engineer at Thermotron Industries, will discuss the limits of mid-field pyroshock on electrodynamic shakers.

“ED shakers have largely been overlooked as a tool to replicate pyrotechnic events and launch shocks. This talk gives a review of shock characterization through the Shock Response Spectrum (SRS) and summarizes recent efforts to generate pyroshock-like transients on a range of small- to medium-sized ED shakers with meaningful SRS content up to 10 kHz.”

The Conference at Space Tech Expo will include the topic of testing in numerous sessions, including the Taking Additive Manufacturing to the Next Level: Ensuring Quality Control for Future Spaceflight session, which takes place on Wednesday May 22. Led by Dr. Mohsen Seifi, Director of Global Additive Manufacturing at ASTM International, this session explores the future of additive manufactured components for spacecraft, together with speakers from Lockheed Martin, Siemens, Launcher and Additive Rocket Corporation.

Keen to get more involved in the measurements and certifications around electric propulsion and issues around EMI/EMC testing? Book yourself a workshop pass for our electric propulsion workshop on Monday May 20.

Want to learn everything about testing but also want to make the most out of your visit? Join us on the exhibition floor where we will organize a number Space Trails, which take you around the testing booths: more on that a little closer to the show.

Let’s summarize all of that for you with our Testing To-Do List:

Monday May 20

-          Electric Propulsion Workshop, including EMC / EMI testing

Tuesday May 21

-          Exhibition floor opens with access to more than 30 testing companies. Keep an eye out for our Testing Space Trails, which we will publish closer to the show

-          Technical testing session in the morning on the Open Tech Forum

-          Technical testing 360 Sessions in the afternoon

Wednesday May 22

-          Future Mission Enablers day on the Space Tech Conference, including the Taking Additive Manufacturing to the Next Level: Ensuring Quality Control for Future Spaceflight session with ASTM International, Lockheed Martin and Siemens among other speaking organizations.