Cleaning Technologies at Space Tech Expo USA

Space Tech Expo USA prides itself on providing engineering solutions throughout the supply  chain for space projects. One important aspect is in maintaining a clean factory and lab environment as well as eliminating contamination from instrumentation and components. At this year’s show in Pasadena, some of our exhibitors will address these issues by promoting their cleaning technologies.


Microcare (Booth 6008) will showcase their innovative chemistries which help improve manufacturing processes while meeting the high cleanliness standards of the space industry. Their Tergo™ Metal Cleaning Fluid (MCF) has been used in the metal injection molding (MIM) and Additive Manufacturing (AM) industries, and along with other products in their range has Milspec and NASA approvals. Parts manufactured by these advanced processes require special chemistries to assist in de-binding the components. David Ferguson, MicroCare Senior Technical Manager for Precision Cleaners explains,We are receiving many inquiries for functional fluids to help de-bind parts made through MIM, pressed metal  and 3D technologies. Tergo™ MCF is just one of the products from MicroCare that is helping to expedite this finishing process. The Tergo™ MCF debinding fluid boasts low viscosity and surface tension, and is engineered for selectivity so the right amount of binder is removed without negative impact to the dimensional stability of the parts when they are sintered. It also enables shorter times in the sintering oven, accelerating throughput and overall discrete manufacturing processes.” Tergo™ MCF is also one of the strongest vapor degreaser cleaning fluids on the market, allowing it to clean parts down to the submicron range.

cleaning equipment

BHC Inc (Booth 8032) has provided aqueous degreasing chemistries to the Space Industry
for 30 years. BHC’s AquaVantage® 815 GD and AquaVantage® 1990 GD are both approved by NASA for the cleaning of LOX (Liquid Oxygen) components and hardware. With heritage in cleaning solutions for satellite launch components, space engine components, solid rocket motors, and 3D printed parts, their aqueous cleaner is also approved for manned space flight. They have now added Honeywell’s Solstice Performance Fluid Solvent, to their product distribution line as part of their space offering. “The Honeywell Performance Fluid Solvents are a natural product extension allowing BHC to provide a package to our Critical Cleaning Space customers” said Jeff Beard, BHC Business Development Manager, “cleanliness verification solvent is used after the aqueous cleaning process. The Honeywell Performance Fluid Solvents are highly effective and convenient for use within test stand areas”.


B&M Industries (Booth 8018) specialises in parts cleaning, surface finishing and air filtration equipment providing manufacturers with full “turn-key” cleaning, finishing, and process systems.  Whether your application calls for a multi-stage solvent wash and dry system, requires a change in abrasive media, or replacement parts are needed, B&M can provide. In Pasadena they will promote their range of capabilities, including the All-in-one Precision cleaning system. Kyle Maxwell, Senior Manager explains how it works “you simply put your parts in the basket and slide it into the barrel shaped chamber. This can be rotated in either direction and the chamber can be filled to varying levels with cleaning solution, or make use of ultrasonics. There is a spray bar with full rotational control, and precision spray nozzles can be incorporated for precise attention to critical zones. There is a rotational drying bar and parts can be dried using compressed or heated air, or with vacuum to dry internal passageways”.


By using the latest technologies in this area, users can minimize outdated inspection methods, improve quality control, and reduce manufacture-to-launch times. Be sure to visit these vendors at the expo to discuss your precision cleaning requirements.