A range of components machined from Sandvik's selection of CE-Alloy at Space Expo 2019

Sandvik CE-AlloySandvik, the manufacturer specialising in lightweight, stiff, high thermal conductivity Controlled Expansion (CE) alloys for thermal management applications, brings to Space Tech Expo a range of components machined from its selection of CE-Alloy, including an aluminium-silicon alloy with tunable thermal expansion from as low as 5 ppm/k to 17 ppm/k.

By altering the ratio of aluminium to silicon in its alloys, Sandvik is able to tune the thermal expansion of the material to match other components in an assembly. The material has good thermal conductivity, making it especially useful for heat-sinks and packaging applications.

Sandvik Osprey will be exhibiting at Space Tech Expo USA 2019 in Booth 5012.