5G Base Station Phased Array CMOS IC 

A live over-the-air 5G NR antenna module will be demonstrated with integrated RF transceiver, RF front-end and antenna elements using both organic and ceramic substrates.

"We are excited to showcase what's possible when we add 5G to the LEO satellite constellations," said Chris Tubis, CEO of TTI. “With these live 5G demonstrations, TTI showcases the breakthrough technologies that are transforming the broadband low latency connections."

The TT5G-28 CMOS beamforming transceiver integrated circuit has 16 RF 28 GHz chains, each with a phase shifter and gain equalizer, a distribution network containing a 1-16 divider. The IC is complete with up-down converters as a building block for phased -array antenna modules.



“5G low cost antennas will enable the final connection for broadband LEO constellations and will transform and unlock the huge potential of industrial and consumer connectivity,” said Chris Tubis.”

Tubis Technology will be exhibiting at Space Tech Expo USA 2019 in Booth 1011.