TopLine Granted Patent for Toroidal-Shaped Particle Impact Damper 

Toroidal-Shaped Particle Impact Damper PatentMartin Hart, CEO of TopLine Corporation, announced the grant of US Patent D842, 351 for a toroidal-shaped Particle Impact Damper (PID) that allows a motor shaft to freely spin through the hole of the toroidal PID while mounted onto a PC Board. The toroidal shaped chamber houses spherically shaped tungsten particles that deflect from the curved walls at the onset of a random vibrational event greater than 1G force. The set screw serves as a plug to allow the tungsten particles to fill the chamber as well as tuning the inside volume of the chamber for optimum performance. The date on the grant is March 5, 2019. 

Vibration damping of PC Board assemblies increases the life of the system for applications in harsh environments. TopLine holds several patents in the field of particle dampers.

Particle Impact Dampers (PID) reduce harmful random vibration and extend hardware life and reliability. PID is a COTS commercially-available standard solution, suitable for retrofitting and hardening heritage hardware in the field. The toroidal PID can be attached to the motor/board combination like an ordinary component using permanent epoxy adhesive or hardware fasteners. TopLine’s original Particle Impact Damper was invented at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. TopLine has created a web site with a 2 minute YouTube video showing how the PID works. 

Topline Corporation exhibited at Space Tech Expo USA 2019 in Booth 5023.