Product Launches from Space Tech Expo 2019 exhibitors

Krytox™, SpaceExcess, Tenney Environmental and Zemarc are among the many Space Tech Expo 2019 exhibitors that showcased new products. 



company logoKrytoxFPG 182 is a smooth, buttery white grease. It has been specifically developed to operate over a wide temperature service range and in extreme chemical and vacuum conditions. It has exceptional performance as shown by its bearing life test that has over 7 times the life of similar products. It is a perfluoropolyether (PFPE)-based grease thickened with a special high performance PTFE thickener, and has exceptional chemical and oxygen resistance. It is designed to operate under severe conditions, and can be used for bearings, gears, and as a lubricant for O-rings and elastomers.

Storage and Handling:

Shelf life: Indefinite shelf life in unopened container. It is normal for oil to separate from grease during storage. Before use, knead tubes or stir larger containers to remix.

Product Package: 

Krytox FPG 182 is available in 50 and 100 g syringes, 8 oz tubes, and 1.76 lb cartridges.  



SpaceExcess, LLC has announced new listings:

  • company logoWright Brothers Flyers, Gliders and the Wright Experience, a 30-year old manufacturing business for Wright Flyer/Glider reconstruction and restoration;
  • Sub-Orbital Launch Services performed by Exos Aerospace at Spaceport America;
  • And our newest listing, the 1,600-acre Wolf Point private compound with a 5,000 ft. paved runway, climate controlled multi-jet hangar, and golf course located near Houston, TX.

These new offerings are now available to serve the Space, Aerospace and Aviation communities with unique products and services.

Additionally, SpaceExcess, LLC announces a new service providing Observatory and Planetarium Development:

  • Complete Turnkey Development Program managed by William Cress Corporation
  • PlaneWave instruments, observatory telescopes, and systems
  • Complete planning, design, and construction
  • Built-to-suit specific to your location
  • National and worldwide

This new offering is now available to serve the Space, Aerospace and Science communities as an exclusive and unique service.


Tenney Environmental

Vacuum Space SimulatorTenney Environmental, announced the shipment of a vacuum space simulation system. This system is designed to test ionic thruster chips for space vehicle systems. The simulator will allow the customer to test their products in house, while replicating outer space conditions. The customer manufactures equipment for space.

The dual cryopump vacuum system is sized specifically to maintain the high vacuum while the thrusters are firing inside the vessel. The Tenney space simulation chamber design considers the OSHA, NEC, and ASME Code for Unfired Pressure Vessels.

The vacuum chamber is a horizontal cylindrical vessel constructed entirely of Type 304 stainless steel with a #4 interior and exterior finish. The overall internal dimensions of the vessel are 48” in diameter and 60” in depth. The vessel also includes multiple specialty access ports and an internal stainless steel removable grating shelf system, so the customer can place his products inside as needed.

“Tenney designed the cryopump control system to allow the customer the flexibility to automatically run one or both of cryopumps independent of each other using proprietary control logic for the gate valves. This provides the customer more gas load testing capabilities.”
– Rick Powell, Vacuum Products Manger



company logoApplication Story: Satellite DSN 

NASA Deep Space Network (DSN) antennas are using Temposonics absolute position sensors for tracking spacecraft activity. With more than 25 years of service, the DSN antennas are operating under open skies, being exposed to weather conditions 24/7. With no maintenance, calibration or mechanical wear, and accepting of a wide range of temperature, humidity and vibration influences, the Temposonics sensors have proven their quality and reliability over the years in this highly demanding application.

Krytox™, SpaceExcess, Tenney Environmental and Zemarc exhibited at Space Tech Expo 2019.