New exhibitors announced for Space Tech Expo USA

The floor plan for Space Tech Expo USA is filling up fast. In the last month, the show has welcomed NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC), Motiv Space Systems, Inc., Fraunhofer SPACE, DM3D Technology LLC, Taber Industries and more!

Increased Miniaturization of Surface-Mounted Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

For several years, Exxelia Technologies has been conducting extensive work to miniaturize the multilayer ceramic capacitors suitable for space use. Two different methods can be used to achieve this goal.

Evaluation of New Ceramic Dielectric For Middle- and High-Voltage Applications

Miniaturization is a driving need for future power electronics. This need gives rise to the trend toward surface mounting devices, which allows the manufacture of increasingly compact equipment that is cheaper to produce and put on orbit.

Cirris Systems Introduces New Product: The Easy Touch Pro

Cirris’s Easy Touch Pro cable tester has all the capabilities of its predecessor, the Easy Touch, and now includes updates that make it even more powerful. This tester combines Cirris testing technology and Windows 10 in one compact unit.

AssetSmart: CEO Interview

Space Tech Expo spoke to Christopher Campbell, President and CEO of AssetSmart, to find out more about his role, the changing industry and what sets AssetSmart apart from other software solution companies.

Since Space is No Place to Change a Fuse, Reliability is a Must

SCHURTER showcases its new High-Current Space Fuse (HCSF) for space applications requiring fuse performance at higher rated currents. The HCSF is rated from 5 to 15A @ 125VDC, with a high breaking capacity of 1,000A.

Case Study: Developing Aerospace Fuses

Many years of intensive cooperation in research and development between SCHURTER and the European Space Agency (ESA) have led to the incorporation of new technologies and products for protecting electronic modules in space applications.

Change. A Matter of Survival!

Throughout human history, we’ve experienced technological advancements that pushed the boundaries of the possible. So far we’ve been able to visit the moon, transplant artificial organs to human beings, invent the internet.

Pennzane Fluids Flight Qualified, Space Tested

From zero gravity to virtual reality, Pennzane Fluids Technology provides the core of lubrication systems for the most advanced and evolving technologies, including space mechanisms.

Wound Magnetic Components Based on the Innovative CCM Technology

Chameleon Concept Magnetic (CCM) technology was developed by Exxelia Magnetics to respond to the growing interest in reliable COTS inductors and transformers with multiple outputs, high power density and reduced footprint.

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Read #SPC17 exhibitor @Exxelia latest white paper on new ceramic dielectrics for middle to high-voltage applications
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