Felicia Bell

“We’ve got a lot of foot traffic here, a lot of people getting information about our program, and a lot of potential suppliers that we’re excited about being able to work at JPL. This is the first time we’ve done Space Tech Expo so we’re kind of excited and we’re also putting it on our calendars for next year.”

Felicia Bell, CPCM, Manager, Small Business Programs Office (SBPO), Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Robert Medina

“It’s been an excellent show, we’ve been very busy. Next year we’ll come back, because I found it very helpful as far as the number of businesses that we’ve met here, both large and small – but mainly working with the small businesses – a lot of innovation, a lot of good companies.”

Robert Medina, NASA Armstrong Small Business Specialist, NASA

Bruce Anderson

"The show has been very good, very positive – a lot of traffic here at the booth – I gave away all of my business cards on the first day! We’ve got a booth reserved – I’m excited about next year already, and it’s a year away!"

Bruce Anderson, Communications and Media Services, Orbital ATK

Nick Potts

“Our experience so far has been very very good, maybe the best first day at Space Tech Expo ever. It has far exceeded my expectations. I’ve already booked and doubled the size of the booth for next year.”

Nick Potts, Managing Director, Printech Circuit Laboratories Ltd

Peter Adams

“We were looking to mostly to get to the Space Primes, like Orbital ATK, Northrop Grumman, L-3 and so on.  We’re already exchanging data and signing NDAs, so we’re hoping it’s going to generate real solid business. It has exceeded expectations; we’ve done a lot of tradeshows – this is one of the best ones.”

Peter Adams, President, Burloak Technologies Inc.

Stayne Hoff

"The show’s been great, a really good turn out today; we’re recruiting for engineers, we’ve won enough work so that we need to hire up, and that’s our goal here and we’ve met a lot of people, and that’s the name of the game. We’ve made lots of new connections."

Stayne Hoff, Director of Business Development, MDA US Systems

Patrick Daly

“So far, day 1, we’ve been absolutely thrilled. We have met with tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 of the supply chain within aerospace contacts so far today. So far, so good, I think we’re looking forward to perhaps participating next year if it keeps up like this for the next few days.”

Patrick Daly, Event Planner, Dassault Systèmes Solidworks

Peter Bishop

"You always dream of the connections you’d like to have - on the first day we got all the dream connections; for example Scaled Composites, SpaceX, Northrop Grumman – we’ve made contacts there!"

Peter Bishop, CEO & Managing Director, Bishop GmbH - Aeronautical Engineers

Mike Kartsonis

“It’s been very good at the show this year. The nice thing about the show is that a variety of people that come through here that need different tooling and fixtures that we make. It’s been a good show for us over the years, we’ll continue to come back… we’re already signed up for next year.”

Mike Kartsonis, President, Dynamic Fabrication, Inc

Marshall Pelot

“I make all the connections I need to make out here… The show meets my expectations every year; I want to be here next year – I want to be here until they tell me I can’t come anymore!”

Marshall Pelot, Western Regional Manager, DIT-MCO International

Russell Singer

“We’ve had a good mix of people, both engineers who want to use the machines, as well as people on the supply side who are interested in discussing plastics applications [and things like that], so we’ve met a good variety of people.”

Russell Singer, Design & Development, MAKEiT, Inc

Sebastian Scheiding

“We’ve had a good experience here at the show, we’ve seen a lot of our customers here. For us, we are a European company, a German company, so it is very important to see where the opportunities are on the American market.”

Sebastian Scheiding, Director Technology, Astro-und Feinwerktechnik Adlershof GmbH

Brian Matthews

“We’ve made lots of great connections, literally my whole jacket is full of business cards!  The show organisers have just been phenomenal, given us great news feeds – we’ve never had that before. Next year we’ll be back, this is the first – more to come.“

Brian Matthews, CEO, Additec

Greg Knapp

 “So far it’s been really good. For us, what’s nice about this conference as suppose to others is it’s a little more technical and engineering focused and so we find the conversations we have we customers or industry partners is more technical focused on the product.”

Greg Knapp, Business Development Manager, BAE Systems

Anna Rissanen

“We have a very new technology and we came here to see what is available in the industry. We’ve have had some interesting contacts, there are a lot of surrounding laboratories in the area - like JPL are obviously interesting partners - but also other ones as well. So it’s been a good experience.”

Anna Rissanen, Research Team Leader, VTT Technical research Centre of Finland

Tony DeRosa

“The show is excellent for us, because it really gets us in contact with the systems engineers and people that need to connect their box to another box, or even testing. We have a lot of good leads; now it’s time to follow up, but we are very optimistic.”

Tony DeRosa, Sr. Product Manager, Everett Charles Technologies

Richard Clark

“The attendance level is high in terms of the quality of the visitor, which is great. We’re very pleased with the whole package that has been presented to us. We’ve already decided that we’ll be back here in Pasadena next year.”

Richard Clark, VP Global Sales and Marketing, Zook USA

Larry Strader

"Our first and foremost checkpoint is to network with customers and potential contacts, and we’ve been able to do that very effectively. We’ve been very, very, very happy with what we’ve seen here so far at the show. We’ve been able to meet a number of people that could be potential suppliers, team mates and then also prospective customers as well."

Larry Strader, Manager, Jacobs

Kasper Falck Schmidt

 “Our experience at the show has been good; we’ve had quite a few people come by, we’ve had great success, so I will that say we’ll come back here next year as well.”

Kasper Falck Schmidt, Sales Manager, Falck Schmidt Defence Systems

Jordan DeFelice

"It’s been really good. We’ve been able to make contact with a lot of potential customers, just getting the name out, which is why we’re here. We’ve re-established connections with companies that we’ve haven’t talked to a while, and we’ve met a couple of people that we can do business with. We’ll definitely be coming back here next year and also to the European expo."


Jordan DeFelice, Laser Sintering Application Specialist, Oxford Performance Materials

MDA US Systems

“We’ve had a lot of good people coming by, asking good questions, and we’ve had some good leads.”

MDA US Systems, MDA US Systems

Carl Frushon, Colonel, USAF (Ret),

“My experience at the show this year has been brilliant. This conference has really taken off from where it’s been in the last couple of years – it’s grown, the new venue is amazing, I think there is an excitement that I’m seeing around here that is bringing different levels of businesses together in a unique way.”

Carl Frushon, Colonel, USAF (Ret),, President, r3SpACE Consulting


Simon Adel

“It’s been great. We’ve had some really good leads today and it’s been so good we’ve booked up for next year already” 

Simon Adel, Sales Director Modular Power, Crane Aerospace & Electronics

Andrew Kominek

“Our experience has been fantastic. We’ve got good traffic to the show to our booth specifically and a lot of interest in our microscope. A lot of people that are coming by are our target industry and our target customers” 

Andrew Kominek, Marketing Manager, Keyence Corporation

Cem Karahan

“Very good. This is my first attendance this year. I’ve walked around quite a bit and I’ve seen some of our competitors. Some of the industry leaders here. It was educational and informative. I’m looking forward to the second day and the third day” 

Cem Karahan, Business Development Director, Averna

Marshall Pelot

“The first day was just outstanding! It went increasingly fast - we made so many solid leads and some fantastic contacts, with the day ending on a great networking session” 

Marshall Pelot, Western Regional Manager, DIT-MCO International

George Randall

“It’s been phenomenal. We’ve had a chance to be with our platinum alliance partners that we do the most business with and forge new relationships there, furthering business with those accounts” 

George Randall, Partner Sales Manager, National Instruments

Mark Edwards

“Yesterday was incredible. We’ll do this again because it was amazing traffic that we had the first day, and the second day I’m looking forward to the same thing happening” 

Mark Edwards, Director of Sales & Marketing, Bacon Adhesives

James Crean

“My colleagues and I thoroughly enjoyed the Space Tech Expo. The panel discussions provided interesting industry perspectives. The event format offered a great opportunity to connect with old friends, make new connections with emerging industry leaders, and develop new opportunities for collaboration. Thanks to your team for their hard work. We look forward to seeing you next year” 

James Crean, President, Crean & Associates

Willard B Strozier, DAF

“It’s been fantastic. I’ve met a lot of interesting people, the displays are fantastic and some of the technology that I’ve seen is amazing” 

Willard B Strozier, DAF, Director, Office of Small Business Programs, Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC), Department of the Air Force

Arnie Streland

“It’s been a great show for us. We’ve had a booth here and had some sponsorships. We’ve had a lot of interaction with our government customers, many of whom are local here so it’s a great gathering for them, and all the different industry gives us a chance to interact with those industry customers and talk to potential team mates. So it’s really been a great show overall” 

Arnie Streland, Director, Strategy and Business Development, Orbital ATK

Col. Janet W Grondin

“A lot of great energy here so I really appreciate being a part of it and being invited to moderate that panel” 

Col. Janet W Grondin, Chief, Spacelift Range & Network System Division, Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC), Department of the Air Force

Gene Morrison

“The show has been very good for us – a lot of leads, a lot of communication with people that we want to do business with and we hope to do business with in the future” 

Gene Morrison, Global Aviation, Space & Defense Program Manager, Intertek

Ken Anderson

“It’s been a fantastic experience. This is the first time that we’ve attended the show. It’s been a very good show for us; well-attended, key senior leadership here, so it’s been a very positive show for us” 

Ken Anderson, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Universal Synaptics/Star Aviation

Anthony Scotti

“Fantastic! I’m a Sales Engineer by trade, and for us we’re trying to build those relationships to acquire new business and promote the product, our super precision bearings – we’ve done that. We’ve built 8 to 12 solid leads that we think we can help solve a problem for that company” 

Anthony Scotti, Sales Engineer, The Barden Corporation USA

Mike Kartsonis

“Space Tech Expo is the perfect venue for Dynamic Fabrication Inc. (DFI).  Our high quality standards coupled with DFI’s short run, quick turn-around has resulted in new customers that have developed into repeat customers.   We value the opportunity this show provides enabling us to build new relationships along with the opportunity to connect with current customers.  In the 35 years we have been in business, this is one of the best shows for our core expertise.”

Mike Kartsonis, President, Dynamic Fabrication Inc.

Barry Matsumori

“The show was interesting. I think the exhibitor area here is interesting. A lot of small companies, I always like to see small companies. And the panel session we had was good – it was entertaining, informative, hopefully the audience got something out of it” 

Barry Matsumori, Senior Vice President, Sales & Business Development, SpaceX

Will Walker

“The show is very interesting. We’re meeting a lot of people who have never heard of 3D printing in an aerospace application before. People have heard about it in a mainstream way but we’re meeting a lot of really intelligent people, excellent engineering crowd, people who are used to developing really hard solutions to really hard problems, and they have to do it quickly and reliably and safely. And so it’s a really awesome crowd to talk to” 

Will Walker, Design & Marketing, Formlabs


Chris Ferguson

"Attending a show like this is just an incredible networking opportunity. Anytime you get a bunch of aerospace engineers and executives in one room you always learn something"

Chris Ferguson, Director of Crew and Mission Operations; CST-100, Boeing

Nathalie Font

"it’s very important to us to understand what others are doing and if we are seeing the market the same way, for example which new technologies are changing the market -  it’s helped us to be more confident in our future"

Nathalie Font, Product Line Management, Thales Alenia Space

Debra Facktor Lepore

"I thought the panel went really well, we had a diverse set of participants from government, associations, legal fields and I gave an industry perspective from ball aerospace’s position from being a component manufacturer as well as a satellite prime"

Debra Facktor Lepore, Vice President and General Manager, Strategic Operations, Ball Aerospace

Jim Simpson

"The diversity of the panel really did provide insight on the different ways we could reduce cost and provide an architecture into the future that could not only be resilient but affordable"

Jim Simpson, President, Boeing

Marv Vander Weg

"It’s a networking opportunity that quite frankly is priceless"

Marv Vander Weg, Vice President of EELV Customer Office, SpaceX

Joe Tonio

"We have had quality leads come through – ATK, Boeing, Glenair, and SpaceX these are our customers that we are currently working with and hope to expand the business with"

Joe Tonio, Technical Sales Specialist, Stanley

Paul Chorley

"I have no doubt in my mind that we will be returning to Long Beach next year"

Paul Chorley, Enterprise Sales Manager, GBH Communications

Andrew Nelson

"we have had leads from people who want to fly in the Lynx and want to be suppliers to us and who we want to be suppliers to."

Andrew Nelson, COO, XCOR Aerospace

Alvey Pratt

"It has been a very successful show for us, we are planning to come back next year and look forward to another great opportunity to be in front of potential customers"

Alvey Pratt, General Manager, Boeing

Markham Hackey

"The industry is growing really fast right now and it’s difficult for people to be in all in one place to find suppliers and find customers - and this way it allows people to see a large number of contacts in a short amount of time with budgets being cut"

Markham Hackey, Business Dev. Manager, Alliance Space Systems

Rich Orstad

"It’s been tremendous with good meetings to introduce technologies - and we are looking forward to some good follow up"

Rich Orstad, Stand organiser, Fralock

Ryan Williams

"The 3D printing seminar  was really great, we have been doing some advanced things at work and it’s nice to hear that the community is embracing it"

Ryan Williams, Engineer, Planetary Systems

Ronnie Schneider

"The energy at the Show is very positive and high, having the free sessions and having people in the exhibit area as well as the formal conference is a really good opportunity to draw people in who might not otherwise attend"

Ronnie Schneider, Government Affairs and Communications, ULA

Rick Hoskin

"You can talk to 100 people within 2-3 days, it would take months to contact these people through phone"

Rick Hoskin, Director, ATK

Bernie F Collins II

"Very impressive show…I was honored to be part of it"

Bernie F Collins II, Senior Advisor, Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Skot Butler

"I look forward to the Germany edition of the show. Thanks for including me"

Skot Butler, Vice President, Satellite Networks & Space Services, Intelsat General Corporation

Frank Slazer

"Thanks - it was great working with such a professional organization"

Frank Slazer, Vice President – Space Systems, AIA

Robert Latta

"Relevant information delivered by the industry leaders"

Robert Latta, Associate, Pillsbury

Nathalie Font

"A variety of subjects discussed during the various sessions showing how stimulating this industry is"

Nathalie Font, Product Line Management, Thales Alenia Space

Ryan Williams

"It allows us to engage with the community with like-minded individuals in our industry"

Ryan Williams, Engineer, Planetary Systems

Adi Askenazi

“The caliber of the session speakers was very impressive. Our team unanimously agreed that it was a very good show and we are looking forward to next year.”

Adi Askenazi, Product Manager, Crane Aerospace & Electronics


Andrew Nelson

“This year’s show has had a LOT of foot traffic. We’ve also had a lot of media coverage.”

Andrew Nelson, COO, XCOR Aerospace

Ing. Alex Carrella

“We found this a great opportunity to connect and network with most of the participants. We’ve had a very busy week arranging meetings every day”

Ing. Alex Carrella, Product Manager Dynamic Environmental Testing, LMS International

Prof. Alan Tratner

"We have found Space Tech Expo to be an extraordinary experience for the California Space Enterprise Center, the response at our exhibit is overwhelming! there are a lot of alliances that can be formed and we’ve actually formed several of those. We did several media interviews,including international news gatherers, and PBS, and almost a hundred people signed our  e mail list for more info"

Prof. Alan Tratner, California Space Enterprise Center

Leslie J. Kovacs

“I was fascinated by the mix of panels and speakers. There were the usual traditional panels with well-known senior industry and government officials and then there were more eclectic presenters – like MarsOne – that were pretty far outside the mainstream. I’m definitely going to come next year.”

Leslie J. Kovacs, Director, Washington Operations, United Launch Alliance (ULA)

Duane Wetherbee

"It has been a very productive show for us. We were here to build new relationships and get other new accounts. We’ve done very well so far"

Duane Wetherbee, Director of Operations & Sales, SpencerAircraft.com

Connie Yokogawa

"Because we had great experience and wonderful time at the event. We are already looking forward to participating again next year with plans to improve our booth"

Connie Yokogawa, Operations Manager, TEN TECH LLC Engineering Services

Andrew Nelson

“We made a commitment to display our Lynx Spacecraft for the first time in full scale in the United States here and it’s turned out wonderfully...we had a lot of activity, a lot of great people, a lot of good questions and some very good business contacts”

Andrew Nelson, Chief Operating Officer, XCOR AEROSPACE

John Romero

“We had success with the people that we have met, we think they are quality contacts and we have met a lot of people locally that we do business with here in the Southern California area”

John Romero, VP, Martinez & Turek

Bill Nye the Science Guy

"The Expo exceeded our expectations. There was a great deal to see and a great many people to talk with. It was a networker's paradise. And of course, I learned a tremendous amount about several fantastic new space activities, and a few I'd only heard about. I saw cool hardware and met the people actually doing the work. It was great. See you in Long Beach next year!"

Bill Nye the Science Guy, CEO, The Planetary Society

Mike MacBrair

“With prime contractors like SpaceX or Boeing, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, a local show in Southern California allows engineers to get out of the office and interact”

Mike MacBrair, Program Manager for Environmental Connectors Space & Launch, GLENAIR

Mat Kaplan

 “I originally thought the Expo would simply be a great place to pick up some interviews for our radio show and podcast.  It turned out to be much more!  We had lots of interested visitors at our Planetary Society booth, and many of these individuals became members of the Society. We look forward to being on the floor again next year.”

Mat Kaplan, Planetary Radio Host and Producer, The Planetary Society

Jan Kunzler

“ATK experienced outstanding support at Space Tech Expo and found our attendance to be beneficial to our company."

Jan Kunzler, ATK

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