“It's been very interesting seeing different technologies from small manufacturers from across the space [industry]”
Jonathan Kwoh, Engineer, Boeing

“We've been able to find vendors we've been looking for and find an engraving system we've been having a hard time locating”
Edvin Mehrabian, Manufacturing Engineer, Northrop Grumman

“We’ve met a lot of people, and that’s the name of the game. We’ve made lots of new connections.
Stayne Hoff, Director of Business Development, MDA US Systems

 “So far it’s been really good. For us, what’s nice about this conference as opposed to others is it’s a little more technical and engineering focused and so we find the conversations we have with customers or industry partners is more technically focused on the product.”
Greg Knapp, Business Development Manager, BAE Systems

“It’s been an excellent show, we’ve been very busy. Next year we’ll come back, because I found it very helpful as far as the number of businesses that we’ve met here, both large and small – but mainly working with the small businesses – a lot of innovation, a lot of good companies.”
Robert Medina, NASA Armstrong Small Business Specialist, NASA

“It’s been great, I’ve talked to lots of people that can do things for us, lots of components suppliers and potential customers. It’s great to see what different people are doing in the space industry”
Christopher Norman, VP Engineering, Accion Systems

“My experience of the show has been good – it’s well organised, I like how many vendors there are and how many different booths - there is a wide variety of companies being represented here. The free sessions have been interesting – they’re definitely value added, I think you might even need to add a few more seats!”

Matthew Sipek,  Mechanical Engineer, Northrop Grumman

“This is great, it seems to be a lot bigger this year. There seems to be a nice buzz building across the show.”
Tom McCarthy, Vice President, Business Development, Motiv Space Systems, Inc.

“We’ve got a lot of foot traffic here, a lot of people getting information about our program, and a lot of potential suppliers that we’re excited about being able to work at JPL.”
Felicia Bell, CPCM, Manager, Small Business Programs Office (SBPO), Jet Propulsion Laboratory

“The idea was for us to better get to know the US based space engineering community and vice versa. Fraunhofer is a huge organization with a vast technological portfolio, and only a small portion is dedicated to space applications. Our Alliance acts as a gateway to this portfolio, both space and non-space. Many people we talk to know Fraunhofer or have already worked with us, but not on space projects. So in that regard, this show is already a success!”
Thomas Loosen, PR Officer, Fraunhofer Space

“It’s wonderful to see all the different advanced manufacturing, space engineering, space research, and different public and private organization involved in the aerospace community”
Keith Kaplan, CEO, Tesla Foundation Group

“The space enterprise vision conference panel at the beginning was really good. I think the changing government  environment in space is really important to understand. There is a good mix of government, civil space, universities as well as industry at the show.”” 
Al Tadros, Vice President, Space Infrastructure and Civil Space, SSL

“It’s been really great, just off the bat, we were enjoying the Engineer’s breakfast and was able to speak to an engineer form Northrop Grumman and get his insights on the field which is really useful for us. The ability to connect with someone who has a lot more experience but has similar goals is really valuable. People have been really interested in talking to us about what they do, and how they can help us in our research and provide opportunities for us in the future.  It’s been fun and so different to what my everyday is – it provides a lot of insight as to what comes next.”
David Huynh, Graduate Student, Caltech

“It’s been an excellent day one.  We’ve had more opportunities than last year already and we’re looking forward to displaying at Space Tech Expo Europe!”
Daniel Auh, Director of Sales & Marketing, Ducommun

“It’s been a brilliant experience at the show today. We’ve been speaking to a spectrum of people, from small business to large corporations, trying to make connections between businesses and find opportunities to help solve problems - this is the place to be!”
Carl Frushon, President, R3SpACE Consulting

“The quality of contacts at this show continues to improve!”
Scott Broderick, VP Sales & Marketing, Fralock

“I’m impressed with the number of people who have stopped by and the follows up that we have to do after the show. I think it’s impressive. We were able to get our capabilities to the public in a larger scale” 
Jeff Golombeski, Applications Engineer, Ascent Aerospace

“We have definitely enjoyed the free sessions. We have learned how to do business with Northrop Grumman and more military applications. “
Emily Spratte, Inside Sales Coordinator, The Zippertubing Company

“We’ve got almost 30 leads thus far. Just this morning we had three rfq, so in my opinion it’s been very successful. We’ve already reserved our booth for next year so we’ll be back!

Jeff Vihnanek, Account Manager, Da/Pro Rubber 

“Our experience has been excellent – that’s why we’re coming back!”
Richard Clark, VP Global Sales and Marketing, Zook

“It’s been fantastic so far.  The quality of people have been excellent so that’s been a highlight for me”
Devon Phillipson, Stratasys/Objet 3D Printing Account Manager, GoEngineer