Exhibitor List 2017



BOOTH 8021

A&R Tech

Minority, woman owned, AS 9100 Rev C certified enterprise. Specializing in custom manufactured products which are totally or primarily made of fabric. AR Tech’s technical aerospace products include EMI/RFI shielding, High temperature insulation, Multi/Single layer blankets, Acoustic blankets, Ceramic fabric high temperature protection, Ground support products, & custom cleanroom enclosures.

BOOTH 3013

Aavid Thermacore

Aavid Thermacore specializes in the custom design, development, and manufacturing of highly engineered thermal management systems and components for a variety of OEM applications across a diversified set of global markets that includes Military/Aerospace, Computer, Communication, Energy Conversion, Medical, and Test Equipment. For information about Aavid Thermacore, visit www.thermacore.com


BOOTH 8018

Acopian Technical Company

Acopian Power Supplies has been designing and manufacturing millions of standard, modified-standard and custom AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies since 1957. Their products are commonly employed in a broad range of electronics applications in such strategic markets as computing, aerospace, automotive, medical, telecommunications, and industrial controls.

BOOTH 7000


AddiTec is a pioneering developer of innovative high-end systems in the field of additive manufacturing.  With our ground breaking proprietary technology, we manufacture high quality products for the nuclear, energy, medical, aerospace, automotive, and high performance sports industries.  Our technology affords new possibilities for product design and manufacturing, offering start-of-the-art quality and precision, multi-material capabilities, and no dimensional constraints.

BOOTH 8029

Advanced Technology Company

Advanced Technology Company is a leader in the specialized fields of electron beam welding, laser welding, drilling, cutting & marking, GTA welding and manufacturing. Located in Southern California, ATCO can be your one stop shop for all your aerospace welding needs. 

BOOTH 6005

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals

 Advanced Test Equipment Rentals (ATEC) is a leading test and measurement equipment rental company that provides short and long-term rental solutions to the aerospace, defense,communications, consumer electronics, and EMC industries, as well as many others.  Call 800-404-ATEC (2832) or visit www.atecorp.com

BOOTH 3004

AEM, Inc

AEM, Inc. is a high reliability component solutions provider that continues to set the standard for quality, value and performance. AEM provides manufactured solutions and services to aerospace, defense and other "Hi-Rel" industries that require the highest quality level for circuit protection, EMI signal filtering, and Sn/Pb conversion applications.
BOOTH 9416


Aerofied helps Supplier Diversity,Supply Chain Management, and Engineering Professionals from large Aviation, Space, and Defense companies to better see | understand | and connect with the industries best small Advanced Manufacturing Companies.Aerofied is currently supporting professionals from Boeing, SpaceX, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, NASA, MDA, L-3, Textron, Raytheon,and many others.

BOOTH 6018

Aeromed Precision, LLC

AeroMed Precision machines parts for aircraft, space vehicles, submarines, guidance systems and electronics applications. It offers five-axis milling, CNC lathe, grinding, EDM and micro-EDM. Materials machined include tool steels, stainless, exotic metals, aluminum, plastics and composites. AeroMed Precision is an SDVOSB, ITAR registered, ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 Rev C certified.

BOOTH 1009

Air Force Association (AFA)

The Air Force Association is the voice for aerospace power and the Air Force Family. AFA connects service members, and the total Air Force family, through professional development, unique programs and support initiatives, before, during and beyond their time in uniform. 

BOOTH 7009

Air Force Research Laboratory/RQ

AFRL is a global technical enterprise, leading the discovery, development, and integration of affordable warfighting technologies for our air, space, and cyberspace force.  With a workforce of more than 10,000 across nine technical directorates and 40 other operations across the globe, the Air Force Research Laboratory provides a diverse portfolio of science and technology that range from fundamentally to advanced research and technology development. 

BOOTH 6013

Aircraft & Commercial Enterprises

A.C.E. is a small, woman-owned company specializing in the distribution of electronic components, identification labeling, printers & software, wire protection, & other wire harness needs for aerospace & defense, rail, & marine industries.

BOOTH 3015

Airwolf 3D

Southern California-based Airwolf 3D was built on a simple premise: Create a superior desktop 3D printer that empowers users of all ages to create and print objects thought impossible until now. Aesthetically sleek while ruggedly constructed, Airwolf 3D printers stand apart from the pack with their high accuracy, quick print speeds, and adept ability to print in a wide variety of materials

BOOTH 6007

Alliance Spacesystems

Alliance Spacesystems, LLC. is leading supplier to leading satellite integrators for the fabrication, assembly, integration and test of critical satellite composite structures. Alliance focuses on designing and manufacturing precision composite structures for spacecraft and other high-tech applications where high strength-to-weight ratios, superior stiffness and dimensional stability are key requirements.

BOOTH 9009

Alpha Space Test & Research Alliance

Alpha Space serves the research community with access to/from the ISS. We own and operate MISSE, a flight facility affixed to the exterior of the ISS where experiments endure radiation, atomic oxygen, vacuum, and extreme temperatures. The MISSE platform provides testing for materials, experiments, components, flight hardware and electronics.

BOOTH 2025

American Aerospace Controls

AAC is a woman owned manufacturer of high reliability current and voltage sensors. AAC sensors monitor electrical power for spaceflight, aerospace, defense, industrial, transit, and other applications. In it’s 50 years AAC customers includes Boeing, Northrup Grumman, Lockheed martin, Raytheon, NASA, and others.

BOOTH 9209

American Aerospace Technical Academy (AATA)

The American Aerospace Technical Academy (AATA) is a Los Angeles-based 501c3 nonprofit. AATA's mission is to bring high quality basic and advanced NDT training to the industry at a price that is affordable; so everyone especially veterans, women, and disenfranchised individuals can take advantage of the great opportunities offered in Non-Destructive Testing. AATA students receive Level 1 and Level 2 training in Radiography, Magnetic Particle, Penetrant, Ultrasonic Testing, UT Phased Array and Visual Testing, in addition to training in Computed Radiography and Radiation Safety. 

BOOTH 2001


The Advanced Manufacturing Partnership of Southern California (AMP SoCal) is a collaboration of government, academia and industry united in the common goal of strengthening the industrial ecosystem for aerospace and defense (A&D) manufacturers throughout the 10-county Southern California region. This unique collaborative is led by the Price School-USC Center for Economic Development, in partnership with the City of Los Angeles, and what has grown to include more than 135 companies and organizations. Together the AMP SoCal network leverages the combined knowledge, innovation and support of its members to grow and sustain the A&D industry and its supply chain.

BOOTH 5014


Amphenol Military & Aerospace Operations has the largest and broadest selection of interconnect products in the military and aerospace markets with 22 divisions in North America, Europe, and Asia.  Amphenol can provide all interconnect needs, from small, lightweight system attachments to large, complex assemblies and everything in between.

BOOTH 4013

API Delevan

From the day the company opened for business in 1947, API Delevan's continuous growth as a U.S. manufacturer of inductors, power inductors, rf coils, chokes and transformers has been a great source of pride. They have accomplished this, in part, by providing custom solutions for your challenging circuit designs. 

BOOTH 8036

Arnprior Aerospace, Inc.

Arnprior Aerospace, Inc., Arnprior, Canada, Portland OR and Chihuahua, Mexico manufacture metal products, precision machined components and major assemblies for all Boeing jetliners and the aerospace industry.

BOOTH 3018


Arralis is a rapidly scaling company, providing expertise in integrated & scalable millimetre-wave technology. It excels in MMICs, packaged component modules, proprietary antenna technology & integrated radar & communications front-end platforms. Core focus is 20GHz-100GHz where it's world leader at desirable window of 94GHz & an emerging leader in KaBand.

BOOTH 7033

ASA Astrosysteme GmbH

ASA Astrosysteme sees its task in creating innovative technologies for professional astronomy and agencies in need of high precision optical tracking systems. ASA made its objective to render exactly these components. We develop optical devices, fully robotic tracking systems, software, electronics. ASA produce optics up to 2m diameter.

BOOTH 7001

Ascent Aerospace

Ascent Aerospace has designed, built and integrated of some of the largest assembly fixtures used in modern space programs. And Ascent has been serving the space market with high quality tooling for almost 30 years, covering the range of mold tools from payload fairings to satellite reflectors.

BOOTH 8012


Founded 40+ years ago, AssetSmart is an Industry Leader in Enterprise Asset Management Technology, supporting clients in the Defense, Aerospace, and Federal Agencies, to optimize all of their Asset, Material, Test Equipment, and Calibration Enterprise Solutions. AssetSmart’s unique open architecture empowers users to execute transactions on mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

BOOTH 9015

AstroNova Inc

AstroNova’s Test & Measurement Business Group designs and manufactures data acquisition instruments and supplies for the automotive, aerospace, energy, transportation, telemetry markets. Through the use of our high speed data visualization technology, our products are able to acquire signal data from a wide array of sensor and network interfaces and transform that data into useable information.

BOOTH 5010

Aviation Devices & Electronic Components, LLC

Av-DEC is a technical design and manufacturing company based in Fort Worth, Texas serving customers worldwide.  Founded by engineers, Av-DEC is highly focused on corrosion prevention in the aerospace industry.

BOOTH 4011

Axon' Cable, Inc

Involved in numerous space projects for over 20 years, Axon’ Cable has a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing interconnect solutions able to withstand the stresses of launch and the harsh space environment. Product scope: ESA wires and cables, M83513 connectors, M1553 bus, and 10Gb/s high speed links.


BOOTH 4015

BAE Systems

BAE Systems is a premier provider of advanced high-reliability space electronics. Their products have enabled a wide variety of civil, commercial, and national security space missions for over 25 years. They are leading the way with the development of advanced processing solutions that enable our customers to deliver mission capabilities that were previously not achievable. BAE Systems customers continue to face new and unique challenges and threats.  With the new solutions we are developing, they will provide the higher processing capability necessary for these critical communication, navigation, surveillance and tracking, planetary exploration, weather and classified missions.

BOOTH 7018

Baughn Engineering, Inc.

With over 45 years experience, Baughn Engineering offers the test industry the most extensive library of proven fixture designs available. Baughn Engineering's in-house capabilities, including engineering, analysis, machine shop, welding shop, and quality control, assure their customers that they will consistently supply a product that supports the required test specifications.

BOOTH 1019

BEI Precision Systems & Space Company

BEI Precision Systems & Space company, Inc. is the leading developer and manufacturer of advanced sensing solutions for space and military applications where critical accuracy and resolution are needed for pointing, aiming, and control of weapon systems, satellite payload instruments, robotic arms, radar systems, optical tracking, and astronomical telescopes.

BOOTH 9107

Bercella Srl

Since 20 years, Governmental and Private Organizations choose Bercella for designing and manufacturing their lightweight components. The company is specialized in fabricating large and complex structures from Composites or Light Alloys, with manual and automated technologies. Rosetta and ExoMars are two of the most important missions Bercella has worked on.

BOOTH 7029

Betatronix LLC

Betatronix  is a leader in the Precision Control Solutions market for 50 years, providing linear and rotary position sensors and input control devices serving the Aerospace, Military and Space markets. We specialize in rugged, cost effective ‘custom’ solutions that meet the mostdemanding customer applications by leveraging Betatronix continuous innovation.

BOOTH 5022

Bishop GmbH - Aeronautical Engineers

For space technology companies and their subsidiaries Bishop GmbH is supporting in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Thermal systems engineering and also in Satellite Structural Designs in Metallic and Composites. We have experience in Galileo Satellite, EXO-Mars and other geostationary small satellites for navigation, communications, Earth observation., Ku SATCOM
BOOTH 6001


Bremen Invest offers a single point of contact for international companies, entrepreneurs and institutions to find growth opportunities in Bremen, Germany and throughout Europe. If you are a company looking for business expansion in Germany, let Bremen Invest help.
BOOTH 7019

Burloak Technologies Inc

Supplying components and tooling, we offer additive metal (DMLM), additive plastic (SLS, FDM), 3~5 axis CNC milling, turning and wire EDM, microscopic-deburring, polishing, CMM inspection and a complete design for additive manufacturing (DFAM) service. Materials printed include - Titanium, Inconel 625/718, Aluminum, Invar, Copper, Stainless-15-5PH, Co-Cr, Maraging Steels. AS9100c/ISO9001:2008


BOOTH 5017

Cascade TEK

Cascade TEK has been the vacuum oven experts for 25 years.  Our vacuum ovens provide the ultimate in product drying, outgassing, bake-out and moisture removal. We customize and develop the most simple & efficient vacuum drying process for your parts. Ideal for drying, curing, baking in laboratory or industrial environments. 

BOOTH 5015

CDA InterCorp

CDA InterCorp is a manufacturer of high performance geared motors, actuators and rotary transducers for space deployables, position devices and optics mechanisms. CDA offers actuators from 0.50" to 3.0" diameter, with planetary gearboxes from 0.50" to 6.0" diameter. The products are designed and manufactured in CDA's Deerfield Beach, FL plant.

BOOTH 1023


CEROBEAR is the leading manufacturer of ceramic rolling bearings and a pioneer in rolling bearing technology. Ceramic rolling bearings are a key product for industries and processes with extreme requirements such as the semiconductor and aerospace industries as well as motor sports. CEROBEAR currently employs around 100 highly skilled technical employees.

BOOTH 6033


Disrupting the Status Quo: They are a highly-detailed talent acquisition team, small enough to oversee every facet of the process, but armed enough to take on any client in any industry, in any country, without resorting to an outdated and ineffective “industry standard” vetting process and impeded by "off limit” restrictions. 

BOOTH 6022

Cirris Systems Corporation

Cirris Systems designs and manufactures High Voltage and Low Voltage test systems and the interface accessories needed to ensure proper connectivity in cables and harnesses. Cirris offers professional customer service and a website offering information on many pertinent testing topics.  Cirris is employee owned, located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

BOOTH 7028

citim AM

citim AM, LLC. is an additive manufacturing service provider located in Kennesaw, Georgia. The company produces prototypes and small batch series for aerospace, automotive, motor sports, lifestyle products and many more. Complete services are offered so their customers may benefit from full spectrum of services: design, additive manufacturing with EOS, SLM Solutions and Trumpf equipment, CNC machining, assembling, measurement and documentation.

BOOTH 9011


Clear-Com is a provider of professional communication and connectivity solutions for command & control, training & simulation, and net-centric applications. We and our subsidiary, Trilogy Communications, offer an unmatched portfolio of COTS intercom systems that are used by different Military, Aerospace, and Government agencies for critical operations.

BOOTH 3026

Cobra Scientific

Cobra Scientific provides custom solutions to Ultrasonic and Eddy Current nondestructive testing requirements. Their engineering staff can review an application, recommend and provide a turn key solution. In addition, they are industry Specialists in the development of Custom, purpose built Ultrasonic Transducers, allowing them to fine tune many applications in house.

BOOTH 8034

Coilcraft Critical Products & Services

Headquartered outside of Chicago in Cary, Illinois, Coilcraft is a leading global supplier of magnetic components including high performance RF chip inductors, power magnetics and filters, many of which are AEC-Q200 qualified. In addition to a large selection of standard components, Coilcraft also designs and builds custom magnetics.

BOOTH 6028


Compunetix, a US small business, provides mission-critical voice communications products for intelligence and military command and control applications. Compunetix systems enable access, control and simultaneous monitoring of multiple red/black VoIP and/or TDM voice sources. Compunetix will be display/demonstrate our current MVP system and newest products including our GTX-V (audio/video integrated) console.

BOOTH 7014


Computrol is a full service turnkey EMS supplier to the Military/Aerospace, Medical and Industrial markets. The company is AS9100/ISO9001, ISO13485 certified and they are ITAR registered. Computrol are a fully domestic US supplier with multiple facilities, utilizing state of the art SMT, AOI, X-Ray and XRF with full test capabilities.

BOOTH 8010

Comtech TCS

Comtech Space & Component Technology provides complete supply chain management solutions for all you space microelectronic needs, including component engineering, quality assurance, and source inspection.  TCS also provides cost effect XY antennas for LEO and GEO tracking, as well as complete ground station development.

BOOTH 8032


Concurrent Real-Time solutions are being used by the majority of rocket manufacturers for HIL testing.


- iHawk high-performance computer systems

- RedHawk Linux

- NightStar Tools

- SIMulation Workbench

BOOTH 8036

Consolidated Industries, Inc.

Consolidated Industries, Inc., Cheshire, CT manufactures high quality, closed die and open die forgings from ferrous, non-ferrous and exotic metals.  They are a key supplier to the aircraft, automotive, medical, defense, marine and other high tech markets that require precision and quality components.  Consolidated Industries encourage customers to allow them to participate in the development and design of their application to help reduce cost and shorten lead times. 

BOOTH 1007

Correlated Solutions, Inc

Correlated Solutions offers non-contact shape and deformation measurement solutions for materials and product testing. These measurements can be made on length scales ranging from microns to meters and time scales as small as nanoseconds. Their scientists and engineers have specialized in deformation measurements for over 20 years and are recognized as world leaders and the inventors of Digital Image Correlation. In addition to their powerful Digital Image Correlation systems, Correlated Solutions also offers a range of measurement solutions for Laser Shearography and Vibration analysis.

BOOTH 4024

CryoWorks, Inc.

CryoWorks provides a wide range of new and used products for the storage, distribution and transfer of cryogenic fluids.

Make CryoWorks the source for all your cryogenic needs.

  • New and Used Equipment and Components
  • Complex System Design & Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Turn-Key Installations
  • Component and System Sales

CryoWorks solutions are designed to save you time and money.



BOOTH 2026

Da/Pro Rubber, Inc

For 53 years, Da/Pro has custom molded tight-toleranced Thermoset Rubber, silicone & plastic parts in supporting the Aerospace, Medical, Connector, Electronics and Military industries. They specialize in overmolding rubbers & conductive rubbers onto various plastic, metal & rubber substrates. Their nearest ISO Certified, ITAR Registered plant is in Valencia, CA.

BOOTH 9208

Data Physics

Data Physics has pioneered high performance vibration control and analysis processes to the noise and vibration community since 1984.  Data Physics is a leading provider of comprehensive vibration applications, offering a complete range of Electrodynamic Shakers including both air cooled and water cooled systems, Vibration Controllers and Dynamic Signal Analyzers.

BOOTH 1026

Dayton T. Brown Inc

DTB is the largest independent Test Lab in the US, providing RDT&E services to the DoD, NASA, DoE, commercial Aerospace, etc. We deliver innovative solutions to the most complex, time-constrained Air Crew/Vehicle, and Ground Station challenges. DTB’s superior life-cycle services have achieved optimal reliability, sustainability, and lower cost, since 1950.
BOOTH 9002


Deltek is the leading global provider of enterprise software and information solutions for government contractors, professional services firms and other project-based businesses.  Deltek – Know more. Do more. www.deltek.com

BOOTH 7013


DEWESoft, the next evolution of data acquisition instrumentation, solutions for in-vehicle & lab applications, with instruments available as USB/EtherCAT devices, stand-alone battery-powered systems, or rack-mounted.  Powered by DEWESoft X software, that can acquires many multi-domain test sets that may include analog in/out, digital in/out, video, CAN, FlexRay, XCP, GPS, more. 
BOOTH 4025

Digital Instruments

Digital Instruments has operated since early 1997 with aim to develop, produce and sell real time devices, with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology in fields of automation and control.

BOOTH 6031

Dino-Lite Scopes

Dino-Lite portable digital microscopes and eyepiece cameras provide high-quality microscopy video interfacing to PC and MAC.  Most models provide 10x-220x magnification with features such as measurement and adjustable polarizer. The included software makes it easy to take snapshots, record videos, manipulate images, save and email discoveries.

BOOTH 8004

DIT-MCO International

DIT-MCO manufactures wiring test systems that detect open circuits, shorts, leakage between wires, bad components and other failures. The systems operate in a variety of environments from manufacturing to maintenance depots. DIT-MCO test systems are used extensively in the aerospace and military product industry setting the standard for wiring testing.

BOOTH 6015

DM3D Technology LLC

DM3D Technology, LLC has acquired POM Group’s DMD Technology and is currently the premier additive metal 3D company which utilizes laser based direct metal deposition technology to form functional metal parts directly from a 3D CAD data.   Unlike, laser sintering, traditional coating or thermal spray processes, DMD Technology produces fully dense metal parts with a strong metallurgical bond to the base material resulting in production parts. DM3D’s expertise and innovation.
BOOTH 6026

DNB Engineering

DNB Engineering, Inc. is a full-service test lab that has been family-owned and operated since 1979. With six facilities, we are fully staffed to provide unrivaled Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Lightning (Direct & Indirect), High Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF), Environmental, Product Safety and Regulatory Testing.

BOOTH 2022

Dow-Key Microwave

Dow-Key Microwave (DKM), the largest US supplier of space qualified coaxial and waveguide switches since 1970. DKM designs, fabricates and test all integrated assemblies and individual switches in Ventura, CA. DKM operates under ISO 9001/AS9100 certification, and its an approved supplier for NASA and ESA.

BOOTH 9008

DPA Components International

DPACI provides Turn-Key Solutions to mission critical parts requirements. They specialize in screening and qualification, QML and custom manufacturing of high reliability components, environmental testing, Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA), failure and counterfeit analysis, and die recovery of electronic piece parts.

BOOTH 8009

Ducommun LaBarge Technologies, Inc

Ducommun is a leading provider of innovative solutions for the space market. Our space-qualified products are used where performance, weight, size and reliability are mission critical. Custom solutions include a broad range of high-performance RF coaxial switches, switch matrices, millimeter wave components and motors, resolvers and custom integrated assemblies.

BOOTH 9007


DÜRR NDT provides ultra-high resolution computed radiography scanners, digital radiography flat panels and digital imaging software solutions. DÜRR NDT also offers X-ray film processors for mobile use along with the unique “green” chemistry. DÜRR NDT is still the only CR manufacturer worldwide with BAM certified 30μm basic spatial resolution capability!

BOOTH 5025

Dycem Corp

Dycem is a leading manufacturer and supplier of contamination control floor solutions for critical environments and clean rooms. A long established British manufacturing company with a strong reputation for quality and reliability, Dycem is sold globally in over 50 countries to many of the world’s leading corporations.

BOOTH 3022

Dynamic Fabrication, Inc

Dynamic Fabrication Inc. (DFI) specializes in providing high-quality, close tolerance custom fabrication, certified welding, precision machining, sheet metal work, tooling, fixtures, jigs, GSE, tanks, cones, spares, manifolds, ducts, are a few examples. Short run, quick turn-around items is our niche. All alloys, Est. in 1981

BOOTH 7012

Dytran Instruments, Inc

Dytran offers a complete range of impulse hammers/piezoelectric force & pressure sensors/electronics/ cables & accessories for dynamic measurements, with full in-house customization. Dytran sensors are among the industry's most popular choices for space analysis including satellite rocket/capsule testing/high shock testing/structural flight test & hot firing/engine test stand vibration.



BOOTH 9113

EASE, Inc.

Ease is an innovator of quality and process audit software for aerospace suppliers. Leveraging years of experience and the latest cloud technology, they enhance the effectiveness of process and other quality assessments while reducing administrative burdens. Customers report dramatic reductions in customer complaints, scrap, rework and warranty claims.

BOOTH 2004

EB Industries

EB Industries is a precision welding company. They use electron beam welding and laser beam welding technology to help their customers solve challenging joint configurations.

BOOTH 3016

El Camino College

The El Camino College Business Training Center serves California's advanced technology companies with unique, customized, innovative training solutions. It is staffed with experts dedicated to assisting manufacturers with operational improvement and technology solutions designed to optimize productivity, maximize employee performance, achieve profitable results and improve quality.

BOOTH 3008

Electronic Concepts, Inc.

Electronic Concepts is the recognized leader in film capacitor design and manufacture. Our vertical integration and innovative design capability offers the flexibility to meet your most demanding requirements and applications. Our latest development is on film capacitors operating at 125°C, 150°C and 175°C.

BOOTH 8008

EMCORE Corporation

EMCORE has a long history of supplying the aerospace market with advanced technologies that leverage their expertise in InP semiconductor manufacturing including fiber optic gyroscopes (FOG) for navigation, fiber optic delay lines for radar testing, and wide variety of ruggedized fiber optic transmitters and receivers for government and military communications.

BOOTH 5008

Enviro-Tech Industries

Enviro-Tech Industries is an ISO 9001:2008 certified precision machining and manufacturing facility located in Boise, Idaho. Since 1993 they have been serving the entire United States with outstanding machining standards and practices. They are capable of doing proto-type, large production quantities and mechanical assembly.


BOOTH 7024

Epilog Laser

Epilog Laser is the leading designer and manufacturer of CO2 and fiber laser engraving, cutting and marking systems. Used extensively by a variety of manufacturers, Epilog's powerful, easy-to-use systems quickly and easily tackle all of your marking needs. Visit www.epiloglaser.com for more information and to request samples!

BOOTH 5013

EPNER Technology Inc.

Epner Technology Inc is a high-tech engineering and specification plating company. Its Laser Gold infrared reflective coating is world renowned and has been the NIST standard for some 20 years. Plating difficult metal substrates such as molybdenum, titanium and beryllium, and the plating of engineering plastics such as Ultem, Teflon Torlon and Ryton, are a specialty of this 100-year-old plating shop.

BOOTH 9213

EquipNet, Inc.

EquipNet is the world’s most comprehensive surplus asset management company. They are appraisers, brokers, and auctioneers of laboratory instrumentation and manufacturing equipment. 

BOOTH 9109


EURO-COMPOSITES® Corp. is one of the leading manufacturers of complex composite products worldwide. ECC specializes in Nomex®, Kevlar®, and fiberglass honeycomb as well as value added processing; including heat-forming, 5-axis CNC milling, potting, and bonding services. We’re expanding our facility and increasing our capacity! Stop by to see our perforated core and the flexibility of our 3-D core!

BOOTH 8015

Everett Charles Technologies

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) is the world’s leading manufacturer of POGO® contact probes and connectors for a wide range of applications including semiconductor, industrial, military, connectors and testing bare and loaded printed circuit boards. Everett Charles Technologies is a division of Xcerra Corporation

BOOTH 7023

Experior Laboratories, Inc

Their MIL-STD-790 approved and ISO-17025 accredited laboratory houses multiple state-of-the-art electrodynamic systems handling the most demanding vibration and shock specifications, from SRS and Classical Shock, to Sine, Random, Sine-on-Random, Random-on-Random, Launch, Gunfire and Windmilling vibration. 50,000 lbf capability with tandem shaker approach. 


BOOTH 5009


Exxelia is a manufacturer of complex passive components and subsystems for highly demanding markets. Exxelia offers standard and custom products dedicated to Space and qualified to the European ESCC standard: ceramic, film and tantalum capacitors ; magnetic components ; EMI filters ; slip rings and position sensors. 



BOOTH 4010

Fantom Materials Inc

Fantom Materials is a technical small business that focuses on developing solutions for three primary areas:  1) Lightweight, high performance optical telescopes and mirrors for space/aerospace applications; 2) Applications requiring high resistance to combinations of extreme temperatures, chemical , plasmas, abrasion, and/or radiation; 3)  Athermal structures with low/zero thermal expansion.

BOOTH 8030

Fischer Connectors

Fischer Connectors has been designing and manufacturing high performance connectors and cable assembly solutions for 60 years. Customers trust their solutions because of their reliability, precision and resistance to demanding and harsh environments. Fischer Connectors' US manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 and 13485 certified, and ITAR registered.

BOOTH 6012

Flexline Inc.

Flexline manufacturers specialty hose assemblies for the Aerospace industry. We specialize in high pressure critical applications. Flexline provides in house cleaning for LOX, LNG and Cryogenic applications as well as in house passivation processes. 

BOOTH 6016

Flux A/S

Flux A/S is a provider of custom magnetic components; coils and transformers. We supply design, documentation, product and testing or build to specification. Flux A/S has more than 20 years heritage in Space and Defence programs worldwide. Our space and ITAR manufacturing is situated at HQ in Denmark.

BOOTH 8003


FRALOCK (AS-9100, ITAR, CIRLEX) is a developer and manufacturer of flexible polymer based materials using both adhesive and Adhesiveless technologies.  Our products are used in various components for aircraft, spacecraft, and satellites (including space based solar arrays). Applications include: flexible heaters, flat cables, flexible circuits, heat shields and reflectors.

BOOTH 6004

Fraunhofer SPACE

Bringing together 15 institutes, the Fraunhofer Space Alliance conducts applied research in the field of industrial space technology. The sheer technological variety of the participating institutes enables the Fraunhofer Space Alliance to offer its customers a unique range of services.



BOOTH 6003

General Dynamics-Global Imaging Technologies

General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies is a trusted provider of high-performance imaging solutions for professionals in some of the world's most demanding applications. They specialize in developing gyro-stabilized cameras, optics, precision structures and motion control products.

BOOTH 3023


Reduce weight of interconnect cabling in satellites and space systems at launch by replacing heavy, metal shielding and connectors with lightweight composite alternates. Glenair weight saving interconnect technologies include composite EMI braid shielding and accessories, ultra-miniature circular and rectangular connectors, and opto-electronic interconnects save you weight and money in mission-critical interconnect systems.

BOOTH 6000


GoEngineer delivers software,technology and expertise that enable companies to unlock design innovation and deliver better products faster. With more than 30 years' experience and thousands of customers in high tech, medical, machine design, energy and other industries, GoEngineer provides best-in-class design solutions from SOLIDWORKS CAD,Stratasys 3D printing,Creaform 3D scanning, CAMWorks.

BOOTH 4010

Golden Altos Corp

Golden Altos Corporation established its first operation in 1984 providing burn in services in addition to designing and manufacturing burn in boards. Golden Altos Corporation is a fast-paced service provider fulfilling the hermetic assembly and test needs of the Semiconductor industry including the Military and Aerospace communities. 

BOOTH 5011

Gooch & Housego

Gooch & Housego is a leading manufacturer of high-reliability space photonics solutions, including precision optics, opto-electronics and fiber-optics, amplifiers, and transmitter/receiver sub-systems, and has a proven record of developing and commercializing space-qualified components and modules for optical inter-and intra-satellite communication links as well as remote sensing and navigation satellites.

BOOTH 4028

Gowanda Components Group (Gowanda Electronics, TTE Filters, Instec Filters)

GOWANDA ELECTRONICS - RF & power inductors; broadband, QPL, high-reliability for space; RoHS and Pb; chips, coils, chokes, common-mode, toroids; surface-mount, thru-hole; AS9100, ISO9001, ISO13485. TTE FILTERS - RF & microwave filters; bandpass, band-rejection, highpass, lowpass; Bessel, Butterworth, Chebyshev, Elliptical-Function, Gaussian; multiplexers; bias-tees. INSTEC FILTERS - EMI/RFI filters; feed-thruʼs, bolt-styles.

BOOTH 7026


GP:50 is a manufacturer of pressure and temperature transducers with 30 years of aerospace heritage. B+ or S class flight rated as well as test stand and ground support products are available. Ranges from 0.5” WC to 100K PSI with accuracies to +/-0.05% and operating temperatures to 400 deg F.

BOOTH 5001

Gradient Lens Corporation

Gradient Lens Corporation manufacturers over 80 models of patented Hawkeye® Rigid, Flexible, and Video Borescopes. Hawkeye’s offer world-class image quality, at prices often one-half that of comparable borescopes! Our portable V2 articulating video borescopes display high-quality images on portable video monitors. We sell more industrial borescopes than any other manufacturer.

BOOTH 4023

Granta Design Limited

Granta’s materials information management solutions help the aerospace industry to manage and apply materials data. Our Material Data Management Consortium members include Boeing, NASA, Lockheed Martin, and Honeywell Aerospace. This project guides development of tools to control data, guarantee traceability, and increase confidence in data for better, more competitive designs.
BOOTH 1003

Greene Rubber Company

Since 1931, a leading manufacturer of custom molded and fabricated rubber components. Capabilities include die-cutting, water-jet cutting, knife-cutting, rubber molding, shock and vibration isolation, EMI & thermal materials, o-rings and tubing. Preferred converter for 3M, Rogers Corp, St. Gobain, Panasonic, Parker ESD, Chomerics and Parker Medical Systems Divsion. ISO-9001, AS9100.
BOOTH 7017

Gurley Precision Instruments

Gurley Precision Instruments (GPI) is a qualified manufacturer of MIL and space oriented optical encoders located in update New York. Their experience includes resolutions to 28-bits; total error as low as 1 arc sec; 100kRAD+ proven opto-electronics; and diameters up to 20 inches.



BOOTH 7005


Harwin has a history of delivering high-reliability connectors and board level solution products. Dedicated to delivering the ultimate in quality. So much so, they manage the whole manufacturing process in house, from R&D to packaging and develop their own manufacturing equipment and assembly machines.
BOOTH 9410

Healthmate International, LLC

HealthmateForever TENS units are electronic muscle stimulators that uses self-adhesive electrode pads to target specific muscle areas. Their FDA approved TENS devices combine modern technology with ancient Chinese therapeutic methods.
BOOTH 8024

Helium Leak Testing Inc

Helium Leak Testing, Inc. is committed to advancements in technology for mass spectrometer leak detection, vacuum gauge and helium leak calibrations, vacuum equipment, maintenance and repair support. Responsive sales and customer service, prompt delivery and high quality are their standards. They offer innovative solutions and systems for industry and science.
BOOTH 8037

Hioki USA Corporation

Celebrating 80 years in electrical test and measurement, Hioki brings a broad depth of Memory Recorders, Loggers, Power Meters and Analyzers, LCR and Impedance Analyzers, Battery and Resistance Meters. Aerospace can benefit from Hioki’s acumen for loggers and power measurement and our latest Battery Impedance solutions.

BOOTH 1001

HiRel Connectors, Inc

HiRel Connectors is an aerospace industry leader in the design, development, manufacturing and assembly of the most high performance electrical connectors and cable assemblies in the world. The customized solutions we offer are built to outlast the life of the mission-critical systems in which they are incorporated.

BOOTH 3009

Hoosier Inc.

For over three decades Hoosier Inc.  have continually manufactured plastic and metal component products of the highest quality for Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Energy and Industrial applications. 



BOOTH 2029


iBASEt is the leading provider of software solutions for complex, highly regulated manufacturing industries. iBASEt’s Solumina software solutions streamline and integrate Manufacturing Execution Systems and Operations Management (MES/MOM), Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO), Enterprise Quality Management Systems (EQMS) and Supplier Quality Management (SQM) across the manufacturing value chain.

BOOTH 5031

IMV Corporation

Since its establishment in 1957, IMV Corporation has been at the forefront of development in the field of vibration dynamics, providing single axis, multi axis (up to six degree of freedom) vibration test system and measurement diagnostic instruments. IMV also develops and manufactures the vibraion controller K2 in house.
BOOTH 2006

Innoflight Inc

Innoflight is a veteran-owned small business specializing in advanced cybersecurity systems meeting the needs of modern aerospace vehicles. Our core competencies include responsive, high-performing and SWaP-optimized space avionics (communications, encryption and computers/controllers) through the innovative implementation of modern COTS technology in tandem with software defined networking and radio technology.

BOOTH 2010

Integra Technologies, Inc.

Integra Technologies, Inc. established in 1997, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of RF power transistors, pallets and high power amplifiers. Products are based on GaN HEMT, Si LDMOS, VDMOS and Bipolar technologies. The company headquarter is in El Segundo, California with 6”/4” wafer fabrication, automated assembly and testing facilities.

BOOTH 7004


Interface has been the trusted world leader in force measurement for half a century. They lead by designing, manufacturing, and guaranteeing the highest performance and most accurate products available. Interface engineers help provide force measurement solutions to customers in all industries — from grams to millions of pounds – and hundreds of configurations.

BOOTH 2027

Interface Welding

Since 1967, Interface Welding has been producing a product called "Inertia/Friction Welds". Product application areas vary from aerospace, aircraft, both military and commercial, to rocket nozzles and motors, ordnance items, nuclear reactors, hydraulics, valves, automotive, oil field drilling and production, turbines, gears, shafts and many other industries.

BOOTH 3006

inTest Thermal Solutions

Specialists in thermal environments for temperature testing and conditioning of electronics and materials to MIL STD. We design and manufacture standard and custom thermal chambers, thermal platforms, mobile temperature systems, and process chillers. We are recognized for extreme thermal environments, -185 to +500°C, and rapid transitions between desired temperatures.

BOOTH 3024

Isocom ltd

Established in 1982, ISOCOM is a UK-based specialist manufacturer of high reliability radiation-hardened ceramic optocouplers, MOSFETs and other types of components. ISOCOM specialises in the design, development, manufacture, testing and supply of optoelectronic components to Space, Military Defence, Aerospace, Industrial, Medical and Communication sectors worldwide.

BOOTH 3005

item West

item is the developer and producer of the original modular aluminum system. We’ve focused on creating innovative products of the highest quality including: MB Building Kit System comprised of structural aluminum profiles, Ergonomic Workbench System, TPS Stairway/Platform System, and our D30 Lean Production System.

BOOTH 9111

iX Cameras

iX Cameras is a cutting-edge technology and product leader in the field of high-speed (slow motion) imaging. iX manufactures and sells various models of ultra-fast cameras for advanced scientific research applications, ranging from our state-of-the-art i-SPEED 7 Series 26GPixel/second camera to cameras for industrial applications and life-sciences research.



BOOTH 3025

Jack Engle & Company

Since 1964 Jack Engle & Co. has successfully partnered with North America’s manufacturing sector to build comprehensive recycling and environmental solutions that exceed expectations. Built on a foundation of integrity, service, and performance their custom programs increase their clients recycling revenues, decrease their EH&S costs and reduce their downstream liabilities. 

BOOTH 3029


Located in Silicon Valley, JEMS has approximately 40,000 square feet of world class manufacturing of PCBA's and System Level builds. The company is ISO 9001/13485 and AS9100 certified as well as ITAR registered. They are a high mix, low to medium volume facility supporting prototypes through production level builds on our 4 SM lines. Full component traceability and quality information is achieved through the use of their fully automated online tracking system. SPI, AOI and automated 3D x-ray is performed on all PCBA's.

BOOTH 3029


JAVAD GNSS, designs and manufactures high precision/high performance GNSS receivers, antennas and software solutions. Their sister company, JAVAD EMS has approximately 40,000 square feet of world class mfg of PCBA’s and System Level builds. ISO9001, ISO13485, AS9100 certified and ITAR registered. Low to medium volume, high mix manufacturing, including prototypes.

BOOTH 2017


Jesse Garant Metrology Center is a globally recognized part inspection service company, providing NDT and metrology solutions using advanced imaging equipment. Our industrial CT scanning, industrial x-ray, and 3d scanning services allow manufacturers to make a qualified decision regarding their part at key stages throughout a product’s life-cycle, which includes pre-production, production, failure investigation, sorting, and reverse engineering.

BOOTH 2012

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

JPL is committed to the maximum utilization of small businesses; small disadvantaged businesses; women-owned; HubZone businesses; veteran-owned small businesses; service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses; and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) and Minority Institutions (MI) in the subcontracting of services and supplies. Promoting awareness of the capabilities of small businesses.

BOOTH 1027

Julabo USA

JULABO manufactures liquid temperature control instrumentation for temperatures ranging from -90˚ to +350˚C. Its highly dynamic temperature control systems are some of the most powerful units available. They are built for highly precise temperature control and rapid temperature changes, making them an ideal match for satellite R&D testing.



BOOTH 4001

Kaman Precision Products / Measuring

Kaman Precision Products is a worldwide leader in the design & production of high-performance, precision non-contact position measuring systems using inductive, Eddy current technology. With over 40 years experience, their advanced family of high-precision position sensors is used in hundreds of applications in aerospace, automotive, energy, metalworking industries, and more.

BOOTH 4001

Kaman Specialty Bearings and Engineered Products

Kaman is a strong, customer focused engineering organization, with bearing solutions that can be found around the globe. Our self-lubricating liner technology offers an increase in performance, reliability, and extended service life in applications such as solar array pins, arm linkages, flight controls, helium tank attachments, sunshields and many others.
BOOTH 4016


KEMET is a leading global supplier of electronic components. We offer customers the broadest selection of capacitor technologies in the industry across all dielectrics, along with an expanding range of electromechanical devices, electromagnetic compatibility solutions and supercapacitors.

BOOTH 8030

Kensington Electronics, Inc.

Technology is constantly changing, you need a partner who can quickly and easily change with you. Kensington Electronics, Inc. was founded to service the quickly evolving mil/aero and space markets with high-reliability components and outstanding customer service, including stocking products for you, even if you don’t have an exact EAU.

BOOTH 2024

Knowles Capacitors

Knowles Capacitors, (Dielectric Labs, Novacap, Syfer, Voltronics, Johanson) is a premier global source for High-Reliability MLCC’s, Single Layer Capacitors, EMI filters, RF Thin Film Devices, Trimmer Capacitors,. Together the company serves a variety of markets including Military/Commercial Space, Mil-Aero, implantable Medical devices, Instrumentation, Harsh Environment, Down-hole electronics, Automotive, and Telecom.

BOOTH 5028

Krytox Performance Lubricants

Krytox™ lubricants perform in extreme conditions covering wide temperature ranges and have resistance to fuel and oxidizers with excellent corrosion and anti-wear properties.  Krytox ™ can help across a wide array of aerospace and aviation applications. (Qualified to Mil-PRF-27617 type I, II, III and IV). 

BOOTH 4004

KULR Technology Corporation

KULR’s proprietary carbon fiber-based architecture replaces less efficient aluminum and copper based heat spreaders and exchangers, which are energy intensive and less environmentally friendly to produce. Carbon fiber thermal interface materials are superior alternatives to particle based thermal interface materials for higher performance, lower contact pressure, higher compliance, and longer reliability.



BOOTH 3034

L-3 Power Paragon, Inc.

Power Paragon is a worldwide leader in the engineering, development, manufacture and integration of power conversion and distribution systems for defense, governmental and advanced industrial applications. Found in a wide range of demanding military and commercial environments around the world, including surface ships, planes, tanks, submarines, and helicopters.

BOOTH 9208


Lansmont Corporation's Field-to-Lab® Methodology facilitates effective product and package designs by directly linking measured dynamic distribution inputs to actual laboratory simulation and validation tests. Lansmont's family of SAVER™ field instruments provide the basis for dynamic testing performed in laboratories equipped with Lansmont's shock, drop, impact, vibration, and compression test systems.

BOOTH 8036

Lenape Forged Products Corp.

Lenape Forged Products Corporation, West Chester, PA manufactures custom, high performance forgings from aluminum, steel and titanium materials.  They provide critical application products to the defense, aerospace, power generation, oil and gas and chemical industries.  

BOOTH 5010

Leybold USA Inc.

As a pioneer of vacuum technology, Leybold offers a wide range of vacuum components, standardized and fully customized vacuum solutions, complemented by vacuum technology accessories and instrumentation. Their core capabilities center on the development of application- and customer-specific systems for the creation of vacuums and extraction of processing gases.
BOOTH 3011

LPKF Laser & Electronics

LPKF's family of rapid PCB prototyping systems provides ideal R&D equipment for virtually any engineering environment. Each system is individually calibrated at the manufacturing site to provide maximum positioning accuracy and feature resolution. LPKF has dedicated service and support professionals found in over 45 countries.




BOOTH 2023

m+p international

Test Engineers and Operators throughout the world trust m+p international for reliable environmental testing software solutions. On display will be m+p’s solutions for vibration control, acoustic, shock, and thermal vacuum testing. Demonstrations of force limiting and safety systems for dynamic testing as well as stability and reporting solutions for temperature and pressure testing.

BOOTH 6025

Machida Inc

Machida has been an industry leader of borescopes and custom scopes for over 40 years. Our primary focus is providing the aviation market with high quality scopes. We pride ourselves on our competitive product catalog and our ability to design and create custom scopes to your inspection needs.

BOOTH 1017

MAKEiT, Inc.

Made in California, MAKEiT Pro desk top/wall-mount 3D printer is the accurate and reliable 3D printing solution for prototyping, and end-use parts production, utilizing industrial materials like PC, PETG,  ABS,  TPE, TPU, metal-filled PLA etc. Your project can be done faster and under budget with MAKEiT Pro 3D printers.

BOOTH 5012

Marmon Aerospace & Defense

Marmon Aerospace & Defense manufactures specialty engineered wire and cable solutions for mission critical applications. Our highly skilled engineering and operations professionals bring unparalleled expertise to cable design and manufacturing, earning us a reputation for producing cable solutions that meet and exceed the demands of aerospace and defense applications.


BOOTH 8014

McCollister’s Transportation Group, Inc

McCollister's Transportation delivers tailored logistics to the Aerospace industry. As an asset based service provider, McCollister's delivers turn key oversize transport, mobile risk management, GSE climate air-ride van teams and DoD Transport Protective Services. The Aerospace supply chains expectation is 100% Mission Success; McCollister's provides this level of service on every move!
BOOTH 6006

MDA US Systems, LLC

MDA US Systems is a leading provider of mechanical systems engineering,robotics and mechanisms,and mechanical analyses for high-reliability systems operating in extreme environments.Based in Pasadena CA with offices in Boulder,CO and Houston,TX,we work closely with our affiliates in Palo Alto CA,Brampton,ON,and elsewhere as an integral part of the$2B SSL MDA enterprise.

BOOTH 7010

Metal Technology

With more than forty-five years of experience, Metal Technology leads the way in precision machining, forming, forging and additive manufacturing. MTI works with materials such as Tantalum, Niobium, Titanium, Molybdenum, Tungsten and their alloys. MTI is AS9100 registered and supplies precision components to the aerospace, defense, medical and scientific markets.

BOOTH 8016

Micropac Industries Inc.

Micropac Industries, Inc. manufactures microelectronic and optoelectronic components for the military, aerospace and space markets.  Certified to  MIL-PRF-19500 and MIL-PRF-38534, Micropac offers both standard and custom products including optocouplers, LEDs and Displays, Proximity and Hall Effect sensors, solid state relays and power controllers, high temperature voltage regulators and multi-chip modules.

BOOTH 2016


Micross Components is a leading global provider of distributed and specialty electronic components for military, space, medical, and demanding industrial applications. Operating as a single source for high reliability and state-of-the-art electronics, Micross’ solutions range from bare die and wafer processing to advanced and custom packaging to component modifications and related interconnect offerings. With a 35+ year heritage, Micross possesses the design, manufacturing and logistics expertise needed to support an application from start to finish. 


BOOTH 5028

Miller Stephenson Chemical Company

Miller-Stephenson Chemical Company, founded in 1955, provides quality chemical products for a wide range of industries worldwide. They are committed to providing customers with superior customer service, delivery and technical support to ensure successful product applications. Miller-Stephenson Chemical Company maintain four facilities throughout the United States and Canada to ensure prompt service and delivery. Distribution outside North America is handled through authorized distributors. 

BOOTH 4030

Missile Defense Agency/SB

The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) is a research, development, and acquisition agency within the Department of Defense. Its workforce includes government civilians, military service members, and contractor personnel in multiple locations across the United States. It is focused on retaining and recruiting a dedicated workforce interested in supporting US national security.

As it develops, tests, and fields an integrated Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS), the MDA works closely with the Combatant Commanders (e.g. Pacific Command, Northern Command, etc.) who will rely on the system to protect the United States, its forward deployed forces, and its friends and allies from hostile ballistic missile attack. The MDA works with the Combatant Commanders to ensure that it develops a robust BMDS technology and development program to address the challenges of an evolving threat. It is also steadily increasing its international cooperation by supporting mutual security interests in missile defense.

The MDA is committed to maximizing the mission assurance and cost effectiveness of its management and operations through continuous process improvement.

BOOTH 6030

Missouri University of Science & Technology

When it comes to online graduate engineering education, Missouri University of Science and Technology’s nationally ranked programs are among the best in the country. Stop by Booth 8023 to see how distance education can give you the edge you need in your career. Learn more at distance.mst.edu.

BOOTH 1018

MJS Designs Inc

Turn to MJS Designs for high-quality and accuracy in complex printed circuit board engineering design, CAD layout, prototyping, box / system build, cable assembly, procurement, volume assembly, test development, testing and fulfillment. A woman owned small business that is ITAR registered and AS9100 certified, supporting quick turn requirements since 1976.

BOOTH 8027

Motiv Space Systems, Inc.

From space mechanisms to flight robotic systems, Motiv Space Systems, Inc. has decades of experience delivering mission critical systems from initial concept through fabrication and operational support.  They approach each project from a systems perspective to help customers reach their ultimate goal. 
BOOTH 4027

MPI Thermal - A Division of MPI Corporation

Manufacture systems for temperature cycling and conditioning to MIL STD 883 for Aerospace Defense electronics and non-electronic components.Products include thermal air stream temperature systems, compact chambers, benchtop,localized,fast ramp rate,portable temperature systems.Temperature controlled environments range from -100 to +300C with controlled fast ramps of 10sec from -55C to +125C, +/- 1.0C


BOOTH 4017

Nanmac Corporation

Nanmac antecedents are from rocket motor testing for NASA and thermal system engineering solutions. It's latest innovations are incorporated into the new "Crew Capsule" , including environmental TCs, heat shield TCs and RTDs. New high temperature calibration of assembled TCs up to 1700C and per ISO17025 now available.

BOOTH 6008

NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC)

The Armstrong Flight Research Center is NASA's primary center for atmospheric flight research and operations. NASA Armstrong is chartered to research and test advanced aeronautics, space and related technologies that are critical to carrying out the Agency's missions of space exploration, space operations, scientific discovery, and aeronautical research and development.  

BOOTH 2008

National Reconnaissance Office

The National Reconnaissance Office's Director's Innovation Initiative invests in advanced technologies, fosters innovation, and provides seed funding to push the boundaries of technology to dramatically improve our overhead reconnaissance. Presents an opportunity for developers not traditionally associated with the NRO to participate in building the NRO of the 21st Century.

BOOTH 9312


NovaWurks provides access to Space for Everyone™ through their HISat™-based cellular spacecraft platform. NovaWurks' cellular platform enables industry, higher education, and agencies to explore space using their own payloads, custom designed and wrapped in HISats creating an affordable, conformal spacecraft.

BOOTH 2035

NPI Services Inc

NPI Services: Electronic Manufacturing Services, R&D prototypes, low volume production (qtys 1 to 1,000). Certified ITAR, AS9100C, ISO 9001:2008, WOSB. Offering Engineering Design, PWB Layout and Fabrication, Component Kitting, Full Turn-Key Assembly, Conformal Coat, Precision Machining. NPI’s expertise: simple to complex CCA's, Box Builds. “When Quick Turn Matters” call NPI.

BOOTH 6019

Nuphoton Technologies, Inc

Nuphoton is a 20 year old California corporation manufacturing fiber lasers and fiber optic amplifiers of several wavelengths.

Application of products include: fiber and free space communications, undersea, LADAR/LIDAR, ranging, and other various sensing tasks.

Space Qualification: The 1550nm laser and EDFA currently has 18 months of LEO orbit time, no signal degradation, or problems noted.

Work is progressing on GEO qualification.

BOOTH 7006

Nye Lubricants

Nye Lubricants has been developing high-quality lubricants for leaders in the aerospace industry for more than 50 years. Nye can custom-formulate lubricants to meet the most demanding mission critical applications. Nye is the exclusive distributor of Pennzane® Fluids, and has cleanroom manufacturing, packaging, and ultrafiltration capabilities for the cleanest levels.


BOOTH 7028

Oerlikon Metco (US) inc

Oerlikon is a provider of customized industrial additive manufacturing solutions for metal powder and advanced component production. They help customers reduce product development times and production costs, shorten their supply chains and increase the reliability, performance and the sustainability profile of their manufactured products. Oerlikon partner across the entire additive manufacturing value chain, or provide focused support to solve specific customer challenges in research and development, design, testing or engineering.

BOOTH 7025

Oneida Research Services Inc

Oneida Research Services, Inc. (ORS) offers specialized laboratory testing services to support the microelectronics, telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, medical, and defense industries. Celebrating 40 years of analytical testing services including DPA, Failure Analysis, Construction Analysis, Residual Gas Analysis, Hermeticity, Organic Mass Spectrometry and other unique services to improve high reliability devices.

BOOTH 9106

Ontario Gasket, Inc

Ontario Gasket products and services meet or exceed customers’ expectations for quality, delivery, and price. They are committed to customers’ experience and strive to be the industry leader in gasket fabrication technology, die creation, and high-quality products and services through continuous research and development.

BOOTH 7027


For over 30 years Optiforms has crafted precise electroformed optical components to the lighting, aerospace, military, industrial and opto-electronics markets.

Their mission is to provide the best products and services possible for customers seeking precision optical components that deliver the highest levels of performance and quality.

BOOTH 9115

Optisys LLC

Optisys is the industry leader in metal 3D printed antenna and RF components. These products greatly reduce size, weight, lead times and part count. Optisys is the first to market with product offering printed in aluminum to withstand Mil-Spec standards. These antennas have been designed and tested up to Ka-band.

BOOTH 3031

Orbital Systems, Ltd

Orbital Systems, Ltd., a leading manufacturer of ground station antenna systems including cost effective solutions for TT&C antennas used to control and monitor satellites. Antenna positioners and integrated RF subsystems with single or multi-band feeds in X, S, L- bands, upconverters, downconverters and HPAs. Antennas available in sizes 5.0m-1.5m.

BOOTH 4032

Orbiter TV

Founded 2002 Orbiter delivers to the aerospace industry since 2013. In cooperation with videlioIEC/ France they developed a cost efficient single/multi camera, low speed tracking system based on an approved and reliable Orbiter camera seat. 3 such systems are in operation at the CSG// Kourou since early 2014.

BOOTH 9211

Orion Test Systems

Orion Test Systems and Automation is a provider of world-class durability and performance test machines for complex electronic and mechatronic components. Their world headquarters, main engineering and manufacturing is located in Auburn Hills, Michigan. In addition, they have offices in Shanghai, China; Torreon, Mexico; Poznan, Poland and Pune, India.



BOOTH 9306


PA&E has been building precision space components for decades. From hermetic connectors and electronic packaging, to explosively formed rocket cones, leading aerospace manufactures rely on PA&E to deliver reliable components that meet exacting standards for quality and performance.

BOOTH 3012

Pacific Microchip Corp

Pacific Microchip is an ASIC/IC design services provider. We design and integrate on a single chip analog, RF, mixed signal and digital functions. Incorporated in 2006, we offer a wide range of ASIC design expertise: SERDES, Modulator Drivers, ADC, DAC, TIA and digital. In addition, we offer numerous IP blocks.
BOOTH 1016

Permabond Engineering Adhesives

Permabond’s history of developing and manufacturing engineering adhesives spans five decades and three continents. Today, Permabond Engineering Adhesives Ltd (Europe & Asia) and Permabond LLC (Americas) provide technological solutions to engineers all over the world, with offices and facilities in America, Asia and Europe, backed by a high-tech ISO 9001:2008 certified production plant in Europe.

BOOTH 1010

Phase Four, Inc.

At Phase Four, they are building the future of space. Through unprecedented innovation and cost effectiveness, Phase Four’s plasma propulsion technology will be the keystone that enables satellite missions to achieve their full potential. 
BOOTH 1014


A consistent strive for perfection and decade long experience has helped us establish one of the most extensive ranged stepper motors and stepper motor controls with customers in 20 countries worldwide. No matter what country you decide that a Phytron motor is for you. 
BOOTH 9110

Pioneer Circuits Inc

Pioneer Circuits has decades of experience in the printed circuit industry and have perfected our craft to become the worldwide leader in flex and rigid flex pcb fabrication, circuit board manufacturing, pcb prototype, and flex assembly to offer a truly turnkey set of pcb solutions.

BOOTH 9310

PlaneWave Instruments, Inc.

Founded in 2006, PlaneWave Instruments is committed to providing observatory-class products for serious astronomers at an unprecedented value. Developed by PlaneWave, the CDK (Corrected Dall-Kirkham) is a revolutionary new telescope optical system that was designed to excel at imaging on large format CCD cameras while remaining an excellent instrument for visual use. 
BOOTH 6027

Plug in

Established in 1999 , PLUG IN is considered as a reference in matter of development and manufacturing of original and reliable feedthroughs solutions . Experienced by the major users from international research labs and space industry , our vacuum feedthroughs remain unbeaten in terms of design , innovation and reliability

BOOTH 6010

PMF Industries, Inc

PMF Industries’ unique combination of flowforming with other metalworking processes, provides solutions to your specific requirements. Our manufacturing experience in aerospace, defense, power generation, microelectronics, and many other applications, utilizing stainless steel, high-temperature alloys, and other metals, can deliver the end-products and cost-saving solutions, you require. AS9100 and NADCAP certified.

BOOTH 2000

Poco Graphite

SUPERSiC® silicon carbide mirrors and structures for laser, sensor, surveillance, instrument, and astronomy applications. Design and manufacturing flexibility of SUPERSiC allows for low-cost, lightweight, complex geometries for both mirrors and structures. Silicon Carbide is the material of choice for advanced optical applications; including Beryllium replacement & high heat flux scenarios.

BOOTH 4026

Presidio Components, Inc

Manufacturer of Space Level Ceramic Capacitors (QPL, NASA Dwg. DLA-Approved Test Lab). High Reliability Power Supplies: SMD 0201-2225, SMPS Stacks to 180uF, High Voltage Radial Leads, Crystal Oscillators; SMD Ultra-Porcelain CDR11/12 Dwg. 06019; RF/Microwave Products: Wirebondable Single Layer, Bypass/Broadband Bypass, SMD Broadband DC-Block, Lowest ESR Ultra-Porcelain for RF Power/Hi-Q applications.

BOOTH 3017

Printech Circuit Labs

Printech Circuit Laboratories are manufacturers of specialist printed wiring boards. They pride themselves in being able to manufacture anything that is different. Printech have the capability to manufacture metal backed circuits, flexible & flexi-rigid circuits and process many different exotic materials with controlled Dk and low loss. Two recent innovations are ‘bump’ selective plating to 300µm and the manufacture of ‘formed’ antennas/ filters that can be intimately placed around a product. Not only do they process established circuit board materials, but also foams and LCP shaped product. Their products are used in all market sectors, but especially space applications both flight and ground based.

BOOTH 7031

Proto Labs

Proto Labs is the world’s fastest on-demand manufacturer of custom prototypes and low-volume production parts with manufacturing facilities in seven countries.

BOOTH 1013

Pulse Electronics

Pulse Electronics Military & Aerospace provides signal and power magnetics for Space, Manned Flight and Mission Critical applications. Components are designed, manufactured, validated and qualification tested in the USA or China. Production operators are trained to MIL-STD-981 requirements and certified to IPC-J-STD-001DS/NASA 8739.3 soldering standards.

BOOTH 5023

Purple Platypus

Purple Platypus is the only Diamond Level reseller covering SoCal, Arizona, and Nevada for Stratasys 3D printers, Roland benchtop mills, and SpaceClaim 3D modeling software. With an extensive product line and a knowledgeable team of industry experts, Purple is able to turn business' innovative ideas into life.

BOOTH 5030

Pyramid Space, Inc

Pyramid Space Inc., has extensive knowledge and experience in providing engineering and support for flight vehicles and ground test systems in research, engineering, design, analysis, fabrication, and integration of flight and ground test hardware in support of NASA, the US Air Force, other US Government, and commercial programs.



BOOTH 7022


Q-PLUS Labs is a premier full-service precision dimensional measurement and inspection laboratory providing a wide array of quality measurement services, products, and solution. Services include dimensional inspection, reverse engineering, 3D scanning, and analysis. Products include full line of fine measuring instruments and equipment. ISO 9001 registered and ISO 17025 accredited.



BOOTH 1011

r3SpACE Consulting

Creating innovative space industry solutions to advance clients edge in responsive operations, rapid development & test, resilient architectures & systems engineering, program management, and strategic direction. Their approach yields new business development opportunities and quickly monetizes untapped Intellectual Property into emerging commercial, defense, and international space products & markets.

BOOTH 6023

Radiall USA

Radiall is a global manufacturer of interconnect components for seven vital industries. Their contribution to the space market has made Radiall the preferred supplier of qualified passive products including coaxial connectors,cable assemblies, microwave components and switches. Their complete range of high quality solutions provide reliability and performance when it counts.

BOOTH 9013

RAM Manufacturing Company, Inc.

RAM Manufacturing Company designs and manufactures custom solenoids, solenoid valves, and valves. Their large experienced engineering staff and their well-equipped state of the art manufacturing facility is ready and willing to help you with your project. Forty+ years in business.

BOOTH 1015


RAPID'S team of 300+ manufactures high quality prototype aerospace components for a number of Aerospace & Aircraft manufacturers across the US. Prototype sheet metal, prototype machined parts and box builds in days, not weeks. Quotes returned in under 24 hours or instantly with eRAPID. ISO 9001:2008 Certified and ITAR Registered.

BOOTH 4031

Renishaw Inc

Renishaw is a global company with core skills in measurement, motion control, additive manufacturing and precision machining. They develop innovative products that significantly advance customers' operational performance - from improving manufacturing efficiencies and raising product quality. Their products are used in industries as diverse as aerospace, defense, and automotive.

BOOTH 6017

Riverhawk Company

The Free-Flex® Pivot is a simply packaged, compact, and easily installed limited rotation bearing with predictable and repeatable performance. This patented pivot fills the need that standard lubricated bearings cannot meet, such as applications that do not permit lubrication yet demand precise positioning and require infinite life.

BOOTH 8031

Russells Technical Products, Inc

Russells Technical Products is a global supplier of Environmental Test Systems.  Our product line includes pre-engineered and custom temperature/humidity chambers, thermal shock chambers, walk-in chambers, dynamometer chambers, agree chambers, environmental rooms, portable conditioning units, and we feature our altitude chambers for performing RTCA DO-160 icing testing.



BOOTH 4012


SCHURTER provides zero defect circuit protection for use on satellites and spacecraft systems, where the guiding principle for components is «Too important to fail». SCHURTER debuts its new High Current Space Fuse (HCSF), at Space Tech 2017. Rated from 5-15 A @ 125 VDC, with a BC of 1000 A.

BOOTH 2011

Secant Group

Secant Technical Materials, a division of Secant Group, custom designs, develops and manufactures, high-performance textile material solutions enabling our customers to be market leaders in various industrial markets.  Our capabilities include material characterization, prototyping, textile formation technologies, extrusions of custom-engineered fiber, temperature-resistant fabrics, metallization, laser cutting, heat setting,  and packaging. 

BOOTH 9308


SEDS at the University of California, San Diego is a collection of motivated, passionate students determined to complement our studies with meaningful projects. We are constantly in awe of all things related to space and are ready to change the world.

BOOTH 1012

Silicon Forest Electronics

SFE builds subsystems, and printed circuit board assemblies. We specialize in prototype and small-run and quick turn production. We provide manufacturing engineering design support, materials management, and obsolescence reports.  All processes meet IPC (class 2 or 3), J-Std-001, Space Addendum, and AS 9100. 
BOOTH 9114


SME is addressing crucial A&D industry topics, with dynamic events like AeroDef Manufacturing, strategic alliances with industry groups and publications like the Aerospace & Defense Yearbook, published by Advanced Manufacturing Media. SME holds the Body of Knowledge for Manufacturing Engineering through its Certified Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE) program.

BOOTH 3014

Smiths Connectors

Smiths Interconnect is a leading provider of technically differentiated electronic components, subsystems, microwave and radio frequency products that connect, protect and control critical applications in the commercial aviation, defense, space, medical, rail, semiconductor test, wireless telecommunications, and industrial markets.

BOOTH 9314

Society of Flight Test Engineers

The Society of Flight Test Engineers is a fraternity of engineers, whose principal professional interest is the flight testing of aerospace vehicles. The objective of the Society is the advancement of flight test engineering throughout the aerospace industry by providing technical and fraternal communication among individuals, both domestic and international, in the allied engineering fields of test operations, analysis, instrumentation and data systems. 

BOOTH 5005

Solar Atmospheres

Solar Atmospheres provides commercial vacuum heat treating, brazing, carburizing, and nitriding services in over 18 markets. With over 60 furnaces from lab sized to 48 feet long, Solar can handle any size job. Solar operates plants in Souderton and Hermitage, PA, Fontana, CA, and Greenville, SC.

BOOTH 2015

Sonnet Software Inc

Sonnet Software maintains a single, dedicated focus on providing the industry's most accurate and reliable high frequency electromagnetic (EM) software tool for predominantly planar analysis. Sonnet offers precise analysis of 3D planar circuits, interconnects in applications including RFIC, MMIC, and high density packaging applications, and handles kHz through THz frequencies.

BOOTH 4029

Sorenson Engineering inc

Sorenson Engineering have over 60 years as a globally recognized leader in micro technology solutions for Aerospace/Defense, Space, RF interconnect, Microwave Test, Fiber Optics, and Medical. Their focus is delivering value through innovation by utilizing expertise in precision screw machining, electroplating, value engineering, and contact assembly.  AS9100C / ISO9001:2008 registered and NADCAP accredited Heat Treatment and Chemical Processing, including their state-of-the-art fully automated Gold plating facility.

BOOTH 1009

Southern California Aerospace Professional Representatives Organization (SCAPR)

Southern California Aerospace Professional Representatives (SCAPR) promotes and maintains effective business-related communication among SCAPR members, the aerospace industry, and US Government agencies located in Southern California. The organization provides a non-attribution networking forum to exchange information among members and agencies supporting space exploration & national security activities of the US.

BOOTH 3028

Space and Missile Systems Center/AD

The Space and Missile Systems Center, a subordinate unit of Air Force Space Command, is the center of technical excellence for developing, acquiring, fielding and sustaining military space systems. SMC's mission is to deliver resilient and affordable space capabilities. The center is responsible for on-orbit check-out, testing, sustainment and maintenance of military satellite constellations and other Department of Defense space systems

BOOTH 3032

Space and Missile Systems Center/GP

The Global Positioning Systems Directorate is a joint service effort directed by the USAF and managed at the Space and Missile Systems Center, Air Force Space Command, Los Angeles Air Force Base, CA. The directorate is the DoD acquisition office for developing and producing GPS satellites, ground systems and military user equipment. GPS is a space-based dual use radio navigation system nominally consisting of a minimum 24-satellite constellation that provides positioning, velocity and timing signals to military and civilian users worldwide. GPS satellites, in one of six medium earth orbits, circle the earth every 12 hours transmitting continuous ranging signals.


BOOTH 3030

Space and Missile Systems Center/SB

SMC designs and acquires all USAF and most DoD space systems; oversees launches; completes on-orbit checkouts; then transfers to user agencies. SMC supports the PEO-Space on Global Positioning, Defense Satellite Communications and MILSTAR systems; Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle, Defense Meteorological Satellite and Defense Support programs; and Space Based Infrared System.


BOOTH 8026

Space Vector Corporation

Space Vector is a small business dedicated to providing high reliability components, systems, and launch vehicle solutions to the aerospace industry. As a prime contractor to various government agencies, Space Vector has launched 37 rockets over the past 40 years in support of scientific and defense related projects with an enviable 94% success rate. Many of their vehicles are boosted by refurbished Minuteman motors that have proven to be very reliable and cost effective.

BOOTH 2033

Specialty Coating Systems, Inc

SCS is the leader in Parylene conformal coating services and technologies with numerous worldwide locations and over 45 years of experience. Ultra-thin and pinhole-free, SCS Parylene coatings offer excellent moisture, chemical, and dielectric barrier properties to protect components in the military/aerospace, electronics, automotive and medical device industries.

BOOTH 9210

Spectrum Chemical

Spectrum manufactures and distributes over 45,000 fine chemicals, including the largest selection of USP/NF/FCC chemicals. Spectrum also distributes over 100,000 supply and equipment items from 250 manufacturers such as PerkinElmer, Corning, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Wheaton and Kimble Chase. Their facilities are in New Brunswick, NJ, Los Angeles, CA and Shanghai, China.

BOOTH 5027

Spectrum Technologies PLC

Spectrum Technologies is a world leader in the design and manufacture of specialised state-of-the-art industrial laser systems. The Company has its headquarters in Bridgend, Wales, UK where it undertakes design and manufacture of all of its products.

BOOTH 9206


Splunk provides the leading software platform for real-time Operational Intelligence. Splunk enables organizations to search, monitor, analyze and visualize data from websites, applications, servers, and networks. More than 13,000 organizations in over 110 countries use Splunk to deepen business and customer understanding, mitigate risk, prevent fraud and reduce costs.

BOOTH 2019

STANLEY Engineered Fastening

Whether designed for personal aircraft, jumbo jets, space shuttles, or various military applications, STANLEY Engineered Fastening provides the highest-quality engineered threaded fastening solutions to the aerospace and defense industries. Products range from fasteners to thread-cutting or thread-forming tools to fastening systems offered by Spiralock®, HeliCoil®, POP® Avdel® and Dodge®.

BOOTH 1025

State of the Art Inc

State of the Art, Inc. (SOTA) manufactures high reliability thick and thin film resistive components for the surface mount and hybrid electronic industries. Quality, reliability, and innovative design have been the guiding principals of SOTA's passive components for over a quarter of a century. As a result, we offer the industry's broadest range of high quality thin and thick film chip resistors, surface mount networks, and custom circuits. We exceed the highest standards of quality for all of our products. All of our products are manufactured in our modern facility located in central Pennsylvania.
BOOTH 6035

StaticStop, a division of SelecTech, Inc

StaticStop, a division of SelecTech, Inc., manufactures a full line of ESD/Static Control flooring products, including our patented, adhesive-free, interlocking FreeStyle ESD tiles. StaticStop has the most complete line of products available and the most technical experience in static control flooring.

BOOTH 3001

Stäubli Electrical Connectors

The Stäubli product portfolio ranges from miniature connectors up to high-power connectors for power transmission, test and measurement, transportation and many other industries. In Photovoltaics, Stäubli is global market leader with its connector components. The core of all Stäubli electrical connectors is the unique MULTILAM contact technology. 

BOOTH 5032

Super Brush

With over 65 years of experience, Super Brush LLC is the technology leader in foam swab manufacturing. Serving a diverse range of industries including aerospace, medical, pharmaceutical, industrial and firearms, Super Brush designs and manufactures foam swabs and applicators with unique performance attributes. ISO 13485:2003 and 9001:2008 quality systems.


BOOTH 7030

Taber Industries

Why do most demanding industries trust Taber? Reliability: Our bonded foil strain gage pressure transducers last longer. Quality: From design and manufacturing to testing and calibration, we manage every step of the process (100% vertical integration). Engineered: We design to meet your specifications, with highly configurable designs.
BOOTH 9108

Talsco Manufacturing

Talsco specializes in simple to complex sheet metal and machined components & assemblies. Over the past 48 years, Talsco has provided top quality parts and assemblies to numerous customers across diverse industries throughout the world. Some of their customers include NASA JPL, Honeywell Aerospace, Parker Hannifin, BE Aerospace, Alcoa Global Fasteners, Arconic, Moog Aircraft, TE Connectivity Aerospace & Defense, Monogram Systems, Tyco Electronics, Zodiac Aerospace, RSA Engineered Products, and many more.

BOOTH 7016


TDK-Lambda Americas High Power Division is a manufacturer of Programmable, High Density Power Supplies located in Neptune, N.J.. The Genesys ™ series of Programmable Power Supplies has the highest density in power levels from 750W through 15KW with output ranges up to 600V and 1,000A.
BOOTH 9208

Team Corporation

Team supplies high performance hydraulic vibration systems, utilizing high frequency servo valves, low noise hydrostatic bearings and couplings that offer unparalleled performance.  Team has many vibration testing solutions, from complete single axis and multi axis vibration test systems to components and accessories to enhance, improve or upgrade existing test equipment.

BOOTH 6011

Technifab Inc.

Technifab is a major product and system solutions provider utilizing a lightweight, flame retardant foam material that is changing the way engineers think about design. This is accomplished through various conversion and assembly processes. Technifab's engineers are able to promptly respond to customers' design request with innovative product solutions.
BOOTH 7011

Tempo Automation

What if hardware development were as fast as software development? With Tempo Automation as your PCB assembly partner, it can be! Their software-driven, ITAR-compliant robotic factory in San Francisco delivers prototypes to high reliability organizations in as fast as 3 days. 

BOOTH 5007

The Aerospace Corporation

The Aerospace Corporation, a California nonprofit corporation, operates a federally funded research and development center that provides objective technical expertise, analysis, and assessments in multiple markets including government, civil, and commercial customers.

BOOTH 2018

The Barden Corporation USA

The Barden Corporation specializes in design and manufacture of super precision ball bearings for critical applications across a broad range of sectors, including aerospace, defense, and nuclear power. A member of the Schaeffler Group, a world leader in bearing technologies, Barden provides perfect-fit solutions to meet customers’ precise performance criteria.

BOOTH 2005

The Zippertubing Company

For the past 60 years The Zippertubing® Company has been engineering the most versatile protection ever manufactured for wire, cable, tubing and other materials. We offer wrap-around, repairable, re-enterable, flexible jacketing and shielding systems that feature multiple, unique closures allowing fast, easy use on new or existing installations.

BOOTH 2009

Thermal Management Technologies

Thermal Management Technologies is a small business engineering services and R&D firm specializing in thermal systems. Their team of engineers have experience covering the globe as well as successful experiments in space.  They also have a background in government contracts as a prime contractor and subcontractor.
BOOTH 9004

Thermal Structures

Thermal Structures has been an industry leading manufacturer since 1951. They specialize in custom fabricated insulation blankets, heat shields, fire shields, composite structures, metallic and silicone seals. Their products are used in Aerospace and Industrial applications to protect engines, ducting, valves, mechanical equipment, sensors, electronics and wire harnesses.
BOOTH 4022

Thermotron Industries

Thermotron manufactures Environmental Chambers, Vibration Test Systems, HALT/HASS Equipment, and Functional Test & Measurement Systems. Thermotron equipment is made in Michigan and can be customized to fit any testing need. With unparalleled equipment, intuitive instrumentation, and a worldwide network of service technicians, Thermotron is a leader in its industry.
BOOTH 5000

THK America

THK has been a pioneer manufacturer in linear motion since developing the world's first LM Guide in 1972. THK products are known for their extreme accuracy, unmatched precision and durability. Some products include, but are not limited to linear motion guides, ball screws, and cross roller rings.

BOOTH 5014

Times Microwave Systems

Times Microwave Systems is the leader in the development of high reliability coaxial cables and cable assemblies for demanding interconnect applications. Products cover military-aerospace, shipboard and commercial wireless applications and include high-performance flexible, semi-flexible and rigid coaxial cable assemblies, PhaseTrack® phase stable cables and flexible 50 Ohm LMR® cable assemblies.

BOOTH 6014

TML & Associates

We offer prototype through production castings in aluminum and metal additive manufacturing in titanium, stainless steel, and cobalt chrome. We represent Armstrong Rapid Manufacturing, Cabiran, and Addaero Manufacturing, all experienced aerospace suppliers with AS9100 certification.
BOOTH 8023

TopLine Corporation

CCGA - Column Grid Array - reduced stress caused by CTE mismatch - increases reliability of semiconductor components for space, mil/aero, down-hole drilling and special automotive, medical. Increases life for FPGA (Field programable Gate Arrays). CCGA are better than BGA for rugged operating environments.



BOOTH 1024

Union Technology Corp

Since 1991, Union Technology has manufactured MLC capacitors in CA. We make a wide array of parts. UTC is qualified to MIL-STD-790 and are ISO 9001:2008. They are QPL to MIL PRF 49470 Levels B and T space level. Approved to DSCC drawings: 04050, 87040, 87043, 87046, 87047,87070, 87076,  87077, 87081, 87106, 87114, 88011, 89044, 91019, MLCC Chips including high voltage,  Discoidal,  Arrays, RF chips, leaded and leaded assemblies.

BOOTH 7035

United Western Enterprises

United Western Enterprises chemically etches thin metal parts to customer specifications from aluminum alloys, copper alloys, beryllium copper, nickel, nickel alloys and stainless steel alloys. Thicknesses from 0.0003” to 0.063”. They also provide in-house forming, welding, heat treating and plating. They are AS9100C/ISO 9001:2008 Certified and ITAR Registered.
BOOTH 1005

USC Space Engineering Research Center (SERC)

USC's Space Engineering Research Center (SERC) is an "engineering teaching hospital" that provides students hands-on training with faculty and professional researchers in advanced spacecraft, space systems and technologies.  The SERC builds, launches and operates satellites for USC, located at the ISI Marina campus location.


BOOTH 1026

Veris Manufacturing

Veris Manufacturing is an Electronic Manufacturing Service that differentiates itself by providing the advanced capabilities and certifications of a larger contract manufacturer, with the personal customer service, flexibility and quick response that you would expect to find in a smaller CM. Veris Manufacturing: “Making Your Vision Our Focus”.

BOOTH 7017

Vibration Research Corporation

Vibration Research, leading innovator in vibration control, offers testing products, software and support with unrivaled value. Our VR9500 Revolution Vibration Controller and VibrationVIEW software includes patented innovations used by world-wide testing labs and engineers. iDOF™, FDS, FDR, and Kurtosion® are some of VR’s applications that ensure accurate, fast vibration testing.

BOOTH 5029

Vision Engineering

Vision Engineering’s ergonomic technology has revolutionized stereo microscopes and non-contact measuring systems for 50+ years. Our products offer superior optics for inspecting small, critical components, and are used worldwide for accurate inspection and measurement. As pioneers in eyepiece-less microscopes, our ergonomics offers unrivaled operator benefits, increased productivity and reduced costs.

BOOTH 4014

VKS - Visual Knowledge Share Ltd

The mission of VKS is to offer a solution that helps manufacturing companies in any industry reach groundbreaking levels of productivity by maximizing quality with clear, relevant and precise work instructions, real-time production data and many more time-saving benefits. Efficient work methods start with VKS!

BOOTH 2013

VPG Foil Resistors

VPG Foil Resistors produces the most precise and stable resistors available. Distinguished by the premier brands Vishay Foil Resistors, Powertron, and Alpha Electronics, the VPG Foil Resistors portfolio includes a wide array of configurations and customizations designed to surpass the requirements of even the most demanding applications.

BOOTH 7032

VTI Vacuum Technologies, Inc.

VTI Vacuum Technologies, Inc. supplies EMI/RFI/ESD shielding and form-in-place gasketing solutions for medical, defense, aerospace and industrial devices. VTI utilizes a vacuum deposition process for selectively shielding plastic electronic enclosures. The company robotically dispenses conductive and environmental form-in-place gaskets for sealing plastic and metal components. VTI is ISO 9001:2008 certified, ITAR compliant and veteran owned small business established in 1993.



BOOTH 9207

Watt and Well

Watt&Well designs and manufactures customizable products that are reliable in very harsh environments. The teams of Watt&Well convert power into confidence, bringing the best in class technology to our customers. Our recent growth includes a new production & test facility and a USA subsidiary in Houston, TX.

BOOTH 8011


WEETECH sets the industry standard in manufacturing quality test solutions for Cable, Harness, Backplane and Functional requirements. WEETECH’s world-class team recognizes that it is paramount to anticipate, understand and design adaptable systems versatile enough to meet evolving customer requirements and industry trends – and WEETECH back it up with impeccable service.

BOOTH 6029

Weiss Technik North America

Weiss Technik North America is your global partner in the design and manufacture of pre-engineered and custom altitude and space simulation environmental test chambers. A complete line of chambers including; space simulation, thermal vacuum, ultra-high and low temperature (LN₂), extended mbar ranges and more. They can provide the right solution.

BOOTH 8022


Whitmor/Wirenetics is a leader in the high performance wire/cable markets for military, aerospace and satellite applications. With the introduction of SPACEWIRE and other SPACE LT products, Whitmor/Wirenetics has addressed the concerns of those markets that have critical weight, size and outgassing issues.

BOOTH 9007

Willick Engineering

Willick Engineering X-Ray Systems is  a distributor, manufacturer and systems integrator of state of state of the art Industrial X-Ray technology.  Stationary, high wattage  or field radiographic.  X-Ray enclosures rooms and cabinets .  Electro mechanical manipulators for Xray NDT.  Digital imaging systems  DR or Computed Radiography.  They are pleased to offer; consulting , design , manufacturing, turn key systems, installation with training.  On-Site emergency service and repair is also available.  They have demo systems, new and refurbished equipment. 

BOOTH 1022


Winsted is the global leader in control room console solutions. They create attractive, ergonomic consoles that improve operator comfort and efficiency. Winsted offer stock, customized and custom consoles for a variety of applications. Whether you need a single workstation, or a complete control room, they can provide the perfect solution.



BOOTH 9308

Yonder Dynamics

Yonder Dynamics is an undergraduate robotics organization at UC San Diego developing fully autonomous robots for exploration, mining, and agriculture. In June they are fielding out Courage rover in the 2017 University Rover Challenge. The robot will feature all terrain autonomous navigation, a telescoping arm, and onboard object recognition and scientific analysis capabilities.



BOOTH 2007

Zodiac Data Systems

ZDS provides: Control and remote sensing data collection ground stations, Space Situational Awareness & signal monitoring tools for QoS, TT&C modems, high rate demodulators, RF/IF wideband recorders as well as tracking antennas (L to Ka-Band), RF equipment and mission management software for satellite ground stations.

BOOTH 2031

ZOOK Enterprises LLC

ZOOK producers pressure relief devices that provide solutions to the highly challenging world of aerospace where weight restrictions and low leakage levels are standard. Whether clients require solid metal design or composite materials with threaded, welded or special connections, Zook will use it's new R&D centre to develop innovative solutions.

BOOTH 6024

Zygo Corporation

Zygo Corporation is a worldwide supplier of optical metrology instruments, precision optics, and electro-optical design and manufacturing services, providing productivity and yield improvement solutions for manufacturers of precision components for a variety of industries. ZYGO provides a wide range of inspection, surface analysis, precision displacement measurement, and automated solutions.



BOOTH 8013

3D Plus USA

3D Plus is a world leading supplier of advanced high density 3D microelectronic products and die level stacking technology meeting the demand for high reliability, high performance and very small size of today’s and tomorrow’s electronics required for embedded space and military electronic systems

“I make all the connections I need to make out here… The show meets my expectations every year; I want to be here next year – I want to be here until they tell me I can’t come anymore!”

Marshall Pelot, Western Regional Manager, DIT-MCO International

“We’ve had a good mix of people, both engineers who want to use the machines, as well as people on the supply side who are interested in discussing plastics applications [and things like that], so we’ve met a good variety of people.”

Russell Singer, Design & Development, MAKEiT, Inc

“We’ve made lots of great connections, literally my whole jacket is full of business cards!  The show organisers have just been phenomenal, given us great news feeds – we’ve never had that before. Next year we’ll be back, this is the first – more to come.“

Brian Matthews, CEO, Additec

"You always dream of the connections you’d like to have - on the first day we got all the dream connections; for example Scaled Composites, SpaceX, Northrop Grumman – we’ve made contacts there!"

Peter Bishop, CEO & Managing Director, Bishop GmbH - Aeronautical Engineers

"For us, what’s nice about this conference as suppose to others is it’s a little more technical and engineering focused and so we find the conversations we have we customers or industry partners is more technical focused on the product.”

Greg Knapp, Business Development Manager, BAE Systems

“We have a very new technology and we came here to see what is available in the industry. We’ve have had some interesting contacts, there are a lot of surrounding laboratories in the area."

Anna Rissanen, Research Team Leader, VTT Technical research Centre of Finland

“The show is excellent for us, because it really gets us in contact with the systems engineers and people that need to connect their box to another box, or even testing. We have a lot of good leads; now it’s time to follow up, but we are very optimistic.”

Tony DeRosa, Sr. Product Manager, Everett Charles Technologies

"It has exceeded expectations; we’ve done a lot of tradeshows – this is one of the best ones.”

Peter Adams, President, Burloak Technologies Inc.

"We’ve been very, very, very happy with what we’ve seen here so far at the show. We’ve been able to meet a number of people that could be potential suppliers."

Larry Strader, Manager, Jacobs

 “Our experience at the show has been good; we’ve had quite a few people come by, we’ve had great success, so I will that say we’ll come back here next year as well.”

Kasper Falck Schmidt, Sales Manager, Falck Schmidt Defence Systems

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