Space Electronics Tutorial

Free Space Electronics Tutorial at the Space Tech Forum

Dr. Bedi, CEO of Spacechips Ltd will be presenting a free 90-minute Tutorial on Space Electronics on Wednesday May 23, 2018 – 10:40am on the Open Tech Forum stage. 

The Tutorial is suitable for satellite/spacecraft avionics design engineers, project/program managers, procurement, QA and testing staff.

What are the steps required to develop Space Electronics? What will the satellite systems of the future look like? Thousands of small satellites will be launched in the next ten years using low-cost, COTS components? How do you use and select COTS parts to meet your customer's reliability needs?

Launch providers and satellite operators want to exploit the benefits of the ultra, deep sub-micron FPGAs. Which technologies and devices can you consider and how do you power the latest, low-voltage, high-current FPGAs?


What you will learn at the Tutorial:

1. Space Electronics: the journey from block diagram to spacecraft launch

2. How to reduce the size, cost, power consumption and mass of satellite transponders

3. How to use and select COTS parts to enable low-cost missions

4. FPGA Technologies for Space Applications and the next generation of FPGAs

5. CMOS Scaling and Radiation Hardness by Design

6. Power Architecture of a satellite payload

7. How to selected space-grade isolated DC-DCs and switching/linear POLs


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About Dr. Bedi

Dr. Bedi is currently the CEO of Spacechips Ltd, a UK SME designing Space Electronics for manufacturers of satellite and spacecraft in twenty countries for many diverse applications, e.g. on-board processors for small satellites, Earth-Observation payloads, a lunar rover, a sub-orbital, space tourist plane, electric propulsion and thruster avionics, launcher electronics as well as ground-segment processors. Spacechips won Aerospace Product of 2016 and has just won New Company of the Year and High-Reliability Product of 2017.

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