Covid-19 Live Webinar 

Ensuring Space Business Continuity in a Time of Global Uncertainty


Join us to discuss the challenges and silver linings during the Covid-19 pandemic

Thursday, May 21, 2020 12:00 ET


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It’s important to bring the industry together during this time to share our views. In this webinar our panel of key industry players from a cross section of the market will discuss the takeaways from our industry survey measuring the impact of Covid-19 including:

• How could the industry anticipate and deal with the effects of supply chains being temporarily shut down?
• How to continue operations for mission critical elements with reduced on-site workforce?
• How are small aerospace companies ensuring business continuity when their businesses are not deemed ‘essential businesses’?
• How aerospace organizations are sharing much needed resources and products to the medical resources as rigid supply chains halt. 

A live discussion from our industry experts panel along with audience interaction.

• David Barnhart - Director, Space Engineering Research Center, University of Southern California
• Eric Stallmer – President, Commercial Spaceflight Federation
• Tim Dyer – President, Elcon Precision