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Welcome to the Space Tech Expo conference proceedings. We hope you enjoy the sessions.

Day 1 Sessions

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Space Tech Expo Connect 2020, here's what you need to know
Opening Keynote: Virgin Orbit

Dan Hart, CEO, Virgin Orbit

Fireside Chat: Leveraging Commercial Technology and Rapid Innovation for US National Security to Enable a Safe Environment

Session description:

  • In order to remain on top of technology trends and ahead of threats, US national security organizations will increasingly collaborate with commercial players to ensure agile, rapid technology development at a low cost.
  • This session discusses developments in the US defense space, the impact of partnerships on the supply chain, how to leverage commercial technologies for a stronger position of the US in space, and how new technologies such as data sharing, cloud computing, optical communications and satellite servicing enhance growth and collaboration between these players.

Ellen Chang, Partner, Syndicate 708 BMNT

Maj Gen (Ret.) Thomas Taverney, Senior Vice President, Space Payloads, Leidos

Melanie Stricklan, Founder and CSO, Slingshot Aerospace

Thomas P. Feddo, Assistant Secretary for Investment Security, U.S. Department of the Treasury

Panel: Combining Commercial and Civil Knowledge and Technology to Establish a Strong and Thriving Earth-Moon Space

Session description:

  • Low-Earth orbit (LEO) economy development is setting the standards for how we move to a sustainable use and exploration of space. The new and future space technologies utilized in LEO and on the ISS enable us to move towards cislunar orbit, to lunar settlement, to asteroids, to beyond.
  • With the industry’s great ambitions to return to the Moon with crewed missions, this session discussed the status of civil and commercial exploration programs, the utilization of new technologies for the benefit of collaboration, including autonomous decision. It will also highlight the importance of international collaboration.

Eric Stallmer, President, Spaceflight Federation

Andrew Rush, CEO, Made In Space

Richard French, Director, Global Government Launch Services, Rocket Lab

Networking Topic Table: Cultivating Partnerships and Collaboration Between Space Companies of All Sizes

Session description:

  • The Networking Topic Table allows you to connect with speakers face-to-face, and lets you participate in our discussion, ask questions and share your challenges and opportunities.
    Today's topic table focuses on the following points:
    • Getting in front of a business / person at the right time
    • Collaboration between JPL and universities
    • How can end-users make their contract-issuing process for small businesses more agile?

Dr. Charles E. Bray Jr., Manager, Small Business Programs Office, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Day 2 Sessions

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Panel: Additive Manufacturing: Accomplishing Large Formats and Standards Qualification Aggreements to Realize Fast Integral Space System Design

Session description:

  • Additive manufacturing (AM) is gaining an increasing foothold in the space industry. As industry is moving to higher volume production, questions and challenges arise, including the production of larger formats, safety and qualifications of materials.
  • Simultaneously, the impact on its design and the wide variety in standards that prime organizations set for AM materials are a cause for concern for the future of additive manufacturing. If implemented in the right way, AM is set to disrupt the way we approach space system development, testing and cost management. Experts in the field of AM will discuss all aforementioned challenges and will discuss how to move this technology further forward.

Mohsen Seifi, Global Director, Additive Manufacturing, ASTM International

Alex Weaner, Design Leader, GE Additive AddWorks

Bryan McEnerney, Manager, Materials Engineering, Test & Evaluation, NASA JPL

Franck Mouriaux, Chief Innovation Officer, Morf 3D

Gregory Hayes, Senior Vice President, Applied Technology, EOS

Tech Talks: Utilizing Smart Manufacturing and Rapid Fabrication to Reduce Production Times

Session description:

  • Smart manufacturing helps bring down cost and achieve a faster time to market. New manufacturing processes, such as additive manufacturing and integrating COTS components are key technologies utilized by entrepreneurs and New Space players. It is forcing primes, civil and military organizations to rethink the approach to manufacturing and design.
  • This panel discusses how to enable a smart factory while also taking into account security flaws that come with it. The expert speakers will also discuss automation, tools to rethink design approaches and preparing your workforce for a new approach to manufacturing. 

Mark Gallagher, Senior Manager, Operations and Partner Development, Xometry

Slade Gardner, CEO, Big Metal Additive

Stephen Samuel, President & CEO, Design Visionaries

Tech Talks: Testing in a Time of New Designs

Session description:

  • Testing is a crucial step in the development of spacecraft, and this development is constantly changing as we move towards the use of new, advanced materials, reduced production timelines and the implementation of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components. These changes force engineers to investigate ways of optimizing the spacecraft from a design point of view, making the structures of these systems more complex to analyze for potential faulty parts or materials.
  • This panel brings together experts in the field of structural, environmental, software analysis and non-destructive testing to discuss how complex designs, and consequently the use of new materials, reduced production timelines and COTS components impact the testing process, and how these challenges can be overcome.

Alan Merrick, Acoustic Engineer Specialist, MSI-DFAT Maryland Sound International

Brad Belote, Director of Sales & Engineering, Zemarc

Daniel Sullivan, Account Executive, EAG Laboratories

Jade Vande Kamp, Quality and Education Manager, Vibration Research

Networking Topic Table: The Role of the Factory of the Future in the Post-COVID world

Session description:

  • The Networking Topic Table allows you to connect with speakers face-to-face, and lets you participate in our discussion, ask questions and share your challenges and opportunities.
  • Today's topic table focuses on the following points:
    • What role will digitalization have in the space industry going forward, now we know the impact of events such as the COVID-19 pandemic
    • The term digitalization and factory of the future have been around for a few years now – what has fundamentally changed in the definition of these terms in the last years and how can organizations continue to prepare themselves to grow into become a more digitalized organization?
    • What impact will further digitalization have on the business models of aerospace and defense organizations?

William Nieusma, Manager, Small Business, Helion Group LLC

Patrick Murphy, Partner - Practice Leader, Ind 4.0 Mfg & Supply Chain Digitization, IBM

Day 3 Sessions

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Panel: Expanding Use-cases and Enhancing Missions with Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems

Session description:

  • The potentials of AI in developments such as space debris management, mission control and optimization, exploration and many others are being recognized by space agencies and commercial organizations worldwide. This session welcomes AI experts who will discuss the expanding use-cases of AI in space (including instrumentation calibration, controlling subsystems), requirements from downstream markets for enhanced data analysis and on-board processing, updates on certification of AI and machine learning techniques. It will also discuss the question of what role AI and autonomous systems will play in the space industry by 2030.

John Galer, Assistant Vice President for National Security Space, Aerospace Industries Association

Jim Keravala, CEO, OffWorld AI

Nathan Eskue, Artificial Intelligence Architect, Northrop Grunman

Panel: Getting Our Heads in the (Data) Clouds: Overcoming Security Challenges and Entering New Markets through Space Software and Data Analysis

Session description:

  • As we make our spacecraft and manufacturing processes smarter with the use of computers, clouds and on-board processing for increased flexibility, various challenges remain. The prime concern for many is cyber security and how to protect satellites, spacecraft and other space assets from threats.
  • At the same time, the possibilities we can achieve with computing, software and data are expanding tremendously, examples including strides in quantum computing and other quantum technologies, faster Earth-imagery analysis and the use of clouds and composable infrastructures to optimize manufacturing process.
  • This panel brings together experts in the fields of software and data experts for space applications, to discuss the aforementioned opportunities and challenges. 

John Galer, Assistant Vice President for National Security Space, Aerospace Industries Association

Adam Johnson, Software Engineering Director, Lockheed Martin Space

David Mitlyng, Chief Operating Officer, SpeQtral

Guarav Pal, Principal, stackArmor, Inc ​​​​​

Tech Talks: Selecting COTS vs Custon Built Electrical Systems for All Missions

Session description:

  • Space probes and satellites will increasingly require high-end electronics as more spacecraft will use on-board processors for data analysis and communication management. At the same time, the smallsat market has brought along cheaper commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components, which reduce cost of electronics and electrical systems and the overall spacecraft.
  • This session brings together experts in the field of electronics and electrical systems, to discuss  requirements to enhance increased on-board computing capabilities, the trade-off between high-end applications and COTS components, and updates in technologies, including Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) and many more.

Omar Sacchet, System Engineer, Innovatice Sensor Technology - IST

Ragin Desai, Product Line Manager, Skyworks Solutions, Inc

Steven Lassen, Senior Customer Application Engineer, LEMO

Networking Topic Table: Ensuring Software and Data Security in and Increasingly Virtual and Software-led Environment

Session description:

  • The Networking Topic Table allows you to connect with speakers face-to-face, and lets you participate in our discussion, ask questions and share your challenges and opportunities.
    Today's topic table focuses on the following points:
    • Updates in the latest cyber security regulations
    • Integrating software and data processes in your business
    • The role of software and data in supply chain management

Alan Dunn, Chair, Executive Education Programs for Manufacturing, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Caltech

Rick Hefner, Director, Programs, Caltech CTME

Day 4 Sessions

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Tech Talks: Going Further in Space with Advanced Materials: Optimizing Properties for Resilient and Affordable Space-grade Applications

Session description:

  • Lightweighting, managing extreme environments and ensuring durability are only a few of the key applications and properties that space-grade materials should deliver. This panel discusses the developments in material requirements (including thermal management, vibration harshness, conductivity among others), technological developments in metal powder beds, ceramics, carbon-fiber, graphite epoxies and composites, and the challenges regarding different standards and qualifications by different customers.

Timothy Dyer, President, Elcon Precision LLC

Denver Schaffarzick, Director of Engineering, ERG Aerospace Corp

Xiaochun Li, Founder, MetaLi

Panel: The Time is Now: Prolonging Missions, Reducing Costs and Contributing to Space Safety with On-orbit Servicing

Session description:

  • On-orbit servicing (OOS) is maturing as interest in servicing technology and its business case grows at key commercial and defense organizations. 2019 was a pivotal year for on-orbit servicing and rendezvous operations. As more organizations collaborate on the development of procuring on-orbit servicing capabilities, this panel brings together a mix of on-orbit service providers and end-users to discuss the growing applications and new requirements of servicing and rendezvous missions and developments in satellite servicing procurement to reduce costs, increase satellite lifetime and resiliency, contributions to space domain awareness and the reduction of space debris.
  • The panel will also provide updates on current servicing missions and will discuss technology advancements regarding on-orbit robotics, docking  interfaces, RPO technologies for safety and ease of dock.

Dave Barnhart, Director, USC Space Engineering Research Center, University of Southern California

Jean-Luc Froeliger, Vice President, Space Systems Engineering and Operations

Jonathan Goff, CEO, Altius Space Machines

Joseph Anderson, Director, Mission Extension Vehicles, SpaceLogistics

Keynote: NASA Space Technology Overview

James 'Jim' Reuter, Associate Administrator, Space Technology Mission Directorate, NASA

Networking Topic Table: Getting Together to Determine the Future of Humanity in Space

Session Description:

  • The Networking Topic Table allows you to connect with speakers face-to-face, and lets you participate in our discussion, ask questions and share your challenges and opportunities.
    Today's topic table focuses on the following points:
    • The role of advanced robotics in future missions
    • The development of on-orbit servicing and assembly
    • Future missions and programs required new technologies

Laurie Chappell, Senior Director, Civil Space Capture & Strategy, Maxar Technologies

Sean Dougherty, Chief Technologist of Robotics, Maxar Technologies