Change. A Matter of Survival!

Throughout human history, we’ve experienced technological advancements that pushed the boundaries of the possible. So far we’ve been able to visit the moon, transplant artificial organs to human beings, invent the internet… Though change might look frightening at first sight, it is essential, from a business standpoint, to embrace it and see it as an opportunity for improvement. Among the many areas where change may be required, work methods might be one of the most important, because on them depends future successes – or failures.


Why are work methods so important?

Work methods define the way things are made within your company, and therefore affect the results of your enterprise as a whole. In the last decades, companies have struggled to remain competitive in globalized markets. Industries such as manufacturing have experienced challenging issues such as profitability decrease, knowledge loss, expensive quality added to costly waste. Some visionary companies made the switch to digital work methods and have become Smart Factories. CMP Advanced Mechanical Solutions, a manufacturing company from Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada, designed a software that would help it stay competitive here in North America: Visual Knowledge Share (VKS) was born. After experiencing positive results and seeing unprecedented levels of productivity within its facilities, CMP decided to offer VKS to the world. The IT enterprise of the same name, Visual Knowledge Share Ltd, was created. In force in over 30 countries, the VKS application is available for any company in any industry that wishes to innovate successfully.


Standardized and visual work instructions change it all

Having trouble keeping your knowledge in-house? Standardize your best practices into VKS by building effective work instructions that will guarantee compliance from your operators. Training them with an interactive application such as VKS will help you gain time and money, as your employees will rapidly be functional with easy-to-use procedures. Training with printed and lifeless guidebooks may be inefficient and bring more confusion and fewer results, whereas annotated images, videos, audio recordings and much more will make training an enjoyable experience.


What exactly is VKS, the Visual Knowledge Share?

work stationVKS is a cutting-edge technology that helps companies improve their productivity, profitability and quality. Specialized in displaying digital work instructions on its user-friendly interface, VKS makes procedures interactive, attractive and easy to understand. With visual, clear and relevant work instructions, there is little to no room for confusion or misinterpretation. Therefore, there are fewer defects, and less wasted time or unnecessary processing. The paperless solution is available in seven languages. With its traceability and real-time data, VKS helps you measure performance and keeps track of everything within your facility.


Advanced new features

In January 2017, CMP launched VKS 5.0, the newest release of its application. New features have been added to make VKS the smartest and most innovative work instructions technology on the market. Shared forms, rule engine, certifications, communication groups and approval process are a few of the many properties VKS has to offer. Book a free demo and let VKS help you reach your business goals. 

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