A New Option for Environmental Test Chambers That Helps Combat Climate Change

R-404A and similar refrigerants have been used in environmental simulation test chambers to enable optimum performance. However, it has been determined that they have a high global warming potential, and international agreements and regulations such as European Union Regulation No. 517/2014 and the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol aim to phase down these types of compounds. It is expected that R-404A will see a global price increase as well as earthreduced availability over the next few years, which is why customers need an alternative. Weiss Technik North America, Inc. has been aware of these upcoming changes and is the first environmental simulation test chamber manufacturer to develop a widespread solution for the North American market. Environmental simulation test chambers are now available with Opteon™ XP40 (R-449A), which is a low global warming potential refrigerant, without sacrificing performance or reliability. R-449A meets the requirements of European Union Regulation No. 517/2014 while avoiding the future availability issues of R-404A. Not only is performance preserved, but customers that transition to R-449A help combat climate change by operating an environmental simulation test chamber with a low global warming potential refrigerant.

Environmental simulation test chambers (test chambers) are used to test a variety of products across multiple market sectors, including circuit boards, laptops, jet engine components, natural and synthetic fabrics, and even entire hybrid/electric vehicles. The refrigerants responsible for transferring heat out of the test spaces containing these products have been synthesized to deliver optimum results, but some have been determined to have high global warming potential
low gwp(GWP) values and will soon be impacted by international agreements and regulations. The price and availability are predicted to be heavily influenced by these coming changes, and users will soon need other options. It is important to take these changes into consideration today when purchasing new test chambers because they are often used for 15-20 years. The purpose of this white paper is to provide background on how refrigerants impact the environment, outline how other industries can increase low GWP refrigerant use, and explain why test chamber users should shift away from high GWP refrigerants, and present a low GWP refrigerant solution they can currently transition to.

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