Space Tech Expo is the must attend event for the space industry, but don't just take our word for it, hear from attendees from the show below:


“It’s been absolutely amazing, very relevant with customers needing exactly what we have to offer right away!”

Nikki Malcolm, Business Development Manager, Element Materials Technology


“This show has been fantastic for us, we’ve been treated extremely well by the show management and the people that have attended have come to us with lots of ideas and there’s many new potential customers, so we’re thrilled!”

Ralph Emerson, Marketing Director, Planewave


“It’s been really good, this is our fourth year coming. I like the format with fewer days, it seems like there has been more traffic coming through.”

Lukas Levad, Sales and Applications Engineer, WEETECH


“It’s been very good, it’s a very interesting show. It’s the first time we’ve come here and it’s a very interesting industry. We have a lot of expectations and I think we’re meeting with a lot of good potential companies, so we’re very excited.”

Juan Cadrecha, Director, SSI Schaefer


"A great show. I wish I could have stayed longer, I will be back next year no matter what"

Robert Trask, North American Representative, EtherCAT Technology Group


“We look forward to coming back. We met a variety of space-related folks, a good mix of OEM suppliers and contract manufacturers, and these are all our target audience.”

Ryan O’Hara, Technical Director Aerospace and Defense, nTopology


"I enjoyed the Space Tech Expo and Conference in LA - lots of new contacts made and with interesting speakers and panels."

Jeffrey R. Calcatera, DS&T, Innovation Lab (iLab), The Aerospace Corporation


“We have a lot of customers that are here displaying their goods. And then we’re getting to meet the new guys, the new kids coming in. We’re enjoying the show, it’s a good show. Good leads, good future of sales coming in.”

Randy Straight, General Sales Manager, West Bond


“I think the show’s fantastic, there was a lot more traffic than last year, for sure. I think it started off really well on Monday night and Tuesday was also busy, then again today as well! It’s been a great show for us, we’ll definitely do it again next year!”

Rich Markham, SW District Sales Manager, Dewesoft


“Space Tech Expo this year was great, we had fantastic attendance at our booth – with people checking out our live demos and our hexapod! There was quite a bit of interest from many different people bringing a lot of unique applications.”

Brad Belote, Aerospace Sales Engineer, Zemarc


“This was a great year, I think there’s more people this year, it seemed a lot busier the whole time. We had a really good time showing off our Shrink-N-Shield nano product, and we’re hoping to get a lot of business and a lot of contacts back from all the people we met.”

Matt Hasselbacher, Engineering Manager, Zippertubing Company


“Space Tech Expo this year has been amazing! There’s a lot of new faces and companies that I’ve not seen before and we’ve been working with our close partner here this year, too, It’s been very exciting!”

Ruben Nunez, Consultant, Planewave


“I’m pleasantly surprised, we knew there was a lot of good things going on here, but we got very good contacts, we got to deal with suppliers and customers as well and we really like the way Smarter Shows put on the show, they did a great job of it!”

Neal Nicholson, President/CEO, Blue Marble Communications


“It’s a growing industry, there’s a hunger for technology and to get to the market faster. The turnout here is great, a good number of visitors and exhibitors. I’m looking forward to next year – hopefully having even more exhibitors, more visitors, and more interesting panels we can listen to.”

Roger Rutz, VP Sales & Marketing, Experior Laboratories


“It’s been awesome, we’ve had a lot of great discussions, a lot of good meetings and I really enjoyed the panel that I talked on too. Our booth had a lot of traffic from customers and suppliers!”

Al Tadros, VP, Space Infrastructure & Civil Space, MAXAR Technologies


“This year has been a lot more productive than last year. We were very surprised because last year we thought it was a huge success but this year we’ve made a lot more traction on the business end. There’s a lot of launch vehicle companies here in LA that came to see us and came to the expo just to talk to us, so we’ve actually made a lot of progress in terms of business on our sales front, just in the past three days, so it’s been really amazing.”

Andy Kieatiwong, Founder and CEO of Additive Rocket Corporation


"I enjoyed the Space Tech Expo and conference in LA - lots of new contacts made with interesting speakers and panels"

“There are folks here from the biggest companies around, with titles like CEO and CTO, just walking up and talking to you!”

Brandon Brewer, Field Engineer, Stäubli Connectors


“It’s been very busy and we’ve enjoyed it. The thing I like about this show is that the catchment area is excellent, so you tend to get different people come in on both days, not just the same people recirculating. All in all, it’s been excellent, we’ve really enjoyed being here.”

Ross Bannatyne, Marketing Director, VORAGO Technologies


“It’s a good experience, there’s a lot of new ideas and people are working on interesting things.”

Naghmana Majed, CTO, Global Automotive and Aerospace & Defense, IBM


“It was our first time here, we usually take part in Space Tech Expo Europe and our first time here was really great!”

François Degryse, Head of Strategy and Business Development, Pyroalliance


“It’s great to have a chance to be part of this show, both the exhibition and the great panels and to be able to share our experience with the experienced attendees that are here. We always look forward to being here and I’m glad I was able to come.”

Max Haot, CEO, Launcher


“It’s been great, we’ve had some really good traffic come through. The audience that have come by have asked us some really great questions and we really got to stay on top of the technology. I believe it’s been great value for us to be here.”

Brian Tran, Business Development Manager, Element Materials Technology


“I think it’s fascinating, this is the first one of these shows I’ve ever been to. Most of the conferences I attend now are more focused on additive manufacturing or advanced manufacturing, so to see the breadth of technology that’s presented here is fabulous – very, very interesting.”

Dr Raymond ‘Corky’ Clinton, Associate Director, Science & Technology Office, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center


“For us it’s been crazy – really exciting! It’s our first time in the US at Space Tech Expo, so we got to meet people from NASA, NASA JPL, Northrop Grumman and we’re amazed that they really loved our product. We’re looking forward to collaborating!” 

Alexander Bolton, CEO, Nucleus VR


"Everything was awesome, the new technology surpassed my expectations."

Richard Marston Ealy, Founder/CEO, After Midnight Productions


“It’s a great place to meet with other colleagues and customers. There are a number of people from NASA, JPL and other government agencies. Most importantly, it’s a lot of fun. We get a lot of good connections being here.”

Al Tadros, VP Space Infrastructure and Civil Space, SSL


“Space Tech Expo is a great conference to attend. There are a lot of high-up thought leaders, experienced aerospace individuals and also innovative entrepreneurs driving the new opportunities.”

Stephen Eisele, Vice President, Virgin Orbit


“Everyone here is passionate about what they do. You meet wonderful people, you create a good network and you come out invigorated.”

Juliette Neu, CEO & Co-Founder, Cingeto


‘‘It’s actually very good, the amount of opportunities that you get to interact with people. The value that you get is tenfold, and that’s an understatement. I have many contacts that I didn’t have before and didn’t expect to get. Personally, I would come again.’’

Rigoberto Roche, Lead Engineer Machine Learning and Intelligent Algorithms, NASA


“Finally, a conference that covers space that’s actually applicable to what we do. I’ve got to meet a lot of very knowledgeable people and see some interesting new products.”

Steven Adam, Senior Engineer/Scientist, Boeing 


“It has been great, we have had some good traffic. We have a lot of good contacts that we are going to take back to our team.”

Jamie Bernard, Engineering, BAE Systems


"Printech have exhibited at almost every Space Tech Expo USA, I can honestly say that this years Expo has probably been our best show to date.  There's been a really strong attendance this year and we've been able to network and open dialogue with existing customers as well as new clients. This event for us is one of the more pleasurable Space shows that we exhibit at, there is a good mix of engineers and technicians coming through, meaning that we are able to interact with the people who are at the very start of a project. There is always a relaxed yet professional atmosphere at this Expo, which make it an event that both exhibitors and attendees can enjoy. I'm looking forward to returning in 2019!" 

Mark Moon, President, Printech Circuit Laboratories Inc


“It’s been great. There are so many great people that have already stopped by.”

Matt Hesselbacher, Engineering Manager, The Zippertubing Company


“Three highlights of the event. Our booth location is great, with a lot of visibility and that’s been great for drawing people in to talk to us. The quality of leads, including aerospace and defense companies. Finally, the event is run very well. We’re new exhibitors and have had no issues.”

Erik Bjork, Aerospace and Defence Business Development Manager, Staubli Electrical Connectors


‘‘It’s where people gather and connect. It’s a great attendance: it’s got manufacturers, operators, people that make decisions and government people as well. It’s a must.’’

Jean-Luc Froeliger, Vice President Satellite Operations & Engineering, Intelsat


“We have just finished our live demo where we were able to present our propulsion system to an audience of potential customers and buyers, and demonstrate all the progress we have made in the last year. We have had a lot of good conversations with potential suppliers as we are looking toward launching our commercial product next year. It is great to have that connection with suppliers who can provide the quality components that we need to make it possible. We love this show.”

Jason Wallace, VP of Operations, Phase Four


“This is the first time we are presenting our company and products in the USA. We are only two years old but are very proud to be here as the first Chinese commercial space satellite company. We have met many potential customers and people showing interest in our work.”

Zhe Zhang, Business Development Director, Spacety


“It has been a really great show. We have had a really great flow of traffic and met a lot of really good people.”

Marcus Herrington, Head of Global Marketing, ENPULSION Inc


“For Weiss Technik this show has been really good for two years in a row. This year is even better than the last and it just keeps growing.”

Ed Smith, VP of Sales and Marketing, Weiss Technik


"Space Tech Expo is a very good show for our product. We have got some excellent leads over the last three days which we're looking forward to following up with. There were some great opportunities to network at events both in the exhibition hall and in the evening and we've really enjoyed being here. The show managers were very helpful and great to work with."

Daniel Baird, Sales Manager West Coast, Huber USA Inc


“We can meet up with the right sort of people here – we really want to meet up with engineers within the industry. We have made a lot of contacts at the show, a lot more than at other shows. Space Tech Expo seems to attract the right sort of people for us.”

Phil Taylor, Business Development Manager, Luxfer Superform


“This is our first time at Space Tech Expo. We have had a few hundred people visit our booth. Even if none of them did any business with us, we have acquired three major contacts for our business. Those three leads alone have made our attendance at this show worthwhile.”  

Bill Cress, CEO & CFO, SpaceExcess LLC


“Our highlight has been the networking with new people and seeing all the new businesses around us.”

Zach Sebree, Marketing Specialist, Purple Platypus


“This is one of the best conferences I have ever been to.”

Demetrius Thompson, Chairman, Global Mobile Alert Corporation


“I am very happy with the results of the show. I have met some very high-level people from large companies as well as smaller companies.”

Alberto Cervantes, Sales, Samtech


“It has been really good being able to meet with people who are in my industry and share my interests. I am Australian, and Australia doesn’t have much of a space industry at this point in time. So coming to the show and seeing what is around gives me an idea of how the broader industry can grow.”

Dr Patrick Neumann, Director and Chief Scientist, Neumann Space Pty Ltd


“We have been here three times. Space Tech Expo is a marvelous event to attend, particularly if your market is with engineers and aerospace companies. It has helped our company grow and get exposure, so we are extremely pleased and will continue to participate.”

Ralph Emerson, Director of Marketing, PlaneWave Instruments Inc


“If you are going to do business in the space industry in southern California, you have to attend this show.”

Rich Markham, District Manager, DEWESoft


“We heard about the show last minute and managed to get in. The show has been really successful for us. If people are looking for an aerospace show to come to, this is worth their while.”

Tony Torres, Director of Marketing, APCT


‘’Everyone here is just excited to talk to each other. They’re excited to see our tech and we’re excited to see what everyone else is doing. It’s a really good place where we can meet and share ideas.’’

Andy T Kieatiwong, Founder and CEO, Additive Rocket Corporation


‘’It’s a great environment for meeting people, for networking and to be able to share information about where we should go in the future as an industry. Certainly come, engage, talk to people. There are many people here from many different parts of the industry. It’s a great opportunity to meet people and understand the technology that’s going to be the future.’’

Mark Dickinson, Chairman and Executive Director/VP Satellite Operations, Space Data Association/Inmarsat


‘’The top three reasons to be at Space Tech Expo are exposure to new opportunities, meeting new customers, new people, and really connecting with others in the industry to learn about trends and things that are happening within the industry.’’

Scott Broderick, VP Sales & Marketing, Fralock


‘’This is our third year here and we’ve got an established customer base already here at the show, so it’s more like a meet and greet for us. If we get some new clients, it’s a cherry on top for us. Last year we did pick up a new account and we’ve done quite a bit of business with them. It’s been great.’’

Steve Craig, CEO, Interface Welding


“It's been very interesting seeing different technologies from small manufacturers from across the space [industry]”

Jonathan Kwoh, Engineer, Boeing


“We've been able to find vendors we've been looking for and find an engraving system we've been having a hard time locating”

Edvin Mehrabian, Manufacturing Engineer, Northrop Grumman


“We’ve met a lot of people, and that’s the name of the game. We’ve made lots of new connections.”

Stayne Hoff, Director of Business Development, MDA US Systems


“So far it’s been really good. For us, what’s nice about this conference as opposed to others is it’s a little more technical and engineering focused and so we find the conversations we have with customers or industry partners is more technically focused on the product.”

Greg Knapp, Business Development Manager, BAE Systems


“It’s been an excellent show, we’ve been very busy. Next year we’ll come back, because I found it very helpful as far as the number of businesses that we’ve met here, both large and small – but mainly working with the small businesses – a lot of innovation, a lot of good companies.”

Robert Medina, NASA Armstrong Small Business Specialist, NASA


“It’s been great, I’ve talked to lots of people that can do things for us, lots of components suppliers and potential customers. It’s great to see what different people are doing in the space industry”

Christopher Norman, VP Engineering, Accion Systems


“My experience of the show has been good – it’s well organised, I like how many vendors there are and how many different booths - there is a wide variety of companies being represented here. The free sessions have been interesting – they’re definitely value added, I think you might even need to add a few more seats!”

Matthew Sipek,  Mechanical Engineer, Northrop Grumman


“This is great, it seems to be a lot bigger this year. There seems to be a nice buzz building across the show.” 

Tom McCarthy, Vice President, Business Development, Motiv Space Systems, Inc.


“We’ve got a lot of foot traffic here, a lot of people getting information about our program, and a lot of potential suppliers that we’re excited about being able to work at JPL.”

Felicia Bell, CPCM, Manager, Small Business Programs Office (SBPO), Jet Propulsion Laboratory


“The idea was for us to better get to know the US based space engineering community and vice versa. Fraunhofer is a huge organization with a vast technological portfolio, and only a small portion is dedicated to space applications. Our Alliance acts as a gateway to this portfolio, both space and non-space. Many people we talk to know Fraunhofer or have already worked with us, but not on space projects. So in that regard, this show is already a success!”

Thomas Loosen, PR Officer, Fraunhofer Space


“It’s wonderful to see all the different advanced manufacturing, space engineering, space research, and different public and private organization involved in the aerospace community”

Keith Kaplan, CEO, Tesla Foundation Group


“The space enterprise vision conference panel at the beginning was really good. I think the changing government  environment in space is really important to understand. There is a good mix of government, civil space, universities as well as industry at the show.””

Al Tadros, Vice President, Space Infrastructure and Civil Space, SSL


“It’s been really great, just off the bat, we were enjoying the Engineer’s breakfast and was able to speak to an engineer form Northrop Grumman and get his insights on the field which is really useful for us. The ability to connect with someone who has a lot more experience but has similar goals is really valuable. People have been really interested in talking to us about what they do, and how they can help us in our research and provide opportunities for us in the future.  It’s been fun and so different to what my everyday is – it provides a lot of insight as to what comes next.”

David Huynh, Graduate Student, Caltech


“It’s been an excellent day one.  We’ve had more opportunities than last year already and we’re looking forward to displaying at Space Tech Expo Europe!”

Daniel Auh, Director of Sales & Marketing, Ducommun


“It’s been a brilliant experience at the show today. We’ve been speaking to a spectrum of people, from small business to large corporations, trying to make connections between businesses and find opportunities to help solve problems - this is the place to be!”

Carl Frushon, President, R3SpACE Consulting


“The quality of contacts at this show continues to improve!”

Scott Broderick, VP Sales & Marketing, Fralock


“I’m impressed with the number of people who have stopped by and the follows up that we have to do after the show. I think it’s impressive. We were able to get our capabilities to the public in a larger scale”

Jeff Golombeski, Applications Engineer, Ascent Aerospace


“We have definitely enjoyed the free sessions. We have learned how to do business with Northrop Grumman and more military applications. “

Emily Spratte, Inside Sales Coordinator, The Zippertubing Company


“We’ve got almost 30 leads thus far. Just this morning we had three rfq, so in my opinion it’s been very successful. We’ve already reserved our booth for next year so we’ll be back!

Jeff Vihnanek, Account Manager, Da/Pro Rubber 


“Our experience has been excellent – that’s why we’re coming back!”

Richard Clark, VP Global Sales and Marketing, Zook


“It’s been fantastic so far.  The quality of people have been excellent so that’s been a highlight for me”

Devon Phillipson, Stratasys/Objet 3D Printing Account Manager, GoEngineer