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June 2 – 4, 2025 // Long Beach, California, USA

*June 2: Exhibitor and VIP Networking Reception June 3-4: Exhibits and Conference

June 2 – 4, 2025 // Long Beach, California, USA

*June 2: Exhibitor and VIP Networking Reception June 3-4: Exhibits and Conference





Bobby Stephenson, Technical Sales Engineer, ABC Sheet Metal

“The expo has been really busy, it’s been great so far. We’re meeting all sorts of people, a lot of customers. Events like Space Tech Expo are good for the industry to get people’s name out there, especially smaller companies. It’s the best way to meet people, I’ve had countless customers who I’ve met through space tech trade shows, so that’s the best thing about face-to-face events.”


Jacob Pritzlaff, Sales Manager, DEWESoft LLC

“We’ve been at Space Tech Expo for multiple years. The booth attendance this year has been awesome, it’s fantastic, and the amount of people that we’ve engaged with from the space tech industry has been incredible. For the first day attendance it has been extremely high, much higher than any other conference and expo we’ve been to.”


Jordan Miotto, Customer Service, Accurate Circuit Engineering

“Space Tech Expo has been good so far, a lot of potential customers, interesting people to talk to. We’re meeting the right people, we’ve got some good leads, and a lot of people who are very good business opportunities for us. Space Tech Expo is good for the industry to put names to faces, there’s not better way to do it than here.”


Scott Schroeder, General Manager, Future Metals LLC

“This is our second year exhibiting, we’re local, it’s great to connect with our local customers which is the biggest draw. The show seems to be growing more and more every year, so it’s just a good event to be at. The value of Space Tech Expo is seeing the customers, the other suppliers and to have that one-on-one connection again.”


Joyce Chiao, CEO/Founder, Abundance

“Our time at Space Tech Expo has been wonderful. It’s such a unique opportunity to bring folks together, facilitate learning and sharing ideas across the industry. It’s been really great to be here to talk to people.What we’re really here to do is to support diversity, equity and inclusion in the aerospace industry and folks have been coming up to us. Some have been curious, asking a lot of questions, some are already on board. I think what’s great is that we are facilitating conversation across so many different people who recognize the importance of this work and are in different stages of their journey.”


KD Derr, Senior Account Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

“Overall, the event is really good. This is the first time we have been to Space Tech Expo, and we’ve had a lot of people come to the booth. We’ve had a chance to speak to the other exhibitors in the exhibit hall and that’s been very valuable. Of all the tradeshows we go to, the exhibit hall is very invigorating here, there’s a lot of people, there’s a lot of foot traffic. It’s a fun event.”


Isaac Larson, Aerospace Application Engineer, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Aerospace

“Our time at Space Tech Expo has been really good. We’ve had quite a few of our employees at the show, we’ve been walking the show and trading. We’ve had a lot of interest with both visitors and exhibitors coming to our booth generating a lot of contact and potential opportunities. This is our first time exhibiting and we’ve decided to have a booth again next year, so it’s been pretty good for us.”

Describe 3 Space Tech Expo in 3 words: Innovative, exciting, busy


Diane Taylor, Regional Business Development Manager, Air Electro

“This is our second time exhibiting at Space Tech Expo. I’m learning about a lot of new companies here, there’s a lot of start-up companies here and there’s a lot of new companies in the space industry that are showing up. The show has been really good for networking, the traffic has been really busy which has been great.i”


Alex Geiger, Business Development Manager, Avonix Imaging

“This is our first time at Space Tech Expo, we’ve been to multiple shows in the industry this past year and so far, this event is in our top three for the amount of leads we have received. We definitely see value in coming here and meeting people from the industry and we will definitely rebook the booth for next year.”




Dennis Wonica, PHD, Technology Commercialization Consultant, Laser Light Networks

We have found value in coming to the event. Everybody here is a customer to us. I have come to see a couple of conference sessions in particular, one of them being to hear Amazon speak. I will be coming back next year, I’ve been coming to Space Tech Expo for 10 years!


Khris Rogers, Business Engagement Specialist, SELACO WDB

I have had a good time at Space Tech Expo, I have participated I a lot of one-to-one meetings that I set up beforehand and I really like that feature, to be able to do that, its been really helpful. I would describe Space Tech Expo as a space for networking, innovations and support for the industry. I will be coming back next year.


Zee Moffatt, Flight Software Engineer, UFO LLC

I’ve been really enjoying the event and seeing the range of companies that are out there and all that they have to offer, especially in the local area.


Nolan Bock, Flight Software Engineer, UFO LLC

We’ve come to the event to try and get a better understanding of what different companies can offer and also gain insight into what we could be doing in-house. We’ve been to a few conference sessions that were very interesting and have had a good look round the booths that all seem to be offering a lot.


Gillian Chatfelter, Electrical Engineer, USAF

I went to the event last year for the first time, and usually we bring along a group of people every year and I think it’s a great conference! Its been awesome, I’ve talked to a couple of different people and gotten some business cards so it has been really cool. I hope to attend this event every year.


Rahul Rughani, Chief Systems Engineer, Arkisys

The show has been going really well. I was here last year and the event is definitely much bigger this year. I have found that a lot of the vendors I need to talk to are here, so its great. I have visited both yesterday and today, and I definitely appreciate the B2B meetings. I am here to both find people that are selling connectors but also potential customers for our services.