June 2 – 4, 2025 // Long Beach, California, USA

*June 2: Exhibitor and VIP Networking Reception June 3-4: Exhibits and Conference

June 2 – 4, 2025 // Long Beach, California, USA

*June 2: Exhibitor and VIP Networking Reception June 3-4: Exhibits and Conference



We know Space Tech Expo USA is integral in bringing together space professionals to discuss the latest trends and challenges of the industry, ensuring the USA stays at the forefront of making history... but why just hear it from us?


"Provides a greater awareness of the latest technologies and what businesses provide them when I am searching for a solution to my design needs."

Bruce Barnett, Mechanical Engineer, Boeing (2024 Visitor)


"I think Space Tech Expo USA has been perfect for us, we’re actually coming out of stealth, today right now and we chose the West Coast, we chose to come to long beach, we chose to come to Space Tech Expo USA to show what we can do to this really vibrant industry that's been growing for the last couple of decades. We love it here, this is where we want to be."

 Bryan Mazor, Co-founder & COO, Source Energy Company (2024 Exhibitor)


"Space Tech Expo USA is very cool to see. All of the suppliers are here that are focused on what we’re looking for. It’s a great place to connect and look for different solutions to sourcing of different components that we work with. I also attended the funding based panel and there’s a couple more that I’m looking forward to going to, they’re very interesting and informative."

Trevor Nienaber, Mechanical Engineer, Space Tango (2024 Visitor)  


"Love this show and it’s been integral to our growth.The aerospace industry is alive and well in southern California!"

Rich Markham, West Coast Regional Director, Dewesoft LLC (2024 Exhibitor) 


"We’ve found this to be one of the best shows to centralize communications with not just our customers, but also some of our partners and suppliers in the industry so all key tier 1 suppliers to the satellite and space market."

Chris Huntington, CEO, PrecisionX Group (2024 Exhibitor)


"We’ve got a lot of attention, I’ve been on my feet the entire time, talking constantly it's been great, it's been really exciting."

 Bryan Mazor, Co-founder & COO, Source Energy Company (2024 Exhibitor)



“We’ve been at Space Tech Expo USA for multiple years. The booth attendance this year has been awesome, it’s fantastic, and the amount of people that we’ve engaged with from the space tech industry has been incredible. For the first day attendance it has been extremely high, much higher than any other conference and expo we’ve been to.”

Jacob Pritzlaff, Sales Manager, DEWESoft LLC (2023 Exhibitor)


"We’ve come to the event to try and get a better understanding of what different companies can offer and also gain insight into what we could be doing in-house. We’ve been to a few conference sessions that were very interesting and have had a good look round the booths that all seem to be offering a lot."

Nolan Bock, Flight Software Engineer, UFO LLC (2023 Visitor)


"I went to the event last year for the first time, and usually we bring along a group of people every year and I think it’s a great conference! Its been awesome, I’ve talked to a couple of different people and gotten some business cards so it has been really cool. I hope to attend this event every year."

Gillian Chatfelter, Electrical Engineer, USAF (2023 Visitor)


"The show has been going really well. I was here last year and the event is definitely much bigger this year. I have found that a lot of the vendors I need to talk to are here, so its great. I have visited both yesterday and today, and I definitely appreciate the B2B meetings. I am here to both find people that are selling connectors but also potential customers for our services."

Rahul Rughani, Chief Systems Engineer, Arkisys (2023 Visitor)


“Our time at Space Tech Expo has been wonderful. It’s such a unique opportunity to bring folks together, facilitate learning and sharing ideas across the industry. It’s been really great to be here to talk to people.What we’re really here to do is to support diversity, equity and inclusion in the aerospace industry and folks have been coming up to us. Some have been curious, asking a lot of questions, some are already on board. I think what’s great is that we are facilitating conversation across so many different people who recognize the importance of this work and are in different stages of their journey.”

Joyce Chiao, CEO/Founder, Abundance (2023 Exhibitor)