2018 Speakers included:

Conference Overview 2018

Space Tech Conference returned to Pasadena in 2018 with an insight-packed three-day agenda that helps commercial, military, government and academic organizations navigate the opportunities and challenges of  doing business in an increasingly complex landscape.

New for 2018

Launchers, satellites and future programs – three key areas of the space industry that strengthen development  of low-Earth orbit assets and propel us to the moon, Mars and beyond.  

What are the latest developments in this area, where are the business opportunities and who will drive innovation? To answer all your questions, Space Tech Conference addresses the following topics each day across the four focus areas:

  • Markets & Money
    Many developments take place in the space industry across launch, satellites and future programs, but where are future business opportunities and how can we ensure we continue to reduce cost?
  • Technology Requirements
    The technology requirements sessions provide you with roadmaps and an understanding of where there is a need for technological innovation and development.
  • Innovators & Investment
    Bringing together innovators and investors, this session talks about the latest promising developments from start-ups, universities and New space organizations, together with venture capitalists who provide their vision of trends developing in the market and which innovations are promising for future launch opportunities.
  • Supply Chain Opportunities
    As no launcher, satellite or exploration vehicle is built without small specific components, parts, hardware and materials, this session gives the stage to tier four and five suppliers, introducing lower tier innovations that are key to future launchers, satellites and exploration vehicles. 



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“I was fascinated by the mix of panels and speakers. There were the usual traditional panels with well-known senior industry and government officials and then there were more eclectic presenters that were pretty far outside the mainstream.” 

Leslie J. Kovacs, Director, Washington Operations, United Launch Alliance (ULA)

 For us, what's nice about this conference as apposed to others is it's a little more technical and engineering focused and so we find the conversations are focused on the product


“The diversity of the panel really did provide insight on the different ways we could reduce cost and provide and architecture into the future that could be resilient and affordable


“I thought the panel went really well, we had a diverse set of participants from government, associationsm legal fields and I gave an industry perspective from Ball Aerospace's position

Ball Aerospace

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