In its fifth year, Space Tech Expo - America’s meeting place for space technology and engineering is moving onwards and upwards to its new venue in Pasadena!

Co-located with Aerospace Electrical Systems Expo, the show encompasses capabilities ranging from cryogenics, laser systems, materials, nanotechnology, imaging, environmental test, motion simulation, magnetics, capacitors, spacewire, NDT and connectors through to electroforming, engineering services, precision machining, 3D printers, ground systems, mission management and reconnaissance satellites.

2016 welcomes new exhibitors including: JPL, BAE Systems, Dassault Systèmes, AeroVironment, MOOG Space & Defense, L-3 Electron, Avnet USI and many more. The Free Sessions - accessible with the free-of-charge exhibit hall pass - include presentations from JPL Cubesat Development Lab, ULA, Clyde Space, The Aerospace Corporation, Zodiac Aerospace, Siemens, Honeywell, Boeing, SMC, NASA, Defense Contracts Management Agency, Northrop Grumman and more. And if you wish to attend the paid full conference sessions, there is a fantastic line-up of presenters and panels including DIUx, US Strategic Command, OneWeb, Airbus, DARPA and Thales Alenia Space.

With attendance from engineers, program managers, R&D, executive management, procurement and academia, Space Tech Expo 2016 is even bigger and better, hosting its largest event ever with 240+ exhibiting companies and 1,700+ participating companies joining the show in Pasadena, CA, 24-26 May 2016.


With its multi-faceted technical conference program, comprehensive exhibition hall offerings and attendee networking opportunities, Space Tech Expo provides exhibitors with a one-of-a-kind marketplace, via one of the most highly targeted ROI channels of its type. With routes to market through global media partners, ongoing support from its advisory board and channels via associations and industry bodies, Space Tech Expo is the premier meeting place connecting end-users with solution providers: a platform for industry leaders, specifiers, and buyers to meet manufacturers and the supply chain for both civil and commercial space. 



“I make all the connections I need to make out here… The show meets my expectations every year; I want to be here next year – I want to be here until they tell me I can’t come anymore!”

Marshall Pelot, Western Regional Manager, DIT-MCO International

“We’ve had a good mix of people, both engineers who want to use the machines, as well as people on the supply side who are interested in discussing plastics applications [and things like that], so we’ve met a good variety of people.”

Russell Singer, Design & Development, MAKEiT, Inc

“We’ve made lots of great connections, literally my whole jacket is full of business cards!  The show organisers have just been phenomenal, given us great news feeds – we’ve never had that before. Next year we’ll be back, this is the first – more to come.“

Brian Matthews, CEO, Additec

"You always dream of the connections you’d like to have - on the first day we got all the dream connections; for example Scale Composites, SpaceX, Northrop Grumman – we’ve made contacts there!"

Peter Bishop, CEO & Managing Director, Bishop GmbH - Aeronautical Engineers

 “So far it’s been really good. For us, what’s nice about this conference as suppose to others is it’s a little more technical and engineering focused and so we find the conversations we have we customers or industry partners is more technical focused on the product.”

BAE, BAE Systems

“We have a very new technology and we came here to see what is available in the industry. We’ve have had some interesting contacts, a lot of surrounding laboratories in the area - like JPL are obviously interesting partners - but also other ones as well. So it’s been a good experience.”

Anna Rissanen, Research Team Leader, VTT Technical research Centre of Finland

“The show is excellent for us, because it really gets us in contact with the systems engineers and people that need to connect their box to another box, or even testing. We have a lot of good leads; now it’s time to follow up, but we are very optimistic.”

Tony DeRosa, Sr. Product Manager, Everett Charles Technologies

“We were looking to mostly to get to the Space Primes, like Orbital ATK, Northrop Grunman, L3 and so on.  We’re already exchanging data and signing NDAs, so we’re hoping it’s going to generate real solid business. It has exceeded expectations; we’ve done a lot of tradeshows – this is one of the best ones.”

Peter Adams, President, Burloak Technologies Inc.

"Our first and foremost checkpoint is to network with customers and potential contacts, and we’ve been able to do that very effectively. We’ve been very, very, very happy with what we’ve seen here so far at the show. We’ve been able to meet a number of people that could be potential suppliers, team mates and then also prospective customers as well."

Larry Strader, Manager, Jacobs

 “Our experience at the show has been good; we’ve had quite a few people come by, we’ve had great success, so I will that say we’ll come back here next year as well.”

Kasper Falck Schmidt, Sales Manager, Falck Schmidt Defence Systems