MAY 23-25, 2017


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Space Tech Expo & Conference is America’s engineering meeting place for space and defense technology. The show brings together industry leaders, decision-makers and buyers to meet the engineering and manufacturing supply chain for commercial, civil and military space.

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Launch Market and Reusability goes under the Spotlight at Space Tech Conference

As the speakers are finalizing their presentations for next week, we gain an insight into the hot topic of launch market…

Speaker Spotlight, Eric W Stallmer: President, Commercial Spaceflight Federation

Eric Stallmer is the President of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation. The CSF is the largest trade organization dedicated…

Speaker Spotlight: Tim Maclay, Director of Mission Systems Engineering, OneWeb

  Tim is the Director of Mission Systems Engineering at OneWeb, a company preparing to launch the world’s largest satellite…

Speaker spotlight: Simon Halpern, CEO, Phase Four

Simon Halpern is a founder and the CEO of Phase Four, a plasma propulsion company based in Los Angeles. He has 10+ years’…



Kaman Specialty Bearings and Engineered Products Miller Stephenson Chemical Company StaticStop, a division of SelecTech, Inc
Knowles Capacitors Baughn Engineering, Inc. Burloak Technologies Inc
Gowanda Holdings (Gowanda Electronics, TTE Filters, Instec Filters, Communication Coil) Printech Circuit Labs CDA InterCorp
The Barden Corporation USA Da/Pro Rubber, Inc Axon' Cable, Inc
TopLine Corporation Helium Leak Testing, Inc. Metal Technology
WEETECH Inc. Electronic Concepts, Inc. Bishop GmbH - Aeronautical Engineers
Purple Platypus STANLEY Engineered Fastening El Camino College
Orbital Systems, Ltd American Aerospace Controls Multi-Contact USA
CryoWorks, Inc. Enviro-Tech Industries


Winners Announced for The Great Space Giveaway

The first participants we welcomed through the door between 12:00pm and 2:00pm on the first day of Space Tech Expo were placed…

Jun 06, 2016

Conference Day Two in Summary

The game has Space Tech Expo and in Military Space.  Day two keynotes and lead panel focused on changes coming…

May 25, 2016

Space Tech Conference: The Evolution of Commercial Space

Moderator Tom Taverney share his findings on panels from day one at the Conference: The first panel of the conference…

May 24, 2016

“Yesterday the show started, and started with a really big rush; it was almost like, there was a crowd outside the doors and the doors opened up and – whoosh! I make all the connections I need to make out here… The show meets my expectations every year; I want to be here next year – I want to be here until they tell me I can’t come anymore!”

Marshall Pelot, Western Regional Manager, DIT-MCO International

“We’ve had a good mix of people, both engineers who want to use the machines, as well as people on the supply side who are interested in discussing plastics applications [and things like that], so we’ve met a good variety of people.”

Russell Singer, Design & Development, MAKEiT, Inc

“This is a great launch event for us – gets us familiar with various companies and people across the industry. We’ve made lots of great connections, literally my whole jacket is full of business cards! …We’ve got great contacts and I think it’ll lead to great things! …

The show organisers have just been phenomenal, given us great news feeds – we’ve never had that before. Next year we’ll be back, this is the first – more to come.“

Brian Matthews, CEO, Additec

We’re here for the first time in Pasadena… this is day two and it’s been very positive. In fact on the first day we had already accomplished what we came here for. You always dream of the connections you’d like to have, and the people you’d like to know and again - on the first day we got all the dream connections; for example Scale Composites, SpaceX, Northrop Grumman – we’ve made contacts there!

Peter Bishop, CEO & Managing Director, Bishop GmbH - Aeronautical Engineers

 “So far it’s been really good. For us, what’s nice about this conference as suppose to others is it’s a little more technical and engineering focused and so we find the conversations we have we customers or industry partners is more technical focused on the product.”

BAE, BAE Systems


Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) Air Force Association Air Law Institute AeroDef Manufacturing Cryogenic Society of America, Inc. Commercial Spaceflight Federation Electronic Specifier Epiq Space Industrial Minerals International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety Intelligent Aerospace Manufacturing Today Microwave Journal National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) NASA Tech Briefs Prototype Today Satcom Post Satellite Markets & Research Satnews Publishers Southern California Aerospace Professional Representatives Spaceflight Insider